6 Best Rechargable Emergency Lights/ Torch in India #LED Light

India does face a lot of power cuts, and they are quite frequent. That can be more so in the case of bad weather conditions. What would you want to look for in such situations? Obviously, emergency lights and rechargeable lights have been one of the most important ones to look for. We will check out a few great options for the best rechargeable lights in India that you should check out.

Choose The Best Rechargeable Lights in India – The Buying Guide

Before choosing the best rechargeable lights in India, there are a few of the prime factors that you should focus on before buying one. Let us know each of the factor in detail.


The durability of the rechargeable lights can prove to be one of the excellent options for achieving the best quality experience ever. The durable and long-lasting performance should be one of the right choices for most of the expectations that you may have.

The synthetic and polycarbonate materials should be one of the excellent choices that you would find quite impressive. That would offer the high-end durability ever. The physical strength offered by the service should be what would offer you access to one of the excellent services.  


This is yet another essential feature that should provide you access to one of the exciting choices you need to focus on. The handle or the strap of the rechargeable lights should be one of the excellent choices ever.

The light produced by the emergency light should be such that it does not get into your eyes. Brightness and light source should be such that it provides you access to a greatest ever experience.

Additional Features

The additional features offered by the rechargeable lights are yet another factor you may need to check out. The wall-mountable functionality should be yet another excellent option that you would want to focus on.

The easy portability and handheld functionality of the rechargeable lights can be yet another factor that you need to think about. The variable brightness can be yet another feature you would want t check out.

Multipurpose Functionality

The multitasking capabilities of the rechargeable lights can be yet another premium feature that you would need to look ahead to. Instead of only acting as an emergency light, it should be capable of performing a wide range of other functionalities as well.

An additional torch on the back or side can be one of the best options. It should be important to check out other capabilities as well.

Safety Options

The safety options available on the rechargeable lights should ideally be another prime factor you may need to check out. The ability to protect against the surge power should be yet another factor that may need attention.

The protection against overcharging is yet another prime factor that you may need to pay enough attention. This will be helpful in helping you protect yourself against the reduction of life of the battery.

The Bulbs and Lights

The lamps are equipped with LED bulbs. The LEDs are known for saving energy, and in fact, they can be one of the choicest options for improving the efficiency of the emergency lights. The SMD LEDs come with higher lumen output and are rated to be a greater option.

The LED strips produce a better degree of light efficacy, and they will provide you with high-end light production at 360 degrees.

6 Best Rechargeable Lights in India

Having checked out the best buying factors for the best rechargeable lights in India, we will now check out the best rechargeable lights in India.

Product Battery Backup Flexibility Number of LEDs Warranty Material
Eveready HL 52 Emergency Lights 16 hours 360 degree 30+9 LEDs Six months Plastic
Philips Ojas Rechargeable LED Lantern 4 hours No 30+1 LEDs Six months Synthetic
Wipro Coral Rechargable Lights 2 hours 360 degree 84 LEDs Six months Polycarbonate
RHYMER Powerful Rechargeable High-Speed Table Fan with LED Light 3 hours – LED and Fan

8 Hours – LED only

4 Hours – Fan only

NA 21 LEDs No Warranty Plastic
Voroly Plastic LED Emergency Torch Light Up to 12 hours, depending on the brightness No 4 LEDs Six months Plastic
Philips Ujjwal Plus Rechargeable LED Lantern 4 hours 360 degree 40 LEDs Six months Synthetic

Eveready Rechargable Emergency Light

Eveready HL 52 Emergency Lights

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Philips Ojas Rechargable LED

Philips Ojas Rechargeable LED Lantern

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Wipro Rechargable LED

Wipro Coral Rechargeable Emergency Light

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RHYMER – Best Rechargeable Emergency Light with Fan

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Voroly Rechargable LED Torch

Voroly Plastic LED – Best Rechargable Torch Light in India

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Philips Ujjwal Rechargable LED

Philips Ujjwal Plus Rechargeable LED Lantern

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These were a few best rechargeable LED lights in India. Let us now see a few factual things like its longevity on emergency rechargeable LED lights or torch.

How Long Do Rechargeable Light Bulbs Last?

The LED lamps have been known for providing you access to a huge degree of performance enhancement. In fact, they have effectively and efficiently replaced fluorescent lamps in most of the scenarios and homes. However, of late, it has been observed that a few of the cases, where the lifetime claims of most of the LED products.

