Best High Speed Table Fans in India Below 500 | 1000 | 1500

You have a room in your house which has no proper ventilation but it is rarely used? But, when you are using the room you need some air, right? The best option in such a situation is a table fan. However, one might definitely want to know the best table fans in India. Yes, you are in the right place.

There are different types of fan – pedestal fans, ceiling fans, etc. However, table fans are highly portable, compact and easy to use. These little gadgets are of great help when there is a lack of ventilation. They provide enough air to cool a room for you to get a peaceful sleep. No wonder, the cooling might not be as that of an air conditioner. However, you need to consider many other factors before buying a table fan.

Factors to Consider to Buy a Table Fan

Have you ever thought of fans that cool like air conditioners and what are the factors to be considered while buying the best high-speed table fan?  We have an ultimate fan buying guide. Also, for your knowledge below are the few more considerations that you should know.

The size of a table fan is also measured in sweep. Sweep is generally expressed in unit “mm”. Table fans generally come in 200mm, 300mm, and 400mm. Ideally, one needs to consider the space of the room to determine which size shall suit so as to provide a uniform flow of air in the room.
Air Delivery

Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) represents the rotation per minute the motor makes. The RPM ideally determines better airflow. Higher the RPM, the more is the airflow. The better the airflow, it makes the ventilation better.

The air delivery is measured in CMM (Cubic Meters Per Minute). It is basically the area up to which the air reaches in the room. This helps in determining what size of fan shall be suitable for the given area of a room.    


The table fans are available in either plastic material, iron or any other material. However, plastic material shall be the best choice.

Plastic fans are easy to clean. They look elegant and are light in weight. This makes the plastic fans highly durable and a useful option.


Indeed, fans cool down the room and give peaceful sleep. But, what if the fan makes noise and creates a disturbance.

One needs to make sure that the fan is noiseless. Many may prefer a soft soothing sound the fan generates. A soft sound shall add to a peaceful sleep.


Table fans can be kept in such a way that air flows in one direction. Also, it can be kept in oscillation mode so as to circulate the air in all directions uniformly.

One needs to check how much does a fan rotate or oscillate to ensure the uniform flow of air throughout the room.


Table fans are not only operated manually, but there are options of remote-operated fans. A few of them do not have speed controllers and are simply high speed generating fans providing consistent air continuously.

The table fans also come with a timer option, wherein there is a facility to switch it on or put it off automatically after a particular time. For instance, 2 hours’ timer. Also, there are chargeable fans which are of great help in case of a power cut.

Removable Grill

Majority of the table fans come with an option of the removable grill. The removable grill ensures ease of cleaning and maintaining the fan.

Also, there are many fans without a removable grill. These fans are slightly difficult to clean. Not every good product would have all the features in it, isn’t it?

List of Best High-Speed Table Fans in India

Usha Maxx Air- Best Table Fan Below 2000

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Luminous Buddy– Best Table Fan Below 1500

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V-Guard Personal Fan- Another Table Fan Below 2000

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Enamic UK Laurels – Table Fan Below 1000

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Orient Electric Auctor- Best Fan for Cooling an Apartment

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SKYFUN (LABEL)- Best Table Fan Below 500

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Which fan is best for Summer in India?

Among the above best fans for cooling an apartment, the best table fan that suits excruciating hot summer of India is the one with the highest RPM and consumes the lowest power.

Luminous Buddy with RPM of 2800 gives a real high air delivery which cools the room well and keeps it well-ventilated. It is no less than fans that cool like air conditioners.

Conclusion on Best Table Fans in India

We feel table fan like many other home appliances is a necessity for every house. One simply needs to consider the tips for buying any home appliance online. We have tried our best to give you the list best high-speed table fan in India covering every possible feature. Now it’s your choice as per your home requirements.

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