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Like many other home appliances, a ladder is the most required thing in any house. In this modernized world, people wish to create storage even at heights to optimally use the space. In that case, it is not really easy to reach the top shelves. For that very reason, a ladder is required. Not just that, even cleaning a ceiling or a ceiling fan becomes easy with a ladder. Just that the ladder should be safe and comfortable to climb. One should be able to decide which is the best ladder for home use in India.

The Ultimate Guide: Factors to Consider for Buying the Best Step Ladder for Home Use

One needs to consider a lot of factors before buying a ladder for home use to ensure its safety. Also, this is one of the home appliances which is generally purchased once in a lifetime. Thus, one shall ensure that the ladder is of good quality. Following are a few factors:


It is really important to ensure that the ladder is made up of high quality materials. Generally, people purchase ladder once in a lifetime. Thus, it is necessary to consider the quality of material before purchasing the ladder.

The ladders are available in different materials – aluminium, plastic, wood, etc. One needs to check which is best for home use.


Height of the ladder is something that you decide on the basis of the height of your house. You need to know which height is best suited for your use.

The ladders are generally available in the different heights of 4 feets, 7 feets or 10 feets. One needs make an appropriate choice.


The ladder should be portable and easily movable to be taken in any part of the house. One shall be able to lift the ladder such as to avoid muscle strain. For that, one needs to consider the weight of the ladder.

Not always, the heavy ladder means its better in quality. There are many ladders available in light weight without compromising on quality and safety.


The ladder shall stand sturdily. It shouldn’t move to avoid falling for the safety reasons. Thus, one needs to ensure that the ladder has a good grip when placed on the floor.

Stability is one of the really important factors to be considered for safety reasons. Make sure this is well considered before buying the ladder.

Step Size

The steps of the ladder shall be wide to provide an enhanced stability. The wider steps ensure the safety of the person climbing it. The person can easily climb the steps with weight in hand.

The narrower steps on the other hand may be a little unsafe and may imbalance the ladder making it unsafe.

Anti-skid steps
One definitely needs to consider this factor. The steps shall have an anti-skid design. This ensures that the person does not slip from the ladder and gives a grip to the person’s foot. No wonder, nowadays all the ladders are coming with this feature.

These were a few factors to be considered to buy the best ladder for your home. You can watch the following video to know a few of the best ladders in India, which is followed by a detailed description of the products:

List of Best Ladders for Home Use in India

Here is the list of best step ladders for home use in India at the best prices.

Plutomax- Best Priced Step Ladder

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Paffy Ladder- Best Extension Ladder for Home Use

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Recommended Reading - OSHA guidelines for Ladder Use

OSHA guidelines for Ladder Use

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a government agency which provides various guidelines for all the household appliances, its safety and usage. It has provided guidelines for the use of staircase or ladders. Following are a few guidelines one shall follow:

  1. The minimum clear distance between side rails for all portable ladders shall be 11 and ½ inch.
  2. The rungs of the ladders shall be shaped such that employees’ feet cannot slide off end of the rungs.
  3. The steps shall be corrugated, knurled, dimpled, coated with skid-resistant material or treated to minimize slipping.
  4. Ladder shall not be tied or fastened to provide longer height unless they are specifically designed for such use.
  5. A metal spreader or locking device shall be provided on each stepladder to hold the front and back sections in an open position when ladder is being used.
  6. The components of the ladder shall be surfaced so as to prevent injury to an employee from punctures or lacerations and to prevent snagging of clothing.
  7. Fixed ladders without cages shall have clear width to the nearest permanent object of at least 15 inches on each side of centerline of the ladder.
  8. Ladder shall be maintained free of oil, grease and other slipping hazards.
  9. Ladders shall not be loaded beyond the maximum weight holding capacity.
  10. It shall be used only for the purpose for which it is designed.
  11. Non-self supporting ladders shall be used at an angle such that horizontal distance from the top support to the foot of the ladder is approx one quarter of working length of the ladder.
  12. Ladders shall be used only on stable and level surfaces unless secured to prevent accidental displacement.
  13. Ladders shall not be used in slippery surface unless provided with slip resistant feet to prevent accidental displacement.
  14. The area around top and bottom of the ladder shall be kept clear.
  15. Ladder shall not be moved, shifted or extended when in use.
  16. The top cap or top step shall not be used as a step.
  17. Ladder shall be inspected by competent person for visible defects on periodic basis or occurrence of any mishap that could affect its safe use.
  18. The damaged ladder shall not be used without required repairs.
  19. Ladder repairs shall restore the ladder to its original design criteria, before using it.
  20. Single rail- ladders shall not be used.
  21. When ascending and descending a ladder, the user shall face the ladder.
  22. Each employee shall use at least one hand to grasp the ladder when progressing up/down the ladder.
  23. The employee shall not carry any object or load that could cause the employee to lose balance and fall.

