Discover The 5 Best Steam Iron Box in India (Reviews)

Ironing your clothes is a simple, yet difficult task. Well, not something difficult, a chore that most of us need to do. It is quite important to wear wrinkle-free clothes to have a good personality. However, you have to decide which iron box is the best – dry iron or steam iron? In this post, we would help you in making your decision. In addition, we would also help you determine the best steam iron in India.

The Ultimate Buying Guide for the Best Steam Iron Box

Before you would buy any product, there are a few features you would want to check out. That should be applicable to a Steam Iron as well. Let us check out a few features that should form part of your buying guide.

The Wattage

The more wattage your steam iron has, the better will be your ironing efficiency. It will also ensure that you will have access to a better steam iron output. However, do take care to handle an iron with a higher capacity or power.

A device with a high wattage would mean more power consumption. Definitely, it would give you soothing results that you actually expect after ironing is done.

Type of Soleplate

The soleplate material would also be one of the important aspects that would have a bearing on the right choice of the best steam iron box. The best material would be the one that is non-sticky and easy to clean.

A scratch-resistant material would offer you an added advantage. Ceramic and stainless steel soleplates can be more efficient compared to titanium or other items.

Steam Control Option

An option to control the flow of steam would be the best part you would want to go with. A button for turning the steam flow to high, low or off would provide you better control over the steam and the resultant ironing effect.

Now that you are using the iron different types of clothes, a variable steam option would be an added advantage.

Water Tank Size and Capacity

If you think you need to iron a lot of clothes, a water tank capacity needs to be considerably higher. In those scenarios, you need to use an iron with a big size tank. That would ensure that you do not need to interrupt your ironing midway to fill the water tank.

The type of water tank would be another feature you would need to give a thought to. It can either be removable or non-removable water tank.

Power Cord Length

The cord length will be a very important factor to take care of when it comes to ease your working with the efficient ironing. A longer cord length would ensure that your ironing is quite maneuverable.

A longer cord length would also ensure that you can be much flexible with your ironing needs. A swivel power cord would be yet another added advantage.

Temperature Control

This will ensure that you can configure the temperature efficiently in tune with the clothes you are planning to iron.

While most of the irons come with the feature, there are several options that come without the feature. Make sure the iron you choose comes with the temperature control options.

These are the few considerations to keep in mind when you have to make a decision for the best steam iron in India. This shall help you determine which is the best product with the features you want in it.

Best Steam Irons You Can Buy in India

Having checked out the important factors, we shall provide you with the list of best steam iron box in India. Here are the details of some best shortlisted steam irons in India which you can buy.

Best Steam Iron under 1500

Philips GC1905 – Best Steam Iron under 1500

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Best Steam Iron with Ceramic Soleplate

Black & Decker – Best Steam Iron with Ceramic Soleplate

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Best Steam Iron with Auto Shut Off Feature

Philips EasySpeed Plus – Best Steam Iron with Auto Shut-Off Feature

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Best Steam Iron with Retractable Cord

Sunbeam – Best Steam Iron with Retractable Cord

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Best Lightweight Steam Iron Box

Bajaj Majesty – Best Lightweight Steam Iron Box

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Clean Steam Iron Water Tank

How to Clean a Steam Iron Water Tank?

Well, most of the steam irons come with the anti-calc and self-clean mechanism. Even then you may find that it can be prone to the build-up of limescale and other deposits. This can actually be the case if you are using any kind of water.

You can clean the steam iron water tank with Vinegar with ease. The steps here should provide you with an excellent option to work through the best options into an efficient cleaning of the water tank.

  • Pour vinegar into the water tank up to the quarter level of the water tank.
  • Change the temperature setting to medium level.
  • Dry a cloth with spray until the water tank gets completely emptied.
  • Next, fill the water tank to the full capacity with distilled water.
  • Iron a cloth with spraying. This time, do not empty the water tank but iron your cloth multiple times.
  • Hold the steam iron a try – especially of metal and spray until the water tank is empty. 

Ensure that after each of the ironing sessions, you are emptying the water tank. Leaving the water inside the water tank for a prolonged time can cause the deposit of minerals inside the water tank. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer instructions about which type of water can be used.

Clean Clogged Steam Iron Holes

How Do You Clean Clogged Steam Iron Holes?

The steam iron and its efficiency will only be evident if you are capable of spraying the proper amount of steam in an efficient manner. The iron comes with holes to take care of the proper spraying of steam.

Commonly referred to as steam vents, these holes can get clogged. There can be multiple reasons for the clogging to happen. Most of the steam irons come with a tool to take care of the cleaning process. You can use the cleaning tool to clear off the dust and scales. Once it is cleaned, you can use the steam button two or three times. Make sure you are pointing away from your fabric to ensure that the condensation is cleaned off and none of them is deposited on your fabric.

