4 Best Single Door Refrigerators in India – Ultimate Buying Guide

Refrigerators have been considered to be one of the most important gadgets these days. That would hold true truer in the case of summers. In addition, to help you get access to cold water and juices made with the help of juicers or food processors, it also assists you in keeping your food items fresh. While double door refrigerators are cost-effective both in terms of electricity and frost-free performance, that may not be within everybody’s reach. From that perspective, we thought of listing out a few best single door refrigerators available in India.

A single door refrigerator is one of the best options for a small family or even a bachelor. Except for the need to defrost it manually quite frequently, they have been treated to be one of the best options. Now, let us see a few considerations to be kept in mind for the best single door refrigerator in India.

Best Single Door Refrigerator in India – Factors to Consider

A helpful tool for picking the best single door refrigerator – or for that matter,  nay refrigerator, the factors here should help you make a learned choice with respect to the best refrigerator you can go with like for every other kitchen appliance.

Size of Refrigerator

The size of the refrigerator would assume a lot of importance when choosing your preferred choice. The size you choose would be dependent upon the number of your family members and the ideal amount of food you tend to store in a fridge.

The ideal size for a single door refrigerator would range across 165 to 190 litres, though there may be exceptions.

Energy Consumption

This is yet another important factor that would need specific attention. In essence, it may be worthwhile to give a thought to the energy star rating provided by the Energy Efficiency Rating, which gives you an idea of the energy-saving to be expected.

A minimum of three-star rating would be the best option for an efficient energy saving.

Protection Against Power Cuts

If you are from an area that is prone to frequent power cuts, it may be worthwhile to check if your refrigerator provides adequate protection to your food items in case of a prolonged power cut. A few brands like LG have now been offering an extra cooling in case of a power cut.

Ideally, a prolonged cooling effect for at least six hours would be desirable even when there is no power supply.

Inverter Compatibility

An inverter compressor can be an added advantage. This would help you keep the temperature standard and stable to the most possible extent.

It would also consume less electricity. An inverter compressor also tends to produce no noise.

Built in Stabiliser

A built-in stabilizer would be yet another plus point you would find quite impressive and effective. Of course, using an external voltage stabilizer can be quite practical, but an inbuilt stabilizer can be helpful in avoiding the issues related to the external stabilizer.

Some of the issues would include the water damage caused to the external stabilizers.

Additional Features

Apart from the basic functionality of keeping your food items cooler and fresher, the refrigerator also offers you a few additional advantages.

The perfect defrost mode and a deodoriser are a few extra features that would make sense if they are available within your price range.

These are some of the factors to be considered before buying the best single door refrigerator in India. However, we feel it shall be more easier for you to select the right product if there are few ready options at your hand. Now, let us look at certain best single door refrigerators in India.

List of Best Single Door Refrigerators in India

Having checked out a few best features you should look for in your choice of single door refrigerator, here are our top picks for the best single door refrigerators you can opt for in India. We have made a complete effort in picking the best options for your exact requirements.

LG – One of the Best Single Door Refrigerator Brand

LG – One of the Best Single Door Refrigerator Brand

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Samsung – Best Single Door Refrigerator in India under Rs.20000

Samsung – Best Single Door Refrigerator in India under Rs.20000

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Haier – Best Frost-Free Single Door Refrigerator in India

Haier – Best Frost-Free Single Door Refrigerator in India

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Whirlpool - Best Single Door Refrigerator in India under Rs.15000

Whirlpool – Best Single Door Refrigerator in India under Rs.15000

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After listing these few best single door refrigerators in India, here are certain facts about the refrigerator.

How Many Amps Does a Refrigerator Use?

Well, a refrigerator is considered to be the second-largest equipment when it comes to the consumption of electricity. The actual amperage on your refrigerator would be dependent upon the voltage in your region and the wattage consumed by your refrigerator.

If you want to check the average amps consumed by your refrigerator, you would need to check the wattage of your fridge and divide it by the voltage in your region. India region comes with a voltage of 250 V, and the same in the US is 120V.

The above formula can easily calculate the amperage of a refrigerator. For instance, if the wattage on your refrigerator is 1000 W, the amperage consumed by your fridge would come down to 4A. Of course, a variation of around 10 percent may be applicable here.

The above formula for the conversion from Watts to Amps can come quite handy enough for arriving at how many amps does a refrigerator use. 

