Best Roti | Chapati | Khakra Maker Machine for Home Use in India

Every Indian house does have a chapatti or a roti tawa in the house. However, with the advancement of technology, where machines are replacing human intervention there has come an electric substitute for chapatti roller and tawa too. Yes! With the roti maker machines we simply need to put in the dough ball in the machine and you have a soft fluffy chapati straight out. Isn’t that great? Indeed! It is. Nevertheless, we are here to guide you with which is the best roti maker for home use in India.

How to Select the Best Chapati Making Machine for Home Use

As we do it for every kitchen appliance, let us make an effort to guide you as to which is the best roti maker machine in India. There are several considerations, you simply need to know them before selecting the best product. Following are the factors to be considered for buying a roti or chapatti maker machine.

Base Material

The base material of the roti maker is the most important considerations. It might be really difficult to scrape the chapatti from an electrical roti maker if it gets stuck to it.

Thus, the non-stick material of the roti tawa is preferred. It ensures that the dough doesn’t stick to the tawa and the soft and fluffy roti is cooked with no need of rolling it.

Power Consumption

Like for any other electrical appliance, the power consumption is a consideration for the roti maker too. The lower the power consumption, lesser is the electrical bill.

Thus, one shall consider the power consumption of the any electrical appliance before buying it.

Diameter of Base

When it comes to a roti maker, the diameter of the base is really important. If you want big chapati it might not be suitable to use a roti maker of 8-inches diameter.

The fact is almost all roti makers are available in 8-inches. One has to decide as per the need of the kitchen as to which tawa to choose a big traditional tawa or an electrical roti maker.


The warranty of the product is anytime a great concern. Being an electrical appliance, roti maker too can function abnormally at times and that is warranty comes in picture.

The longer the warranty period, the more you can stay assured of having the appliance in a better condition.

LED Indicator

The LED indication on the roti maker ensures that the roti maker is heated well when the red indicator turns off or where there are both red and green indicator, when the green indicator turns on.

Thus, it is important to have a LED indicator on the roti maker to ensure that it is not over-  heated and the roti does not burn.

Safety Features

The safety of any electrical appliance is of utmost importance. The roti maker comes with shockproof body. Also, the auto shut-off feature ensures that the roti maker is not overheated.

Such features make the roti maker extremely handy and safe to use.

The above list of factors shall help you decide the best product available in the market. However, we shall make your task much easier by shortlisting a few best electric chapati making machines in India.

List of Best Roti Maker in India

As we said, we have shortlisted a few best roti making machines in India. You shall simply choose one suitable for your needs regularly in your kitchen considering the factors listed above. Following are the latest best products available in India.

Bajaj- Best Roti Maker in India

BAJAJ VACCO – Best Roti Maker in India

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Lavanya- Best Electric Chapati Maker Machine for Home

Lavanya – Best Electric Chapati Maker Machine for Home

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Rico- Best Khakhra Machine for Home

Rico – Best Khakhra Machine for Home

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chapati making machine for home use

Prestige – Chapati Making Machine for Home Use 

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Inalsa- Best Roti Maker Machine in India

Inalsa – Best Roti Maker Machine in India

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This list serves you with the best roti maker machines available in India. You simply need to select the best for your kitchen as it not only makes the chapatis or rotis but serves many other purposes. Now, let us note some important tips on how to use a roti maker.

Tips on How to Use a Roti Maker

Soft Dough – Make sure the dough is 20-30% more softer than a normal dough. If the dough is soft, one will get soft and fluffy roti. If the dough is not soft, the roti shall become hard which shall be difficult to chew.

Keep the Dough Aside  – One shall bind the dough and keep it aside for around 20-30 minutes. If the dough is used immediately it shall lead to cracked chapatis. The kept aside dough shall be covered with a muslin cloth or packed in such a way that air does not get released out of the dough.

Grease the Dough – One shall grease the dough with slight oil which ensures that the dough does not stick to the hands and can be rolled evenly in the roti maker.

Wooden Spatula – One shall make sure to use only wooden spatula for flipping anything in a roti maker. One shall never use a metal spatula. This might lead to shock running through the hands when the metal spatula touches the base of the roti maker.

Avoid Touching – One shall avoid touching the body of the roti maker as it might be hot, although it is shockproof. The hot body may cause hands to burn. One shall simply touch the plastic handles which are meant to lift the lid and avoid direct contact with body of roti maker.

Uses of Roti Maker

What Are the Uses of Roti Maker?

By the name we feel that the roti maker can be simply used for rotis or chapatis in the house. However, there are several unbelievable uses of a roti maker. It can be used for making several eatables like follows:

  • Dosas
  • Parathas
  • Khakhras
  • Tikkis
  • Bread Toast and many other things.

It simply means the roti maker substitutes the traditional chapatti tawa which has been serving multiple purposes since years. However, one needs to be careful while using it since it is an electrical appliance and if not used properly might lead to shock or hand burns.

How to Make Khakhra | Paratha | Dosa in Roti Maker?

Process of Making Khakhra in Roti Maker

How to Make Khakhra in Roti Maker?

Khakra is a Gujarati cuisine and stays for a longer time. You need not wait for the chapati to become stale, you can simply make khakhras of leftover rotis in minutes. Khakhras go best like crispy bites with your morning tea or milk. However, if you are wondering how to make khakras in a roti maker, here is an answer to your question. The following are simple steps to make khakhras:

  • Take a cooked roti and place it in a heated roti maker.
  • Open the lid and flip the roti on the other side.
  • Keep flipping the roti until it is crispy and golden brown color.
  • The khakhra is ready to eat. You can simply enjoy eating it. 
Process of Making Paratha in Roti Maker

How to Make Paratha in Roti Maker?

Roti maker indeed serves lot many purposes other than simply making a chapatti or a roti. One of those purposes is making parathas. Following are the few simple steps to make paratha:

  • Take a dough ball and roll it slightly.
  • In a thick rolled dough fill the stuffing of the paratha and pack it well.
  • Place the stuffed dough ball, on the opposite side of the handle keeping little space on the other side.
  • Press the handle slightly, your paratha will get rolled.
  • Now keep the roti maker’s lid open and apply butter or ghee and cook it on both sides until golden brown.
  • Your yummy paratha is ready to eat. Enjoy it hot. 
Process of Making Dosa in Roti Maker

How to Make Dosa in Roti Maker?

Like many other recipes, one can also make dosas in a roti maker. Follow the following steps and get thin and crispy dosas in minutes:

  • Pour the dosas batter and spread it evenly with the back of the spoon.
  • With the help of a spatula, turn the dosa and cook it till you want.
  • If you want a soft dosa you can remove it quickly and if you desire a crispy dosa wait till it becomes golden brown.
  • Your dosa is ready to eat!! 

This video shall help you guide on making various recipes in roti maker:

Concluding Thoughts on Best Roti Making Machine In India

Like sandwich grillers, air fryers are the trending kitchen appliances, so are the roti makers. So, this post tells you how the traditional chapatti tawas has been replaced by the electric roti making machines. Not just roti making, the roti maker is also useful for many other purposes like making parathas, dosas, tikkis, etc. We have also listed the best products available in the market for your convenience. You simply need to select the best as per your requirement or choice.

We have tried to serve you the best. If there are any suggestions and improvements kindly write to us in the comments section below.

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