Yet another excellent option would be to dip a cotton swab in distilled water and insert it into the steam holes or vents. This can clean up the steam vents and remove any of the condensations inside it.

One of the major reasons that can result in the blockage of the steam vents would be the crystallization that can be caused due to the minerals inside the water. You can prepare a mixture of salt and vinegar in equal parts. This mixture can be used with the help of a Q-Tip or a cotton swab.

You can use the same method to clean the soleplate as well. If the plate is non-stick, take care not to use any abrasive material which may damage the coating. The vinegar – salt combination or the vinegar alone can be one of the best solutions you would want to opt for cleaning any part of the steam iron. You will need to exercise enough caution to ensure that the soleplate is not damaged or does not lose the softness or the non-stick coating.

Steamer or Iron – Which one is better?

Steamer or Iron – Which One is Better?

A steamer or an iron –  Both of them are used for getting rid of the wrinkles on your clothes. However, the functionality offered by them does not remain the same. They come with their own pros and cons. So which one among them should you go with?

Each of them come with their own advantages and disadvantages. The exact choice would be dependent on your preferences and the ironing load you may have.

What makes steamers a good choice? Here are our reasons –

  • It does not need any sort of ironing board. A smaller position may make use of the ironing board a difficult task. A steamer will help you get straight to the task without the need for an ironing board.
  • Compared to ironing, steaming can be easier and simple. If you are someone who is not comfortable with proper ironing, a steamer can be your best choice.
  • It can be a faster option than iron. You do not need to position your clothes. It can help you remove the creases real faster. 

However, it does come with its own issues –

  • It may not offer you the best results in every situation.
  • Having to hold the streamer upright can be one of the huge issues. They can be tiring on your arm.
  • It may not be easy enough to get rid of the creases. 

On the other hand, a steam iron can be efficient with the following advantages –

  • It will offer you access to the best ever crisp and sharper results for improved ironing.
  • They can be an excellent option for delicate clothes.
  • You do not need to have any extra accessories as such. 

In any case, if you are not someone who wears delicate clothes, iron should be the best you can go with. A steamer may be a little difficult to handle. Moreover, the results would be extremely perfect with iron than a steamer.

In fact, there is no end to the debate on whether a steamer is good or iron is. Ultimately it should be the comfortability that should ideally matter.

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Which Iron Box is the Best – Dry or Steam?

When it comes to irons, yet another debate that has been running for eternity is the which among the two options should you go with it – dry iron or steam iron? To understand which is the best option, you should understand the differences between the two.

One of the major differences between the dry iron and steam iron is the Water Tank. The dry iron does not come with a water tank, while for the steam iron, it would form an integral part of the iron. If the tank is not perfect, it can cause the issue of leakage. If you do not want those issues affecting your ironing session, it would be an excellent idea to opt for dry iron. Else, a steam iron would be an excellent choice for effective removal of creases.

Next difference would be the soleplate. The soleplate on a dry iron would be solid, while the one on the steam iron would have smaller holes. These are referred to as steam vents. This will ensure that the wrinkles on the clothes are easily and effectively removed. Of course, for the optimum results, you will need to ensure that theses vents are not blocked.

The versatility is yet another feature you would find impressive enough with the steam iron. In fact, you would also be using the steam iron as a dry iron by shutting down the steam spraying. On the other hand, a dry iron will not be able to function as a steam iron.

Which one should you go with? Our choice remains Steam Iron. If you are someone who has been into ironing your clothes frequently, a steam iron would be an excellent option you should go with. One of the huge advantages that it offers you would be the customized settings it would offer you.

Different Types of Steam Irons

Different Types of Steam Irons

Steam Irons come in multiple genres and types. How would you differentiate between the different genres of steam irons? Here is a little information on different types of steam irons you can go with.

Conventional Steam Irons

These steam irons will be useful in releasing small amounts of steam while you iron your clothes. This can be an excellent option to remove wrinkles. Most of them come with anti-calcium filters and thus can work with the tap water as well.

Steam Ironing Systems

This allows a constant flow of steam. Of course, it will need more space than a conventional iron. They can take a while to heat up and will not turn off automatically if you happen to leave unattended for a prolonged period of time.

Cordless Irons

These are similar to the regular irons with only a simple difference – they do not come with a power cord. They tend to provide you access to an excellent level of flexibility and maneuverability. However, these types of steam irons have not become popular enough. They have not been effective with their performance.

The Concluding Thoughts on Steam Irons in India

That was all we have with respect to the best steam irons you can check out in India. In addition to the choicest options for the best steam irons, we have also made it a point to provide information on the steam irons and their usability.

We assume the information contained here should meet almost all your needs. For any suggestions and improvements write to us in the comments section below.



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