Now let us know something about the temperature of the refrigerator or defrosting it.

Ideal Temperature for Refrigerator

What Temperature Should a Refrigerator Be Set At?

Most of the refrigerators come with a dial for configuring the optimum temperature you want to set it for. Contrary to the belief that setting the refrigerator to the lowest setting would be much practical, there is an optimum setting required for the proper protection of your food products.

Under ideal conditions, the best temperature would be the set it up at 40 degrees F. The freezer should ideally set up at 0 degrees F, and the refrigerator section should have a temperature of around 40 degrees F. Experts suggest opting for a temperature of up to 34 to 38 degrees for the refrigerator compartment.

But how would you be able to configure such an exact temperature? The refrigerators do not have such finer adjustments, and all they have is a dial for setting the temperature in four to five stages. That is perhaps where a refrigerator thermometer would come quite handy enough. Use of them to configure the temperature as much close to the range as possible.

One of the best options to keep the fridge at the optimum temperature is to keep it full. An empty refrigerator cannot provide access to warmer air from outside when opened, and thus, it will remain cool enough.

Defrosting the Freezer

How to Defrost the Refrigerator?

A single door refrigerator does not come with an auto defrost feature. The manual defrosting can be an annoying experience if you do not do it properly. Following a few dos and don’ts can be quite helpful in achieving the best possible standards.

If your refrigerator does not have an auto defrosting system, you will find a thick layer of ice building up. This accumulated ice can reduce the efficiency of your freezer and refrigerator. It can even increase the electricity consumption of your refrigerator in many cases.

The right option to defrost a refrigerator would be to follow a few simple steps –

  • Turn off the fridge
  • Remove all the contents from the refrigerator and place them in coolers if required.
  • Remove the removable components and give them a wash.
  • Wait till the ice has melted.
  • Mop up the water using towels or any other similar material.
  • Clean the refrigerator and replace the contents.

Melting the ice is the toughest task ever when it comes to defrosting your refrigerator. It will happen on its own, but perhaps you can help it happen. Placing a bowl of hot water inside the compartment and shutting down the fridge can be one of the good options. You can even use a hair-dryer to hasten the process.

Take care to mop up all the water that has formed as a result of the melting ice. Dry it up using towels or any other means can be a great option. Make sure the fridge compartments are completely dry before plugging in your fridge and filling it up with your food items and other things once again.

Cleaning a refrigerator is a very easy task if done rightly. Now let us see some simple tips that shall make the process a little easier and doable for every normal user.

How to Clean a Refrigerator?

Cleaning a refrigerator can be a really huge task in itself. However, we would suggest opting for the natural cleaning agents when cleaning up your refrigerator. The chemical cleaners can have serious concerns with respect to your health.

Citrus oils and the natural cleaners with the lemon extracts can be an excellent option for cleaning up your refrigerator thoroughly. Yet another serious No -No inside a refrigerator is the bleach or similar disinfectants. It would be advisable to opt for specifically formulated products that have the necessary safety ratings to be used inside the fridge. You can use the natural cleaners as well if you need to.

How to clean a refrigerator? Well, there are a few options you would need to opt for –

  • Remove all the food from the refrigerator before you begin cleaning it. You would not want the cleaners to reach the food items, even when you are using natural cleaners.
  • Take out all the removable parts. Wash them with warm water and normal dishwashing soap.
  • Let the parts soak inside the soapy water and rinse them once done.
  • You can clean up the external parts of the refrigerator with the commercial wipes and any dishwashing soap. Just ensure that the soap you use does not come into contact with the food items.
  • If you find any stubborn stains that cannot be removed with the regular cleaners, it would be advisable to opt for mixing a small amount of baking soda with water. Make a thick paste and use it to cover the stains. Leaving it pasted for an hour and then wiping it off should ideally let you remove the stains effectively. 

You can clean every part of the refrigerator be it a gasket or, condenser coils or remove molds by following certain easy steps. 

Concluding Thoughts on Best Refrigerators in India

Well, those were a few exciting options for the best single door refrigerators you can opt for including the best frost-free refrigerator option. Not that the list is exhaustive in any manner, but should ideally assist you in reaching out for the best options in the genre. The additional information contained in the post should also assist you in taking effective care of your refrigerator.

Check out the best single door refrigerator options outlined in this compilation and arrive at the right choice best suited for your individual needs.

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