Best Solar Panels (Poly & Mono-Crystalline) for Home in India

Buying a solar panel should ideally be the best decision of your life for obvious reasons. That would have both environmental and financial implications and should be one of the great options you would want to invest in. You might not need the inverters as a battery backup if you have solar panels in the house.

However, picking the best solar panel in India isn’t a cakewalk. The solar panel technology in India has been gathering a lot of momentum over the years. The technology has been able to take control of the rising electricity bills and a massive rise in air pollution. The exact solar panel you use would be dependent on the actual requirements you may have and the individual use cases.

Let us check out a few great options for the best in terms of the solar panels available in India and see how to choose the best among the full range of options available.

5 Best Solar Panels Available in India

Having checked out the factors you need to have a look at when buying a poly or mono-crystalline solar panel, let us now have a look at a few exciting options for the best solar panels available in India.

Loom solar – Best 350 watts Monocrystalline Solar Panels in India

Loom solar – Best 350 watts Monocrystalline Solar Panels in India

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The solar panel is made of mono perk cells that are designed for more optimal performance standards. The panel provides you access to an enhanced performance of up to 20 percent. In fact, it has been considered to be one of the most advanced technologies. It is a 350 Watts 24 Volt solar panel.

It does operate quite efficiently in low light and cloudy weather conditions. The anti-PID cells offer you an A grade performance standard. The monocrystalline technology incorporated in the solar cells provides you access to an enhanced performance standard.

The IP67 waterproof and dust-proof technology would ideally make it one of the exciting options against the unfriendly weather. The solar panel does provide you access to high wind and snow loads. should be yet another added advantage.

<strong>Pros and Cons of Loom Solar Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel</strong>


  • Repellent aluminium frame provides you access to a durability that lasts decades.
  • Good enough for home inverter and similar uses.
  • Capacity to withstand any sort of terrain.


  • The price tag may be a little expensive.

Microtek – Best & Cheapest Solar Panels in India

Microtek – Best & Cheapest Solar Panels in India

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The Microtek Solar Panel MTK 150Watt 12V should be the right choice for use in cases where you have been using inverters for charging the batteries. Created with the innovative photovoltaic technologies, it provides you access to an enhanced high conversion efficiency. You can be assured of a constant and efficient output for decades.

You can use it for both on-grid and off-grid application areas making it one of the excellent options ever. The durability standards offered by the platform would also mean you can definitely expect it to withstand hail, snow, and ice storms. You can also be assured of an enhanced efficiency because of the rigorous quality control processes and more than 20 in-house tests.

The Heavy-duty anodized aluminium frames provide you access to a quicker installation option. And yes, the solar panel comes with a whopping 25-year warranty. This is one of the best-reviewed solar panels on Probuyer.

<strong>Pros and Cons of Microtek Solar Panel</strong>


  • An excellent performance in low light.
  • A high degree of resistance to salt mist, ammonia, blowing sand and hail.
  • IP67 water resistance properties.


  • Not major cons observed.

Loom Solar – Best Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel in India

Loom Solar – Best Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel in India

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In case you are looking for the best solar panel in India with the most advanced features, the Loom Solar 125 watt-12 Volt Mono Crystalline Panel should be an excellent option ever. It is designed with the best possible use of monocrystalline technology. The affordable pricing is what would definitely make it one of the great choices ever.

And then, it comes with the A+ grade anti PID mono cells. It will be the right product if you have a space of around 8 square feet. You can be assured of a high efficiency even in bad weather and cloudy climate. The ten-year manufacturing warranty is one of the great features. It also comes with the toughened, unbreakable glass.

The panel comes with a water and dustproof option with the IP68 rating. The aluminium frame does provide you access to anti-rust and long-life performance. You can be assured of enhanced long-life performance.

<strong>Pros and Cons of Loom Solar 125 Watts Solar Panel</strong>


  • Higher solar efficiency.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Long-life performance.


  • No major cons found.

Sukam – Best Solar Panel for Home Available in India

Sukam – Best Solar Panel for Home Available in India

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Su-Kam has been one of the much trusted brands if you are looking at the best solar panels in India. The panels from the brand have been one of the excellent options that offer an exceptional durability even in the harshest of conditions. It is a polycrystalline silicon solar panel that provides you an efficiency of 15 percent. It is a 150 Watts solar panel which is best for homes in India.

