Best Steam Iron with Auto Shut Off Feature

Discover The 5 Best Steam Iron Box in India (Reviews)

Ironing your clothes is a simple, yet difficult task. Well, not something difficult, a chore that most of us need to do. It is quite important to wear wrinkle-free clothes to have a good personality. However, you have to decide which iron box is the best – dry iron or steam iron? In this post, we would help you in …

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Best Heavy and Light Weight Dry Iron Box in India

An iron like a table fan, pedestal fan or ladder is another home appliance which is a necessity in every house. Not all would prefer giving the clothes in a laundry.  Many want to save on ironing cost and for this very reason one would prefer the best iron box for home. There are different types of iron like dry …

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BPL Fully-Automatic – Best Washing Machine under Rs.15000

Best Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machines in India

Washing machines have become commonplace in an Indian home of late like any other home appliance. During the initial days, it was the semi-automatic washing machines that ruled the roost. They came with a simple mechanism and functionality and were in vogue. However, of late, the automatic washing machines have replaced semi-automatic machines. Of them again, the front loading washing …

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Haier – Best Washing Machine under Rs.15000

5 Best Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machines In India

Washing machines or the concept behind it is not really of a newer origin. The earliest washing machine was conceptualized and brought into practice – although in a little primitive version – back in the 1700s. Of course, it took a while for the washing machines to get exposure in India. Of late, we have plenty of manufacturers and brands …

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Mitashi - Best Top Loading Semi-Automatic Washing Machine in India

5 Best Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machines in India

When it comes to the washing machines, the Indian market has a preference for the semi-automatic washing machines over the fully automatic top-loading or front-loading washing machines. Of course, people have been moving towards the high-efficiency washers or automatic machines of late, but still – it is the semi-automatic machines that have been ruling the roost. If you are lost …

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Best Sewing Machine in India

Best Sewing Machine for Beginners in India for Home Use

Sewing machines, which are also referred to as Silai machines in India have been the constant scene in almost all the Indian homes. If you are someone who is interested in swing your clothes at home, a good sewing machine can be a good investment for your needs. In fact, sewing machines provide a professional look to your clothes in …

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