Best Selling Exhaust Fan in India for Kitchen & Bathroom

Unlike the good old days when we lived in a traditional Indian home, the flats and apartments today do not provide the kind of ventilation that we have been looking ahead to. The kitchen can be one of the toughest rooms to receive proper ventilation. That is precisely why we set out on a journey to find the best exhaust fan for the kitchen in India. In addition, we will also cover the best exhaust fan in India for the living room and other needs as well.

What to Look for in the Best Exhaust Fan in India – The Complete Buying Guide for Exhaust Fans

Before we can check out the best exhaust fans you can check out, we will also give thorough attention to the prime features and factors you need to check in the best exhaust fan for a room – whether kitchen, bathroom, or living room.


The size of the fan would definitely assume a lot of essence and importance. Under ideal conditions, a 12-inch fan should be good enough for a standard-sized room. The large-sized ones may be a good option to go with if you are checking out the exhaust fans for a commercial kitchen or an auditorium.


The construction and number of the blades on an exhaust fan would also assume a lot of importance when it comes to picking the right one. The blades are ideally manufactured with metal or plastic. A metal blade would be easier to clean and maintain. However, they are likely to get rusted and it is essential to take care of the cleaning at regular intervals. The number of blades should be between three to five.


The airflow of the exhaust fan is generally measured in terms of CFM. Airflow and air delivery can be around 50 to 100 CFM in many cases. Finding the actual airflow in your kitchen, bathroom, and living room and finalize the right exhaust fan that meets the exact size of the room.


The exhaust fan should come with minimal noise. Using the exterior exhaust fans can perhaps be one of the excellent options for achieving far better performance. The fans that have the top quality fan help you produce the lower noise.

Speed Control Options

The speed control options offered on the exhaust fan can be yet another premium factor. This will help you avoid the need for running the fan at the full speed. The fan that has adjustable speed control can be one of the practical options.

Best Exhaust Fans in India you can Buy

Having understood the prime features you are expected to take care of when picking the best exhaust fan in India, let us now check out a few top picks that we have found out. The list here is not necessarily in a particular order though.

Features Mounting Type Material Dimensions (in CM) Wattage No of Blades
Luminous Vento Deluxe Wall-mounted Plastic 29.5 x 29.5 x 16.5 30 W 5
Usha Crisp Air 200 MM Wall mount Plastic 15.2 x 32 x 32.5 55 W 5
MAA-KU AC  Exhaust Fan Window mount Aluminum, Plastic 2 2 x 22 x 6 50 W 5
Havells Ventilair DB Wall mount NA 83.2 x 42.1 x 54.7 70 W 4
Digismart Air Exhaust Fan Wall mount NA 33 x 30 x 20 22 W 6
STARVIN Happy Home Wall mount Iron 20 x 15 x 10 50 W 3

Best Selling Exhaust Fan in India

Luminous Vento Deluxe 150mm – Best Selling Exhaust Fan in India

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Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen in India

Usha Crisp Air 200 MM – Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen in India

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Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen & Bathroom

MAA-KU AC – Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen & Bathroom

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Havells Ventilair DB 300mm

Havells Ventilair DB 300mm

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Best Heavy-Duty Exhaust Fan for Kitchen

Digismart Air – Best Heavy-Duty Exhaust Fan for Kitchen

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STARVIN Happy Home Fresh Air Exhaust Fan

STARVIN Happy Home Fresh Air Exhaust Fan

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Types of Exhaust Fans

Here are different types o Exhaust fans in India that you can check out the right picks for your needs:

Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan

If you are looking to make no other installation options, the wall-mounted exhaust fan can be an excellent option from every count. The wall-mounted design provides an easier installation and thus makes it a truly perfect option.

The wall-mounted exhaust fans are installed on the external wall of your room. They take up the humid air from the inside and move it out.

Exterior Exhaust Fan

The exterior exhaust fans are similar in design to the wall-mounted exhaust fans. They do make a lot of noise and that is one of the reasons that set it apart from the wall-mounted exterior exhaust fan. The major purpose of the exterior exhaust fan is it simply pulls out the air outside the house.

If you are checking out the best options for a noise-free operation, the exterior exhaust fan can be something you would find rather impressive.

Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Fan

If you have your rooms on the top floor, the top-mounted exhaust fan can be one of the excellent options. These fans are normally fitted n the external side of the roof. They simply such the air from the room and expel it to the outside.

