Best Storage and Instant Water Heaters / Geysers in India

Some people simply love taking bath with hot water as it is pleasant and soothing, be it summers or winters. Many merely do not want to come out of the bathroom when enjoying a hot water bath. But, for all this, it is a must to have a water heater or a geyser in your bathroom. Winters make it a need for all. However, one shall fall into the dilemma of which is the best water heater/geyser in India? What are the factors to determine the best water heater? And many such questions. We are here to give you answers to all such questions that come to your mind.

The Ultimate Buying – Best Storage / Instant Geysers or Water Heaters

Every product has its own characteristics and we have to simply understand each of them to know which the best product suitable to our needs is. In case of best geysers in India, following are the factors to be considered:

Your Requirement

Firstly, for water heaters with tank you need to decide the requirement of hot water as per the members in your family. For tank-less water heaters this should not be a great concern as these heaters need continuous flow of water which is heated and at last released from the outlet.

Life and Parts Availability

New water heaters like other home appliances keep coming in the market with new features. Thus, it becomes really difficult to find parts of the old geyser in the house. One shall be cautious about this fact.

Other concern is longevity. The life of tank-less water heaters is around 18-20 years as against water heaters with tank which last for 10-12 years. However, it is your choice to decide most appropriate geyser for your house.

Auto-Cut Off Feature
The water heaters also come with auto-cut off feature like the room heaters. With this feature the heater does not get overheated at any point of time. It automatically cuts off the power once it reaches desirable temperature or time as per the settings.
PUF Insulation
The PUF (Poly-urethane-foam) is injected into the heater so that heat from the water does not escape easily. PUF has excellent insulation properties. This insulation in the heater keeps the water heated for long, thus preventing excess heat loss from the heater.
Rust-Proof Outer Body
The outer body plays a major role in any electronic appliances. One shall ensure that the outer body is made of shock-proof material. Also, one shall be sure that the body is rust-proof or non-corrosive. If all these properties exist, product is durable and long lasting.
Energy Consumption

Generally, the 5 star rated products are more energy efficient than lower rated water heaters. Thus, one needs to go for higher rated products to save energy and reduce electricity bills.

List of Best Water Heaters in India

Now that we know what are the factors to be considered for the best water heaters in India, let us know some best geysers. Here are some best shortlisted water heaters – instant and storage which shall be of a great convenience for you to select one of them for your home use. Let us get started with knowing the details of each product.

best instant water heater in india

Bajaj Flora –  Best 3 Litres Geyser in India

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best gas water heater in india

Havells Flagro – Best Gas Water Heater in India

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best immersion metal rod heater

Rico – Best Immersion Metal Rod Heater

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best storage geyser in india

AO Smith – Best Storage Geyser in India 

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best tank water heater in india

Bajaj Calenta – Best Tank Water Heater

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best instant water heater in india

V-Guard – Best Instant Water Heater in India

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best horizontal geyser in India

Havells Monza – Best Horizontal Geyser in India

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best portable instant water heater

SWAGG – Best Portable Instant Water Heater in India

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Recommended Reading - Gas Geysers Safety

Is Gas Geyser Safe?

Gas Geysers these days are quite safe as far as they are handled with care. There are certain safety precautions one needs to follow. Certain precautions are as follows:

  • You should keep the geyser at height at which you can easily see the pilot flame.
  • Never leave a gas heater on for long.
  • The connecting pipes shall be well connected to avoid leakage.
  • Make sure the pipes are anti-corrosive and clean.
  • Make sure there are no inflammables, explosives or corrosives around. Also make sure there is no electric wire close to the heater.
  • Place the heater in the space where there is good ventilation.
Recommended Reading - Difference Between Geyser and Water Heater

What is the difference between Geyser and Water Heaters?

Water heater is a system that provides energy to heat the water. It can be any kind of heater be it an immersion rod, a gas water heater which operates on LPG or PNG gas pipeline at home, storage tank water heater or an instant water heater.

Geyser actually means a natural hot water source. It is a hot spring that is formed because of meeting of subterranean water with magma that gushes out of an opening in the surface of the earth.

In common people understanding, the water heaters are also called geysers. Ideally, in common parlance there is no difference in water heaters and geysers.

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How long does a gas water heater and other water heaters last?

The gas geysers generally last up to 20 years which makes it quite durable and long lasting. The electric geysers last for 8-12 years. The immersion metal rod approx have same life as the other heaters.

Overall, heaters generally last for a longer duration. However, it is better to replace it if there is any leakage in water or it gives any unusual symptoms for replacement.


The water heaters/ geysers in India are the must during harsh winters. In this post, we have given all the factors to be considered to get the best geyser for your home use. Not just that, we have even made the task easier for you by giving you the list of few water heaters/ geysers available in India. Also, we have described the safety of geysers and life of geysers. We have tried the best to make it to your expectations.

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