Best Orthopaedic Mattresses for Back Pain in India

Are you someone who is suffering from back pain or spondylitis? You may be consuming medications and tablets to relieve you of the consistent pain. But what about a good night’s sleep? An Orthopaedic mattress is what would help you get that much-needed sound sleep. In fact, it would have a tremendous therapeutic option, even if you have no back pain or similar medical conditions.

Let us check out a few good orthopedic mattresses that can provide great value in terms of good sleep and a healthy body. However, as a trend on Probuyer, let us first see a few factors to consider to buy the best mattress for sleepers with back pain in India.

Considerations to Buy the Best Orthopaedic Mattress in India

This ultimate buying guide shall help you buy the best orthopedic mattress for side sleepers or back sleepers in India. It shall help you get the best mattress for a peaceful, cozy, and healthy sleep since it is best suited for people with back pain. The following are the most important considerations:

Size of the Mattress

That would be a  difficult decision to make. Mattresses come in different sizes and types. The sizes would vary in India as opposed to the ones available in the US. You need to check your own (and family member’s) body dimensions and your bed size to arrive at the right kind of the mattress.

You can find the mattresses in multiple sizes, some representative sizes being Single, Twin, Twin XL, Full or Double, King, Queen, and California King. The exact size of the mattress you buy would be dependent upon who will be sharing the bed with you, whether your kids sleep with you, and the spaciousness of your room.

Spine Support

Now that we are looking at an orthopedic mattress that is suitable for people with back pain, we will be more focussed on the comfortability, and more so – the support it provides for your spine. In fact, you should take care that the mattress should not sink under the weight of heavier body parts.

From that perspective, latex or memory foam mattresses tend to provide you better support when new but tend to go soft over-usage. In sharp contrast, spring mattresses and airbed mattresses can give almost a lifetime support. When we talk about the spinal support, make sure the bed supports the entire spine region that includes the cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, sacrum, and tailbone.


This is yet another area you need to pay attention to. The firmness provided by a mattress will ideally be dependent on the body weight of the person sleeping on it and the sleeping position. The body can be weighed using the right body weighing machine.

If your bodyweight exceeds 60 Kgs, it may be an excellent option to opt for a firmer one, while anyone below 60 Kgs can go with a soft mattress. If you are a back sleeper or stomach sleeper, it would be ideal to go with a firm mattress. Side sleepers should prefer a soft mattress. This would ensure a better comfort level while sleeping.

Motion Transfer

If you or your partner tends to move a lot when sleeping, this movement is normally transferred to the other side of the bed. If one of the couples shifts frequently or gets off from the bed quite often, it may be uncomfortable for the other partner.

A mattress that resists the motion transfer can be the best choice in such cases. Spring mattresses perform worst when it comes to motion transfer, while the coir, foam or latex mattresses would be a better choice in that context.


Well, this does not need to have any bearing on the technical aspects of the mattress, but still, it would be practical enough to give it a thought. A mattress with more layers will cost more, as a matter of fact. More features will increase the price tag as well.

Latex mattresses and airbeds have a rather expensive price tag. If you are on a limited budget, it would be ideal to opt for a memory foam or hybrid mattress.

Temperature Control

Temperature control or Temperature neutrality is yet another huge plus point you would want to give a thought to. Some of the mattresses may absorb body heat and trap it. This can be quite uncomfortable as you would feel warmer and would not get the right sleep.

Foam mattresses tend to be quite warmest. Even the latex mattresses feel a lot warmer. The inner springs mattresses or hybrid mattresses may be the right ones for the best possible temperature neutrality in many cases.

These important considerations shall be of great use in selecting a perfect orthopedic mattress in India.

5 Best Orthopaedic Mattresses for Sleepers with Back Pain in India

Having checked out the buying factors for the best mattress, here are the best options for the right type of Orthopaedic mattresses in India you can choose for your needs.

Extra Sleep Coir Mattress – Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Lower Back Pain

Extra Sleep Coir Mattress – Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Lower Back Pain

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Furny Mattress - Best Mattress for Back Sleepers with Back Pain

Furny Mattress – Best Mattress for Back Sleepers with Back Pain

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Wakefit Dual Comfort – Best Mattress for Side Sleepers in India

Wakefit Dual Comfort – Best Mattress for Side Sleepers in India

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Wakefit Orthopaedic - Best Memory Foam Mattress in India

Wakefit Orthopaedic – Best Memory Foam Mattress in India

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SleepyCat 6 Inch – Best Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress for Back Pain

SleepyCat 6 Inch – Best Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress for Back Pain

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These were a few best options when it comes to an orthopedic mattress for back and side sleepers with back pain in India. Hope this list has helped you find a perfect choice. Now, let us see certain facts on the mattress in India.

Which Mattress is Good –  Spring or Coir or Foam?

Which mattress is good enough for orthopedic use? There are several options available among spring, foam, and coir. What advantages and benefits do they offer?

Spring Mattresses

They provide you access to a bouncy surface. If you love such surfaces, spring mattresses would be an excellent choice. However, when you come to think of the relief from back pain, it may offer you a medium level of comfort. Yet another advantage that they tend to provide you with would include it is highly affordable enough.