These fans can work great for a well-ventilated room. Some of the ceiling-mounted exhaust fans can also come with the lights thereby enhancing your experience.

A few other types of exhaust fans you can try out can include kitchen exhaust fans and bathroom exhaust fans. These exhaust fans come with special features and come with a slighter modification.

Benefits of Kitchen Exhaust Fans

If you have been using the kitchen exhaust fans or even a normal exhaust fan, there may be several benefits that are associated with the exhaust fans, whether used in the kitchen or living room.  Let us check out a few of the best options we found rather impressive with the exhaust fans.

  • It helps you remove the impure and moist air out of the house or room – The bad odor, moisture, dust, and steam are a few of the impurities that you want to remove can be effectively done away with if you opt for the right exhaust fan.
  • It can help you remove the Humidity – Exhaust fans remove the moisture from the room effectively. This can be a great option to help you control the humidity quite efficiently.
  • Efficiently controls the temperature – The temperature in the kitchen can get higher due to the stoves and other cooking equipment. The exhaust fans can help you remove the heat from your room and control the temperature rather effectively.
  • Ease of Maintenance – The exhaust fan can prove to be one of the high-end options for controlling your environment inside the room. But, they are easy to maintain.

How Does the Exhaust Fan work?

The exhaust fans are specifically used for hot and humid air from the room with fresh air. The exhaust fan does suck the humid air from the smaller area inside the room and replaces the air inside the room with fresh air.

The hot and humid air from the room is pulled out through the use of a ducting system. Since most of the steam and odors do happen in the bathroom and kitchen, they are specifically installed in the bathroom and kitchens.

The modern-day exhaust fans come with sensors that are used for sensing and driving out the steam and odor. The exhaust fan is ideally quite user-friendly and easier to operate. That can make it one of the excellent options to help you get rid of the bad odors, high temperatures, and steam from your room.

Why Should You Use an Exhaust fan?

The exhaust fans do provide you access to several benefits and options. Why should you use the exhaust fan? The following reasons can justify the use of the exhaust fans in your kitchen.

  • It can remove the moisture from your bathroom and steam from your kitchen.
  • It can be a great option to keep your surroundings quite fresh.
  • Removal of the moisture can help you get rid of the mildew and molds.
  • It can reduce the humidity to a better degree, thereby making it quite comfortable indoors.
  • It can be a great way to offer ventilation in your room.

FAQs You Need to Pay Attention to:

What is the appropriate place to install a kitchen exhaust fan?

The best place you can go with for installing the exhaust fan would be to install it on the top section of the wall where the stove is placed. The fumes and the heat produced by the stove can directly move through the exhaust fan. That is exactly why it is advisable to install the exhaust fan on the top section of the wall where the stove is situated.

Are 3 or 4 blade fans better on exhaust fan?

The fans with 4 blades have been known to be very noisy. It can be quite a good option in a room where there is an air conditioner or there is cooler air around you. But, the four-blade design will work a little slower than the three-blade design

Can the exhaust fan cool the room?

Exhaust fans can not actually cool the room, but they can help you remove the moisture from the room and thus make the room feel rather comfortable. It can also remove the heat from the room.

Which exhaust fan should you choose—plastic or metal?

Exhaust fans with metal construction can be a little difficult to install. In case they fall from a height, you will end up injuring someone. Plastic exhaust fans can be useful in those scenarios, and they do have smoother edges. They would also end up quite lightweight.

How do you size an exhaust fan?

The size of the exhaust fan you choose would be dependent on the individual parameters. The CFM capacity you choose should be in tune with the size of your room. You can choose the options based on your individual preferences. For instance, in a room with 5 x 6 feet in dimensions, you would need to go with a minimum capacity of 30 CFM.

The Final Wrap Up

Exhaust fans have become one of the common options for kitchens and bathrooms. They can be one of the high-end options for achieving a high degree of protection against bad odors and other issues. One of the great options for improving the quality of air inside the room, it should be a perfect option to increase the quality of air inside the room.

The choice of the best exhaust fans in India outlined in this compilation should definitely be what would make it a great option ever. The right pick would be the best exhaust fan that comes with a robust design, affordable pricing, and a wide range of other parameters. Check out the right options and get the right one for your specific requirements.

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