6 Best Electric & Oil Room Heaters in India- Ultimate Buying Guide

Like in summers, the fans and air conditioners are needed in every house, the extreme winters call for room heaters. There are places where people simply cannot survive cold without heaters in the room. Thus, room heaters become a necessity. However, one needs to consider several factors to select the appropriate heater. Also, there are different types of heaters like ceramic, infrared and oil-filled heaters. You need to select the best type suitable for your needs. We shall take you through the types of room heaters and the list of best room heaters in India.

Discover the Best Type of Room Heater in India with the following Factors

Normally, one might first consider which type of heater is cheapest to run. However, there are several other considerations for selecting the best room heater in India. Let us now elaborate each factor and know how it would impact the buying decision of the user.

Heater Type

On the basis of the use, one shall determine which kind of heater to choose. The convection heaters heat the entire room. The infrared heaters are quite quick but they don’t heat entire room, the heat is concentrated in the direction the beam of heat moves. The oil filled heaters take a little time to get heated, however the attached fan to the heater circulates the heat throughout the room.

Also, one can decide whether to choose a wall mounted heater, a free-moving portable heater or a baseboard heater as per the space of the room and the placement of heater one desires to have.

Safety Features

One needs to be really cautious with the heaters as they might cause fire accidents. Safety is the most important concern, be it any gadget. Nowadays, many manufacturers have introduced heaters with cool-to-the-touch surfaces which enhance the safety of the equipment.

Overheat protection, is another safety protection feature which acts like a sensor and automatically turns off if the heater reaches a very high and unusual temperature. Also, if there are babies in the house, one shall consider whether it is safe to have baseboard heater, wall mounted heater or portable heaters.

Heating Capacity

The size of the room is an essential to determine what heating capacity of the heater one shall go with. It is the space of the room which determines heater wattage rating. Generally, a room heater uses 10 watts of heating power to heat each square foot of the room.

However, this isn’t any hard and fast rule to determine watts of heater to buy. There might be some heaters that with the help of heating technology used and its application cover more space.


Energy efficiency is something that you maintain by keeping the heating costs low. Thus, one shall compare the heaters efficiency before buying one. Unlike portable AC systems, portable electric heaters lack standard level of efficiency like EER (energy efficiency ratio) ratings.

Of course, one shall check the efficiency to avoid heavy bills and select the right space heater as per the environment and size of the room. Also, nowadays heaters come with special features like energy saving modes, adjustable thermostats, low wattage and programmable timers help you minimize the power usage and contribute to economic operation.

Noise Level

Like many other electrical appliances, heaters too make noise during operation. Some produce more sound compared to others. The heaters without fan like baseboard heater or an oil heater are considered appropriate for silent surroundings like your bedroom.

Also, the radiant space heaters operate quiet silently. The fan based heaters generally make noise and one might not want it for silent places. Noise level becomes another consideration for decision of buying the best room heater.

Heaters also come with timer settings to avoid any accidental damages due to fire. One can judge the approximate time the heater takes to heat up the room and set the timer accordingly. This will help the user to avoid heater reaching unusually high temperature. This is an overheat protection safety feature.

Did you ever get a thought, “Is it safe to keep space heater plugged in?” If yes, then let us tell you with auto-shut off and timer features you absolutely need not worry.

Here are the Best Oil and Electric Room Heaters in India

After knowing the factors to consider, you must now be wondering as to which the best heaters for home or office use are having the above features in them. Let us go take a quick glance at the list of best space heaters in India.

Best fan blower in india

Orpat – Best Room Heater Blower in India

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Best Halogen Room Heater

Bajaj Delux – Best Halogen Room Heater

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Best oil heater in India

Morphy Richards – Best Oil Room Heater in India

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Best wall mounted electric heater with thermostat

Ad Fresh – Best Wall Mounted Electric Heater with Thermostat

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best electric baseboard heaters

King – Best Electric Baseboard Heater

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Best portable heater

Handy Heater – Best Plug-in Heater for Garage/Home

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Now, let us go through a few very commonly asked questions about the room heaters.

FAQs on Best types of Room Heaters

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Are Halogen heaters Good or Bad?

The Halogen heaters are not really prone to any health risk directly. However, you need to be careful of its front part which generally heats up and if touched might cause skin burns. Other major concerns are it emits infrared radiation which can make skin dry and kill oxygen in the air. Also, they are not great for large rooms.