However, if you are not sleeping alone, it has a high motion transfer. This can disturb your partner if you are a heavy shifter. It can also affect you if your partner shifts a lot when sleeping. The possibility of exposed springs affects the durability negatively.  

Coir Mattresses

Thy is best suited for firmness and best support. It would be economical enough for your needs. Highly eco-friendly construction will help you contribute something positive to a better environment. The motion transfer is quite minimal.

These mattresses can be extremely firm, and that can be one of the reasons you are not comfortable with. If you are looking for back pain, it would not be the right choice. Durability is yet another factor that may not offer expected results. 

Foam Mattresses

It is an expensive option among all the three types of mattresses but offers a high value for the orthopedic needs. The durability provided by the mattress is yet another huge advantage and something that justifies the high price.

Best suited for cold weather, it can be the right choice for back pain. It does not transfer motion. If you are sensitive to heat and thus would not be a good option as it can absorb heat.  

Does Spring Mattress cause Back Pain?

Does Spring Mattress cause Back Pain?

Well, that would be dependent. Pocket sprung mattresses come with the specialized construction and should not ideally be an issue. However, if you already have a back pain problem, spring mattresses can offer the least relief. But, we do not think they cause back pain as such.

There are certain conditions under which a spring mattress can cause a bad back issue. You should check the firmness of the mattress you are comfortable with. Super firm mattresses will be the right one if you do not want to have any issues with your back. However, the actual choice depends on individual choice.

An old and sagging spring mattress can cause issues. Yet another possible case where your spring mattress causes issues of back pain would be because it has poor craftsmanship. The cheap make can be felt, wherein you will feel the springs when handling the mattress. Such mattresses should be a big NO.

Types of Mattresses in India

Well, there are several types of mattresses available in India. You would find six major mattress types. Let us explore them –

Coir Mattresses

These are perhaps found in India alone. These mattresses are made from coconut coir. They tend to be extremely firm. These mattresses are highly eco-friendly and affordable.

However, the extra firmness may be something you would not be comfortable with. In case, you are someone who is suffering from back pain; it would be a strict no. The lack of elasticity is yet another issue with the coir mattress.

Foam Mattresses

They have foam between the sheets instead of the coir, and the rest of the functions remain almost similar to coir mattress. They can be softer than the coir mattresses.

The mattress may experience sagging at the ends. They do not transfer motion and also offer higher durability than the coir mattresses. Sensitivity to heat may be a little uncomfortable for some of you. If you have back pain, they would be the right choice.

Memory Foam Mattresses

A variant of foam mattress, it comes with memory foam instead of the normal foam. They are the right ones for patients with spinal pain or shoulder pain. They would also suit the side sleepers and stomach sleepers alike.

Memory foam retains the pressure and thus can practically remember it even when you have already got up. It would also offer you dust-resistant properties. They would provide you around eight years of life expectancy.

Spring Mattresses

These mattresses come with springs between the cushions. Thus, they would be bouncy. However, if you have back pain, they may not be the right ones for you. The motion transfer is yet another huge issue you would suffer from the spring mattresses.

These mattresses can provide you a life span of around six years. The springs can get exposed over time and cause injuries.

Latex Mattresses

These mattresses have latex instead of foam. They consist of polyfoam or similar other foam options. They offer you a high degree of temperature regulation.

The natural bounciness is yet another advantage and helps you meet the body contours efficiently. If you have back or shoulder pain issues, latex mattresses are the right options for a comfortable sleep. They would also be the great ones for those who are overweight.

Airbed Mattresses

These mattresses have gone quite popular over the past couple of years. They are inflatable and offer a high degree of portability. Made of PVC, they are incredibly flexible.

But yes, they do not offer any respite if you are suffering from back pain or shoulder pain. However, thy do not absorb body heat and thus can be quite comfortable enough. The lifespan would be a great choice.

These are a few types of mattresses available in India with their own advantages and disadvantages.


How Long do Cold Germs Live on Bedding?

How Long do Cold Germs Live on Bedding?

Your bed can have millions of bugs and mites and germs. The cold germs are the most common issues in bedding. In fact, it is one of the major causes of sickness.

A virus causes the cold, and it should stay on your bed for around 12 hours. If the environment is moist, they may continue to linger a little longer. It can stay longer on non-porous surfaces for approximately 48 hours.

Do not make the bed as soon as you get up. That would trap the moisture, and thus the germs will find it easy enough to propagate and continue to live longer. Leave the bedding undone for a while. Make a habit of washing them at least once a week. Washing it in hot water- at least 60 degrees of temperature would be a much-preferred option.

Passing Thoughts on Best Orthopaedic Mattress in India

That was all about the complete information on the orthopedic mattresses for back pain in particular and the mattresses in general. The additional info herein should further help you gain enough knowledge in picking the right mattress to address your orthopedic requirements.

From a juicer to a washing machine to a mattress hope we have served your purpose. For any suggestions and improvements on the best mattress for back pain write to us in the comments section below.


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