Best Personal Weighing Machines (Digital & Electronic) in India

Are you among those who keep a tab on your body weight? If you are, then a suitable weighing machine for measuring your body weight becomes a very important to check your fitness. Maybe you are trying really hard to achieve the best standards in terms of your health and fitness. An accurate digital and electronic weighing machine would really be an excellent addition in those circumstances.

In fact, checking your body weight at least once a month should be the best practice and we assume the body weighing machines can help you keep the right tab on your activities so that you would have access to the best bodybuilding regime.

Best Weighing Machine to Buy? – Factors to Consider

As a practice on Probuyer, if you want to lay your hands on the perfect choice when it comes to the weighing machines, you need to check out a few critical factors in your chosen weighing machine. That would perhaps act as a checklist for the right features and functionalities.

The key factors we suggest you to look for in your preferred digital and electronic weighing machine in India would be as follows:

Weighing Capacity
The weight capacity of the machine would be one of the essential aspects you need to check out. Most of the machines come with a capacity of around 120 to 150 Kgs. Some high-end machines may offer you a capacity of up to 200 to 250 Kgs.
Type of the Machine

The major types of weighing machines available would be analog and digital machines. The analog machine ideally works on the spring mechanism and does not need a battery for the purpose.

The digital machines will work on batteries. They also come with additional features that let you measure other indices like BMI, fat or water weight.


Accuracy of the measurement is the most crucial aspect of the weighing machine in most of the cases. This will have a bearing on the type of weighing machine you choose.

The analog machines tend to be slightly less accurate when you compare them to the digital counterparts.


If you are looking to opt for a weighing machine that you can carry with you, the weight of the machine would be extremely important enough.

However, it would not be a factor worth considering if you are keeping the machine at home.

Skid-Proof Functionality

The weight of your body is ideally calculated by standing on the weighing machine. That would make it extremely essential to take care of the base of the machine.

You do not want the machine to skid off when someone stands on it to measure weight. That should perhaps be the most critical safety factor one needs to consider.

These few considerations shall help you buy the best weighing machine for your personal or home use. It’s not just this much, we shall introduce to few best options available in India.

5 Best Body Weighing Machines in India

Having checked out the best buying factors for your preferred weighing machine as we do it for any home appliance, we will now check out a few exciting choices for the best ever experience in your needs for measuring your body weight.

Hoffen – Best Digital Weighing Machine in India

Hoffen – Best Digital Weighing Machine in India

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HealthSense Ultra-Lite – Best Weighing Machine for Personal Use

HealthSense Ultra-Lite – Best Weighing Machine for Personal Use

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Dr Trust (USA) - Best Personal Weighing Machine in India

Dr Trust (USA) – Best Personal Weighing Machine in India

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MCP Deluxe – Best Mechanical Weighing Machine for Personal Use

MCP Deluxe – Best Mechanical Weighing Machine for Personal Use

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RYLAN Thick Tempered Glass & LCD Display – Best Electronic Weighing Machine

RYLAN Thick Tempered Glass & LCD Display – Best Electronic Weighing Machine

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These are a few best and accurate digital or electronic and analog weighing machines available in India. Now, let us see why shall one opt for a personal weighing machine for every home.

Why Opt for a Personal Weighing Machine?

Why Opt for a Personal Weighing Machine?

Well, indeed. There was a time when we used to visit the railway stations, bus stands and similar other public places for checking our weight. However, things have changed these days, with the growing health consciousness of a person, everyone wants all the fitness-related gadgets handy, be it a juicer or an air fryer or a weighing machine.

So, what are the advantages of getting your own personal weighing machine? The following reasons and benefits should perhaps answer that question.

  • They can be helpful enough in checking your weight every time you want to.
  • It would be more off a time saver when you compare it to the other machines at the public places.
  • They can be extremely helpful in achieving the perfect option for an increased motivational level.

You can help your kids and other family members to cultivate the habit of being in good health.

What are the Types of Weighing Machines, and How do They Differ?

There are basically two types of weighing machines commonly available – Analog Machines and Digital Machines. The two differ in the working principle and the accuracy offered by them.

Analog Weighing Machine

Those are the cheapest options for the personal weighing machines. They display the weight in a dial mode, something akin to the dials on a pressure gauge. They work on the basis of the spring mechanism. The analog weighing machines can be considered to be the mechanical machines and do not need a battery for the operation.

They may not be efficient if you are looking at it from an accuracy point of view. While they may work accurately in the initial days, the spring may stop working effectively as you keep using it. The machine may tend to offer you a 0.5 kg error in many cases.

Digital Weighing Machine

The digital weighing machine displays the weight on a digital screen. The size of the screen may be smaller or larger, depending on the weighing machine you choose. They work with battery power. The digital weighing machines offer you a high precision accuracy.

They can also provide you access to additional features in the form of a host of other indices. The machines can store the previous results so that you can compare your progress right away. A recent breed of digital machines comes with a functionality wherein you can pair them with your smartphone. This can be a great option where you can share the details with your physical trainer or even with the doctors. 

How to Use your Weighing Machine?

Well, there are a few right ways you need to follow when you use a personal weighing machine. Improper use can cause incorrect readings in many cases. Check out the steps here to ensure a proper functionality –

  • Make sure you calibrate it every time you use it. This will help you avoid the possibility of any wrong reading. Your digital weighing machine may come with the auto-calibration feature.
  • Always place the scale on a hard and flat surface. Any inclined surface can cause the disturbance of the G force and thus tend to give you an incorrect result.
  • Never wear a shoe or slippers when using the weighing machine. This will be helpful enough in letting you have access to the accurate reading. 

These small tips shall help you weigh your body more accurately. Using the weighing machine rightly, shall help you plan your health-related activities more timely and properly.

Which Weighing Machine is More Accurate?

Which Weighing Machine is More Accurate?

Well, we have already covered this. The digital weighing machines would be more accurate than the analog one. The reason lies in how they work.

The digital weighing machines work on the basis of load cells. They tend to be more accurate in measuring the weight accurately – whether you are measuring body weight or that of any other product. The analog machines do not come with any such feature and rely solely on the spring mechanism.

The digital weighing machines can offer you excellent performance for a prolonged period of time. The analog machines can develop wear and tear issues over the years. In contrast, the digital weighing machines will continue to offer you an accurate service for an extended period of time.

Moreover, operating a digital weighing machine should be much more comfortable and more uncomplicated enough. Reading the display on the digital machine would be extremely easy and straightforward when you compare it to the analog weighing machines. If you look at the reading from a wrong angle, you may read it wrong.

Of course, the digital weighing machines are a little more expensive, but even then you would find that they offer you an exceptionally excellent service. That would, in fact, make it a value for money option in the long run.

Closing Remarks on Personal Weighing Machines

Well, those were a few exciting options for the best in terms of personal weighing machines. We assume the detailed information shared here with regard to this Fitness – either analog or digital weighing machine, should help you have access to the best possible performance standards. The additional information provided here should further enhance your knowledge with respect to the weighing machines and their proper use.

For any suggestions and improvements on the best personal weighing machine in India, you can write to us in the comments section below.

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