7+ Best Selling High Speed Pedestal Fans in India

India is a tropical country, and the weather can get extremely hot at times. That is exactly why a soothing experience is quite important. People tend to use Air Conditioners – whether inverter AC or window AC and fans – table fans or pedestal fans more during the scorching hot summers. Pedestal Fans can be one of the prominent options in this situation.

The ceiling fan at times may have a limited range of airflow and may not be comfortable, and thus pedestal fans can offer a more soothing experience. Let us check out the best pedestal fans you can buy in India.

For the short description of the products and factors to consider, you may watch the following video which is followed by detailed description of same:

Pedestal Fan Buying Guide – What to look for in a High-Speed Pedestal Fan Before Buying it?

When you are looking for any kitchen appliances, you have several considerations. Well, when it comes to pedestal fans, the best you can opt for would depend upon a few prime factors. You can also check the fan buying guide in detail. Let us check out a few salient points to take care of.

Air Delivery

The air delivery is measured in terms of CMM or CFM. These words stand for Cubic Meter Per Minute and Cubic feet per minute respectively. The higher value of CMM will provide you with access to more airflow.

You will need a fan with higher air delivery in summers, while you can control it with the variable speed options in other seasons.


The speed of a fan is measured in terms of RPM or Rotation Per Minute. Once again, the higher value of the speed factor will make your fan provide access to a high amount of air.

A good speed will ensure that you will have access to the heavy blow of air at every corner of your room.

Fan Modes

The pedestal fans come with sleep or idle mode. This mode can be what would be helpful in promoting a natural, breezy feeling, especially for nights.

There is also something called reduction mode that can be helpful enough to reduce the speed after the initial duration. This should be a useful option if you are using it at night.

Variable Speed Options

Variable speed options should be one of the prominent options you would look ahead to. Make sure that your chosen pedestal fan has the perfect number of speeds depending upon your requirements. The slower or faster performance will be dependent upon what purpose you will be opting for.

Material Used

Plastic is one of the best materials you can use in a pedestal fan. Yes, it may look a little cheaper in appearance, but offers you an excellent performance. Plastic provides a lightweight construction for an added portability.

Other materials like steel or bras have their issues like rusting and oxidation.


Pedestal fans can be a little unstable because of the height that comes with. Using multiple feet or anti-slip for the feet can add more value as long stability to your fan is concerned. If you are using the fan on a carpet, multiple feet can be a good option when compared to the anti-slip feet.

Best High-Speed Pedestal Fans in India (Reviews)

Having gone through the essential elements, you need to give a thought to before you can actually opt for a pedestal fan, here are a few options you have with respect to the best pedestal fans you can opt for.

Orient Electric High Speed Pedestal Fan

Orient Tornado 450mm Pedestal Fan

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Usha Maxx Air 400MM – Best Selling Pedestal Fans in India

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Havells V3 Turbo 450MM Pedestal Fan

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V-Guard Finesta 400 MM – Best Pedestal Fan for Bedroom

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ANSIO – Best High Speed Pedestal Fan in India

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Havells Glitz 400MM Pedestal Fan

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Orient Electric Stand Fan 35

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best selling pedestal fans in india

Bajaj Midea BP2200 400 MM Pedestal Fan

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Concluding Thoughts on Best Selling Pedestal Fans in India

Well, that was what we have with respect to a few top-end pedestal fans you can opt for. Of course, the list featured here is not exhaustive in any nature. We have handpicked a few high-end models, and if we have succeeded in creating an interest in your mind, this will be a huge appraisal for us. We have made it a point to list out the pedestal fans that would appeal to varied requirements and budget. We already have a post for the best table fans in India.

Have you used any of the pedestal fans outlined in this list? If you have, do share your experiences and opinions with us. It should go a long way in enlightening our readers further. You may also share information on any of the fans not included here, but you have found to be impressive in terms of functionality or otherwise.

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