The above guidelines ensure the safety and security of the person is well considered when using the ladder. If followed, it can be safety step ladder for seniors too.

Parasnath- Best Step Ladder for Home Use

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Bathla Boost- Safety Step Ladder for Seniors

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Egab – Best Extension Ladder for Home Use

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Champion Ladder- Best Aluminium Extension Ladder

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Recommended Reading - How to extend extension ladder?

How to extend extension ladder?

The extension ladders have two parts. One is “main” and other is “fly” which is used to extend the height of the ladder. Some ladders come with two fly sections so that ladder’s height can be tripled. The fly section is extended using a rope and a pulley section. When you pull the rope, the fly section is extended and when you leave the rope it falls slightly until the rung catches on the rung locks. Extending the ladder is a very simple process if you use the following steps:

  1. Hold the ladder with both hands such that the base and fly section of ladder are vertical.
  2. With one hand grab the rope hanging in the center of the ladder which is usually behind the rungs.
  3. Start pulling the rope and check what height of the ladder do you need to reach the required height. During this process, hold on the base section firmly when the fly section continues to extend.
  4. When the fly section reaches slightly higher than the required height, let go of the rope. The fly section shall drop down slightly until the rung lock catches the rung and secures the fly section into the place.

Please Note: The fly section shall not be so high that four or less rungs overlap with the base section. This can be dangerous and may lead to person falling when climbing the steps.

Recommended Reading - Parts of a Ladder

Parts of a Ladder

A ladder consists of various parts like top cap, rear (side rails), steps, spreaders and shoes or feet. We shall try to understand the role of each part of the ladder and its special features, if any.

Following is the description of each part of a ladder:

Top cap: The top cap is a non climbing part. It is basically a support or the connector between two sides of the ladder. Nowadays, the ladders are designed in such a way that the top cap acts like a tray which can be used to place the tools.

Rear (Side Rails): This is other leg of the ladder which makes it possible for that ladder to stand upright without having to lean against any other support.

Steps: The steps of the ladder enable climbing. These steps shall be non-slip for the safety. Also, some ladders come with wide steps to give wider space for on to stand on each step.

Spreaders: The spreaders keeps the rails from splitting apart but they also lock into position which keeps rails extended without collapsing inward.

Shoes/Feet: The shoes or foot of the ladder plays a major role. It provides a grip to the ladder. It shall be anti-skid to ensure that the ladder remains stable when one climbs on it.

Conclusion on Best Ladder for Home Use

The home appliances like table fans, ladder are a must for any household or office. This article is an ultimate guide for buying the best ladder for home use in India. Also, above are the few available best price for step ladders. One shall determine his needs and select the appropriate one.

This post shall also provide you with quite a lot of answers related to ladders like what are the parts of the ladder, guidelines prescribed by OSHA to use ladders and how to extend the extension ladder. Hope this content helps you to decide the best ladder for home use in India. In case of any suggestions, please feel free to write to us below.


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