5 Best Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machines in India

When it comes to the washing machines, the Indian market has a preference for the semi-automatic washing machines over the fully automatic top-loading or front-loading washing machines. Of course, people have been moving towards the high-efficiency washers or automatic machines of late, but still – it is the semi-automatic machines that have been ruling the roost.

If you are lost for choice when choosing the perfect semi-automatic washing machine for your home, the options we have featured in this compilation should be quite helpful enough.

The Buying Guide for Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India

Well, before you can move ahead checking out the best-selling semi-automatic washing machines, it would be practical enough to check out a few factors that you should focus on before buying one as we do it for any home appliances. As a part of the right buying guide for the washing machines, this checklist can be helpful enough in taking extreme care when choosing the right machine for your requirements.


This is perhaps the first important factor you are expected to pay attention to. The capacity of the machine you choose would be dependent upon the size of your family and the total load of the laundry you would be washing on an average day.

A family of two can do with a washing machine under 5 Kg capacity. A normal Indian family with two people with two kids would need a machine with around 7 Kg capacity. A larger family will, however, need a machine capacity of 8 Kg.

Washing Programs

The number of washing programs on the washing machine will also have a lot of importance. However, you may not get many options on a semi-automatic washing machine as on the fully automatic machines.

The option for a buzzer to indicate the completion of the wash cycle should be one of the plus points.

Pre-Soak Functionality

Pre-Soak functionality can be one of the huge options for taking care of stubborn dirt. Check the soak period that can be configured on your washing machine. A minimum soaking period of around one hour should be the best option.

The machine will soak and agitate the clothes before they are fed into the wash cycle.

Extra Features
Expecting a huge number of additional features may not be the right option on a semi-automatic washing machine. However, the recent breed of machines does offer a few enhanced options and features.
The Tub or Drum Material

The tub can be made of a wide range of materials. The most widely used options would include stainless steel, porcelain and plastic. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Plastic tubs can last longer than the porcelain options, but the stainless steel option can move beyond that. But stainless steel tub can also come with their own disadvantages, the prime among them being susceptibility to corrosion.

Spin Cycle

The spin cycle determines the speed at which the spinning tub moves. The faster spin speed will dry your clothes faster. A variable spin speed can be the best if possible.

The minimum spin speed recommended on a washing machine would range across 300 to 500 RPM. You may also find a few clothes that provide you access to around 1000 RPM speed.

These were a few considerations to be kept in mind before buying the best semi-automatic washing machines in India. However, making it further easier let us list the best-selling semi-automatic washing machines in India.

5 Best Selling Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India

Having checked out the features and factors you need to check out while buying your new semi-automatic washing machine, let us now check out a few options for the right washing machines you can buy.

Samsung - Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machine under Rs.10000

Samsung – Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machine under Rs.10000

Buy from Amazon

Mitashi - Best Top Loading Semi-Automatic Washing Machine in India

Mitashi – Best Top Loading Semi-Automatic Washing Machine in India

Buy from Amazon

Whirlpool – One of the Best Washing Machine Brand in India

Whirlpool – One of the Best Washing Machine Brand in India

Buy from Amazon

LG – Best Selling Semi-Automatic Washing Machine in India

LG – Best Selling Semi-Automatic Washing Machine in India

Buy from Amazon

Onida – Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machine under Rs.15000

Onida – Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machine under Rs.15000

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These were a few best options available in India when it comes to buying the best semi-automatic washing machine in India most of them being under Rs.10000. Now, let us see some further information on semi-automatic washing machines in India.

What is a Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

What is a Semi-Automatic Washing Machine?

A semi-automatic machine is a machine that isn’t completely automatic in terms of its operation. The machine, unlike its Fully Automatic counterpart, needs a manual intervention to complete the wash, rinse or spin cycles.

Ideally, a semi-automatic machine comes with two separate tubs – one for washing and the other for spinning or drying the clothes. Once the wash cycle is completed, you need to put the clothes into the spin tub manually. In fact, a semi-automatic washing machine can be considered to be an entry-level washing machine.

The semi-automatic machine needs you to control a host of operations manually. This would include setting up water supply, setting up soak times and wash times manually. You will also need to drain the water manually after the completion of a wash cycle or midway.

However, the semi-automatic machines come with their own advantages. You can effectively control the ware supply and usage. They can be the best option in the areas where there is a water shortage.

How to Clean the Semi-Automatic Washing Machine?