The non-toxic materials used for the products would make it one of the best options ever. In fact, the solar panel in itself is found to belong to recyclable material. The hollow chamber profile frame provides it the much-needed strength and rigidity. It can efficiently withstand wind and snow.

The 25-year performance warranty would be what would ideally make it of the exciting choices ever. However, the manufacturer’s product warranty is limited to just five years. The lack of monocrystalline technology can be a huge concern.

<strong>Pros and Cons of Sukam Solar Panel</strong>


  • A high mechanical strength.
  • An affordable price tag.
  • Efficient functionality against any weather.


  • May not be the right one for too cloudy conditions.

Aton 60W – Best Flexible Solar Panels in India

Aton 200W – Best Flexible Solar Panels in India

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A unique concept, it has been one of the best options you can opt for if you are looking at a very flexible performance standard. The solar panel comes with a Poly Crystalline construction that makes it a little affordable because of the low cost production technology.

They do provide you with excellent tolerance levels. The product is IEC, QCI, and MNRE approved and thus makes it one of the great options you would find impressive in every right. While we are discussing the 60 W solar panel here, you can also opt for 30 W, 60 W ,75 Watt,100 Watt, 150 Watt, 200 Watt depending upon your exact requirements.

The flexible solar would be an excellent option from the portability point of view. The Aton Flexible Solar Panel should be an extremely useful option for Golf car, Electric car, Yacht, Boat, Marine, Tent, or Backpack requirements.

<strong>Pros and Cons of Aton Flexible Solar Panel</strong>


  • They are best suited for the perfect portability.
  • The flexibility of solar panels is the best feature.
  • They are affordable.


  • They may not have a longer lifespan.

These are few best solar panels available in India. How let us see some information regarding the installation, calculation of battery power and cleaning of solar panels.

Considerations for The Best Solar Panel in India – Ultimate Buying Guide

But before we list out the best solar panels available in India, we will check out a few key parameters and factors that you need to give thorough attention to before finalizing a panel that best meets your needs.

Panel Certification

In case you are looking for getting government subsidy, the certification of the solar panel would be one of the critical considerations you are expected to make.

Opt for a solar panel that is certified by MNRE or the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. The certification will stand proof to the tests that were conducted on the product.

Panel Ratings

The solar panel rating will refer to the capacity of a panel to generate electricity. A panel with a higher rating will produce more current. Do, however, note that two solar panels may have the same rating – but different efficiency levels.

While it is essential to consider both the parameters, it would equally be necessary to give more weightage to panel rating.


The durability factor determines the ability of the solar panel to withstand the weather conditions. Ideally, every service provider offers a warranty of around 5 to 20 years. However, it would be quite practical enough to give a thought to the physical endurance of the solar panel you choose.

Most of them are tested under varied environmental conditions and external pressure. Check the durability status before your choice.

Power Requirements

Some solar panels require around  Watts for their functionality. A few more advanced can reach a power requirement of  Watts. Choose which devices would you power with your solar panel before choosing the best solar panel that best meets your needs.


The mounting options on your solar panel should ideally need to be focussed on the terrain and the region you are living in. A good quality system would focus on wind guarantee.

If you are from an area where there are frequent cyclones and hurricanes, you should focus on paying attention to that as well.

Solar Cell Efficiency

The solar cell efficiency would be described as the effectiveness of the solar panel in converting solar energy into electricity. Most of the solar panels possess an efficiency of just around 20 Percent.

A higher efficiency will translate into more electricity being produced for a specific amount of solar energy.

The best solar panels for home in India can be purchased on considering all the above factors.

How to Install Solar Panels at Home?

Well, installing a solar panel at home would need you to have a fair degree of technical know-how. It would be advisable to get the solar panels installed by a qualified professional. If you are worried about the cost involved, it should be noticed that the installation of the panel would not take more than 10 percent of the total cost.

There have been a host of plug and play solar panels and kits being made available recently. However, industry experts have been warning against opting for such options. A qualified professional has the requisite experience and tools to carry out the necessary installation tasks.

Having said that, here are a few things you would need to give a thought to:

Which Direction Should The Panels be Directed To?

Now that we have been checking out the best options for the Indian region, it would be a wiser decision to go with the installation where the panels face South. India is in the southern hemisphere, and as such, the sun takes an elliptical trajectory towards the South.

Installing the solar panel in such a way that they are facing the South will ensure that you will get the maximum quantity of solar energy. Yet another essential option you need to give a thought to is to check the tilt.