The life ratings of the LED lamps have been calculated entirely differently when compared to the traditional lighting sources. That is solely because of the technical differences between LED lamps and the other traditional lamps. You should ideally have a look at the lumen maintenance and L70, which can help you have a good idea of the right options for buying the LEDs.

As per the definition, the average rated life of a traditional light source would be – An average rating, in hours, indicating when 50 per cent of a large group of lamps has failed (operated at nominal lamp voltage and current). Manufacturers use three hours per start for fluorescent lamps and 10 hours per start for HID lamps when performing lamp life testing procedures. Every lamp type has a unique mortality curve that depicts its average rated life.

This definition holds good when talking about traditional light sources. With respect to the LEDs, life expectancy is measured differently.

Instead of answering how long rechargeable light bulbs last, the right question to answer would be to find How long can you expect LEDs to last. The best option is to use the Lumen maintenance as a measure, and L70 and L50 are the two options that can be used for this purpose. Rated lumen maintenance life is measured in hours with an associated percentage of light output. For instance, the L70 value of 30000 hours would mean that the LEDs will continue to produce up to 70 percent of the light at 30000 hours. After that, the brightness begins to decrease. If the LED has an L50 of 30000 hours, the output decay can be faster than the one with L70.

Let us explain it with an example –

Let us suppose you have a LED with an L70 rating of 25000 hours. Let us assume that you operate the light for 18 hours a day. How long would you expect the LED lamp to last? Let us try finding it out.

Let us assume you run the light for 364 days. That brings the total usage per year to (18 x 365=) 6570 hours. The L70 threshold is 25000 hours, and you would ideally reach it in approximately three to three and half years. That would help you get a brief idea of how long do rechargeable light bulbs last.  

How Long Do Unused Light Bulbs Last?

Ideally speaking, the light bulbs, whether the traditional lamps or LEDs, do not have an expiry, and they can last longer if left unused. They can provide you extremely higher shelf life. They need to be stored in such a way that they do not break. Make sure that the bulbs are kept in their own box.

It has been observed that unused light bulbs can work seamlessly even after decades after they have been made. The light bulbs do come with a lifetime usage rating, and in fact, the lifetime actually starts the moment they are used for the time. It is important to notice how much you have used the bub than how old it has stayed with you.

If you want the light bulb to offer you good support and lifetime, here are a few parameters that you may need to check out –

  • Make sure that you have stored the bub in a dry place. The space you choose to store the unused bulbs should be free from moisture.
  • They need to be stored unhindered and untouched by children and pets. The light bulbs should be kept in a place where you do not access them much often.

The best location for storing the light bulbs should be in their original box on the top shelf of a closet. No matter where you keep your unused bulbs, you need to make sure that they are safer and dry.

Final Wrap Up on Best Rechargeable LED/ Torch

The rechargeable lights and emergency lights are a must in any home or office. The safety and convenience levels offered by the rechargeable or emergency lights can indeed be one of the best options that you would want to look ahead to. Picking the right rechargeable light is extremely essential, and the best rechargeable bulbs here should help you pick them wisely enough.

Few FAQs on Emergency Rechargeable LED Light

Why is emergency lighting important?

Why is emergency lighting important?

An emergency light can be useful and practical in providing you access to complete protection against any mishaps in case of power failures. They can also be used as a table light, a study lamp, or an alternative light source.

What are the advantages of emergency light over inverter bulbs?

What are the advantages of emergency light over inverter bulbs?

The rechargeable emergency lights offer a lower power consumption, and they also come with low-temperature functioning. The inverter bulbs can only be used at a single location, unlike the rechargeable lights that can be moved to any location.

How long does it need to charge an emergency light?

How long does it need to charge an emergency light?

The time taken to charge a rechargeable light depends on the type and capacity of the battery used in the rechargeable light. A Li-ion battery of 1500 mAh would take around 8 hours to charge completely.

What is deep discharge?

What is deep discharge?

The deep discharge is also referred to as over-discharge. Certain features of the rechargeable light may make the battery discharge at a faster rate, which can destroy the power retaining capacity of the battery. The rechargeable lights you use should ideally have an option to protect your agents from the deep discharge.

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