Well, when you compare the cleaning procedure and efficiency of a fully automatic washing machine, it would be easier to clean a semi-automatic washing machine.

But, why clean a washing machine, when the machine in itself is used for cleaning up the clothes? Well, there are several reasons you need to clean up a washing machine. Some of them would include:

Alleviating the foul odor
A washing machine can hold water in certain positions and components. The collected water can cause the formation of molds and mildew. These cause a foul smell. A proper cleaning regime takes care of the issues.
Removing scaling
Scaling is one of the major issues that can affect a washing machine – or anything that uses water. The water consists of lime, and this can get deposited inside the pipes and cause scaling. The scales restrict the flow of water and put a heavy load on the motor. Regular cleaning can help alleviate scaling.

Here is how you can clean up a semi-automatic machine –

Use Vinegar

Vinegar has been found to be an effective cleaner against scaling and other debris. Set your machine to the highest setting available and fill it up with hot water. Add up two to three cups of vinegar. Spin the machine for a couple of minutes.

Add a little baking soda – say around a half cup and run the machine once again. Stop the machine and let it rest for around an hour. During that period, you can clean up the exteriors of the machine. Use a soft fabric and a mixture of warm water, baking soda and vinegar.

Take care of your machine

Cleaning the washing machine at least once every two months is highly advisable. In case your area has a hard water source, it would be a great idea to clean the machine every month.

Leaving the lid open after the wash cycle is complete can also be helpful. This can help you drive away the unwanted foul odor to be expelled from the washing machines. Close the lid after the insides have dried down.

Opt for a regular servicing of your washing machine for ensuring years of trouble-free service. You can even check out if AMC is offered by your manufacturer.

There are several advantages to using a semi-automatic washing machine. Let us list a few of them.

Advantages of Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Now that we have checked almost every concept with respect to the semi-automatic washing machines, what are the specific advantages that the machine does offer you? Isn’t it a fair idea to check out what advantages does your semi-automatic washing machine offer you?

Well, let us check out a few benefits provided by the semi-automatic washing machines:

  • They help you save money. In fact, the price of a semi-automatic machine is lower than the fully automatic options. Apart from the one time savings, these machines also offer you savings in terms of less water consumption.
  • You can start and stop them at your convenience. If you are facing power cuts and similar issues, you can stop the machine and start it back later on.
  • You have complete control over your washing cycle. You can control the amount of water, the number of wash and rinse cycles and other basic elements. You can take care of the right kind of treatment for the fabric.
  • You can add clothes during a cycle, without affecting the ongoing wash cycle
  • You would be able to wash a set of clothes while spinning another. This can help you save time if you have a heavy laundry to clear up. 

Having understood the benefits, it may also be worthwhile to understand a few demerits of the semi-automatic washing machines as well. They need a lot of manual intervention to complete an entire wash cycle. That would need you to be attentive with respect to the machine and the stags that it has completed. You may need to maintain a minimum level of water irrespective of the clothes load.

Washing very delicate items like sarees may not be a good idea if you have a semi-automatic washing machine.

Now let us see answers to some commonly asked questions by the users with regards to semi-automatic washing machines.

Few FAQs about Semi-Automatic Washing machine

Having gone through the details of a semi-automatic washing machine, here are a few FAQs worth the mention. Perhaps, you too have those questions, and the answers here should ideally address them.

Q – Machine experiences abnormal vibrations?

A – Placing the machine on uneven surfaces can cause the issue. You might also have to remove a few clothes from the machine as an overload can also make the machine vibrate.

Q – How much detergent is needed for a wash cycle?

A – The quantity of detergent used would be dependent on the laundry load and the hardness of the water. If you experience the soap studs after a wash, it can indicate that you are using more quantity than necessary. Go through the instructions provided in the manual.

Q – My machine is experiencing draining and filing simultaneously. How do I fix it?

A – Since semi-automatic machines come with manual knobs, checking that they are at the correct position would be an ideal solution. If the position is perfect, yet you are experiencing drainage, it can be a fault with the drain valve. 

Concluding Thoughts on Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India

Well, that was all we have with respect to the semi-automatic washing machines. We assume the list of the best semi-automatic machines featured in this compilation would go a long way in promoting your best washing regime. Check out the exact needs of your family and choose the washing machine that offers the exact performance.

For any suggestions and improvements in the content related to best-selling semi-automatic washing machines in India write to us in the comments section below.

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