The Tilt
What should be the tilt angle for the maximum efficiency of your solar panel? That would be something dependent on the latitude of your region. The tilt angle in Kerala would be around 10 to 12 degrees, while that in the Northern India would be 28 to 30 degrees.


How to Calculate Solar Panel Battery And Inverter?

Sizing up your solar panel before making the actual purchase would help you avoid the disappointment later. If you are not careful of your exact requirements, you may end up choosing the wrong size or capacity for your solar panel.

The significant factors that contribute to calculating your solar power requirements would be –

  • How much energy does your battery pack store?
  • How much energy do you need?
  • How much energy can the solar panel provide?


Calculate Solar Panel Capacity

To begin with, estimate the load wattage. This is the total electricity you would need for the specific load. Let us say you need to have a 100 Watt load requirement that would work for around 10 hours. The total load can be calculated by multiplying the two factors. In our instance, it would be

100 Watts x 10 hours = 1000 Watt-Hours.

This is the power you would require from the panel.

Next, calculate the approximate size for the solar panel. This can be calculated by dividing the total required load in Watt-Hours by the total approximate hours that you would get normal sunlight.

Let us assume total available sunlight for a span of ten hours.  This would mean the solar panel specification would be

1000 Watts (load Required) /10( no of hours sunshine is available)

However, in the winter and rainy season, the availability of sunshine may be quite limited. Considering those worst-case scenarios, we can calculate the solar panel specification as

1000/5 = 200Watts.

So, you would need a solar panel of 200 watts capacity.  

Calculate Battery Power

Once you have calculated the solar panel size, next up is to calculate the battery power required. If your selected battery has a rating on 12V, you can calculate the battery AH by using the following formula –

Total Watt Hours / Battery Voltage

= 1000/12

= 83 Amp Hours

Considering that you can have a 20 percent added tolerance, the value would come up to 99.6, which is almost equal to 100 Amp Hours.

So, that would mean you will need a 100 AH battery with 12V capacity for your inverter.

Choosing an inverter should not be an issue as such. Since we are aware that we are in need of a 100 W load, it would be sufficient to opt for an inverter with 100 W load capacity. If you want to give it a little tolerance, you can choose an inverter with 125 W capacity. 

Now, let us know the cleaning facts of the solar panels.

Cleaning Solar Panel

How to Clean Solar Panels?

Is it necessary to clean the solar panels? Well, yes. You do need to clean solar panels to keep them as efficient as they were when new. Of course, you will not need to clean it up quite often. There may be a few instances where you would need to clean up your panel.

A case in point can be there are a lot of bird droppings on the panel. It may not be washed off easily by rain. If you are worried about whether the debris on the panel causes the efficiency to degrade, well, it will. But the efficiency is reduced by just around 5 percent or so.

However, it would be a good idea to clean the solar panels every now and then. You can either call a professional for the job, or you can choose to do it yourself. If you opt for the second option, which is why you are here, it should not be difficult to achieve the task.

You will only need a hose and some soap. Check the instruction manual that came with your panel to ensure that there are not any Do’s and Don’ts that they may have mentioned with respect to cleaning the solar panels. Make sure you are using mild soap, water, and a soft sponge. You would not want to scratch the surface of the solar panel. Avoid using a high-pressure water sprayer as it may damage the panel.

Ideally speaking, cleaning your solar panels does not necessarily produce any vast advancements.

How Long do Monocrystalline Solar Panels Last?

Ideally speaking, a solar panel lasts at least 25 to 30 years. The monocrystalline solar panels can offer you the highest efficiency rates. In fact, it has been observed that they have an efficiency of around 15 to 20 percent range.

The monocrystalline solar panels last a better lifespan because the heat does not play any action on their functionality. You can further enhance the lifespan of the panels by taking adequate care of the solar panel. Ensure that you buy the panels that have a higher manufacturing warranty.

Concluding Thoughts on Solar Panels for Home in India

Solar energy is one of the excellent options for achieving the best and perfect options of energy needs you may have. The solar energy is both clean and free, and it can also help you reduce your electricity bill. Considering sustainable development, solar panels have indeed become essential electronic appliances.

We hope, we have served you the best products to arrive at the great options for all your requirements in getting clean, pure, and free energy at a one-time cost. For any suggestions and improvements on solar panels in India write to us in the comments section below.

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