However, these heaters do not throw smoke and also has no carbon monoxide poisoning. They heat up the objects around them but not the air. Also, they are a good energy saving devices.

There are both good and bad side for this type of heater one shall determine the usage and use it according to the product specification. However, you can opt for other options of heaters.

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Which type of room heater is good for health?

Of all the oil filled heaters shall be the best type of heater due to its safety and long-lasting feature.

The oil filled heaters generally do not burn the oxygen and thus one shall not feel suffocated if kept on for a long time. Also, they do not de-humidify the room and thus saves from itching and dry skin.

The best part about these heaters is even if there is power cut; the room shall stay heated for 20-30 minutes due to the heated oil passing through the fins. The oil cools down slowly thus maintaining the heat in the room.

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Which type of heater is cheapest to run?

The halogen heaters and oil filled heaters are the most economical heaters to operate. Nowadays they come with timers and auto-shut off features. This enables you to switch off the heaters automatically after certain time; if it reaches considerably high temperature, it shuts off automatically due to its auto-shut off feature.

Types Of Room Heaters

After going through the factors and product list, let us now give the detailed explanation for each type of room heater.  Following are the various types of room heater:

Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters are not really made of only ceramic. In fact, they are entirely made up of plastic and few parts are of metal. Only the heating element of the heater is of ceramic, which is positive temperature co-efficient (PTC) ceramic which heats the air when it passes over it. If the dust particles are well cleaned the ceramic heaters shall last for a long time.

The ceramic heaters are further classified into convective heaters and radiant heaters. In the convective ceramic heaters, electricity heats up the aluminium part aka fins and this heat is transferred to ceramic heating element. In the radiant ceramic heaters, the electricity heats the objects in its path. In this case, the heat remains in the object itself which have lower temperature. It does not heat the entire room like convective heaters.

Infrared Heaters

An Infrared Heater is a body of higher temperature and it transfers energy to a body with lower temperature via electromagnetic radiation. Infrared heaters are classified on the basis of wavelength bands of infrared emissions ranging from 780nm to 1nm. These are classified as Short, Medium and Far Infrared heaters. There are propane, natural gas and electric heaters.

Infrared heaters create heat like that of sun. Infrared light isn’t visible because it’s not within spectrum we see. This heat gets absorbed by our skin, clothes and other things thus warming up the surrounding. These heaters heat you very fast when you get in after cold as the heat particles are directed directly towards you and not the entire room.

Oil Filled Room Heaters

Oil heaters have metal columns with cavities through which the oil flows freely around the heater. The heating element which is at the base of heater heats up the oil which transfers heat to the metal wall through convection. This heat is then transferred to the surroundings by air convection and thermal radiation.

This kind of heater comparatively takes a little more time to heat up and cool down. The heaters have a large surface area which allows more air to be in contact with heater which keeps the surface safe enough to be touched. There are oil heaters which come along with fans to increase the air flow over the heater which heats up the room.

The above classification is as per the heating systems; now let us classify it as per the placement of the heaters in the room.

Baseboard Heater
These heaters are placed below the windows from where the cold gets into the room. The heater absorbs the cold air from outside, heats it with thermostats inside and releases the heat into the room.
Freestanding Portable Heater
These heaters can be placed inside the room in the direction in which you want the heat to get released. These can be easily moved with the handle or castor wheels thus making them portable and freestanding in any part of your house. You simply need a plug around the heater.
Wall Heater
These look much like the air-conditioners. These are fixed at a height on the wall and are operated with remote control. These heaters heat up the room quiet fast.
Electric Fireplace Heater
These heaters come in 4 types- free standing, wall mounted, recessed and inserts. These heaters covert the electric energy into the heat energy and warms the room. We can say that is an artificial fire which is created in these heaters.

Concluding Thoughts on Best Room Heaters in India

When the cold is really unbearable, the room heater is a must to have. Like scorching summers are impossible without air conditioners, table fans or pedestal fans the harsh winters are undoable without the room heaters. We have tried to give a list of the few best heaters in order to give you convenience in selecting the best product for your home. Also, we have listed the factors to be considered for buying the best space heater.

I Hope, you have got the desired result from this post. For any further suggestions and improvements, you can simply write to us in the form below.

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