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India is the land of dishes. We Indians have lots of recipes to cook. To cook the various Indian dishes that have been with us for ages, we also need the necessary cookware for the same. From pressure cookers to brass pans to  biryani handi there is a wide variety of cookware at every Indian’s home. However, hard-anodized cookware can, too, be a great option.

Cookware is an age-old utility that is ever made by man. Right from the time when we learned how to cook food, we noticed the importance of cookware. Starting with those made up of earth and wood, we used many metals for making this cookware. For centuries together, we used iron and other metals in cookware making. However, all these have one or the other cons. Earthen cookware is fragile, and iron is prone to rust. This led us to look for such a method that provides us with proper cookware. Hard-Anodized cookware is one of them.

Hard-anodized cookware is nothing but those that are made up of strengthened anodized aluminium. How is aluminium hardened? The soft aluminium is hardened electrochemically by putting it through the process of electrolysis. As a result of this, aluminium becomes twice as hard as that of stainless steel. The added advantage is that the oxidation makes it non-stick and remains non-reactive with the food being cooked. This is the reason Hard-Anodized cookware demands less or no oil at all while cooking.

Well, let us now see a few factors to be considered before buying the best hard anodized cookware in India.

Choose The Right Hard-Anodized Cookware In India— The Buying Guide

While choosing the right Hard-Anodized cookware, you must ponder some crucial factors to stay focused on the one you need. Let us look into each aspect in detail.

Durability is something you should look for before you can buy Hard-Anodized cookware. These cookwares come in a range of thickness, which may imply probable durability. In general, Hard-Anodized cookware is durable, which adds to its USP. Its features like non-stickiness, high heat resistance, etc., make it durable. However, the change in the thickness may imply the quality and thus the durability.
Multi-Purpose Utility
A single cookware can be used for multiple purposes. This way, it avoids the need to buy two separate cookware. You should check out such cookware, which would serve in more than one way. For instance: You may find a handi or a stewpot that comes in cook–and–serve models. This means these can be used for both cooking and serving on the table
Size of the Cookware
The size of the cookware is something that you should never forget while buying Hard-Anodized cookware. Not all families are of the same size. Not every dish can be cooked in the same sized cookware. Thus, you must take time and decide what the perfect size that you should go for is. This way you would get satisfied with your purchase, on the other hand, you may also save on some money. The cookware should neither be too small, nor be too large. Mostly, it should depend upon your needs.
Style of Cooking

Style of cooking changes from hand to hand. Everyone has their own needs for cookware based on their cooking styles. Hard-Anodized cookware is the best suit for those who deal with acidic or alkaline foods most of the time.

A brand is something that is a personal choice of every individual. Products from established and popular brands create a sense of security in them. Therefore one can get a brand of their choosing. However, it is essential to note that not all brands offer the best ones. It sometimes becomes our decision of which we would go for. Don’t worry; we will be looking into the best products irrespective of the brand.
Your Budget

Like any other commodity, cookwares come in different price ranges. You must never hesitate to select one that fits your budget. Always remember, affordable never always means bad quality. If maintained well, they stay for a longer duration. If you want more than one such cookware, you may consider going for a combo that may come at a lower cost compared to individual purchases. Thus going for affordable brands is not always a wrong decision.

Additional Features
Some cookwares get equipped with additional features. Some may get a unique lid; some may get adjustable handles, while some others may get you another cookware or utility as an offer. These additional features sometimes make them an attractive buy. However, while you consider such products, you must take care of other factors to come to a perfect conclusion.

These were a few considerations to buy hard-anodized cookware. Now to ease your cooking needs we have selected a few best hard anodized tawa, cooker, handi, kadai, etc.

5 Best Hard-Anodized Cookware in India

Having checked the various buying factors and the features you should look out for while buying good hard-anodized cookware in India, here are some of the top choices that you can pick out from –

Product Brand Utility Size Additional Features
Futura Hard-Anodized Handi Saucepan Hawkins Handi, Saucepan 3 litres
  • Multiple Handle Options
  • 5 Years Warranty
Hard-Anodized cookware Induction Base Paratha Tawa Prestige Chapati Tawa, Dosa Tawa 26 cms (Diameter)
  • Perma cool Handles
  • 2 Years Warranty
Hard-Anodized Deep Kadai Sumeet Deep fry, Shallow Fry 1.5 litres
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Lightweight
Hard-Anodized Urli pot Ringer shaped Coconut Deep fry, Shallow fry, Handi, Saucepan 1 litre
  • Multipurpose cookware
  • Lightweight
  • Value for Money
Hard-Anodized Nonstick 12- Piece Cookware Set Amazon Basics NA NA
  • Has all the required cookware
  • Value for money

Hawkins Hard Anodized Saucepan

Hawkins Futura – Best Hard-Anodised Handi Saucepan

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Prestige Hard Anodized Tawa

Prestige – Best Hard-Anodized Induction Base Paratha Tawa

Buy from Amazon

Sumeet Hard Anodized Kadai

Sumeet – Best Hard-Anodized Deep Kadai

Buy from Amazon

Coconut Hard Anodized Kadai

Coconut Hard-Anodized Urli pot— Ringer Shaped

Buy from Amazon

Amazon Basics Hard Anodized Cookware Set

AmazonBasics 12 Piece – Best Hard-Anodized Cookware Set

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These were a few best hard anodized cookwares available in India serving different cooking needs in your kitchen. Now let us know few facts on hard anodized vessels.

How Long Does Hard-anodized Cookware Last?

From one of the previous sections, we already learned that Hard-Anodized cookware is twice as hard as that of stainless steel. Thus for an idea, we can easily make out that the durability can also account for about twice that of stainless steel.

Hard-Anodized cookware is scratch-proof, high heat resistant, and needs less oil. Thus they are durable. However, the exact answer lies in the process of their maintenance. Taking ample care while using them would make them last longer. Some people use them for a lifetime by taking care and using them gently as per standards.

Cookwares are fundamental requirements for a family. You may have many options for cookware in the market today. You may get options like stainless steel, non-stick cookware, earthen cookware, and granite cookware, along with Hard-Anodized cookware. Many factors may lead to your decision. However, selecting Hard-Anodized cookware is always a great idea. Unique features like durability, compatibility, and heat resistance make up its unique selling point.

The above-mentioned Hard-Anodized cookware are our suggestions keeping in mind all the factors that act as a guide to buy. Thus, you must be wise enough to pick up the right cookware for you.


Advantages of Hard Anodized Cookware

Here are some significant advantages of Hard-Anodized cookware:

  • They are Durable: Hard-Anodized cookware is hard and is thus durable. The layer of oxide formed during the process of oxidation makes it more robust and rugged. This is the reason it has a lesser probability of damage.
  • They are Heat Conductive: The Hard-Anodized cookware is high heat conductive. It has the ability for fast and even heating, making it unique among other options available in the market. It takes less time to heat and thus faster cooking.
  • They are Scratch Resistant: It is scratch-resistant. We often encounter constant wear and tear of the spatulas and spoons of the cookware. When you use Hard-Anodized cookware, there is no need to worry about scratches occurring. They are believed to retain the smoothness of the surface with time.
  • They are stacking compatible: The way of placing the cookware is different in different homes. Hard-Anodized cookware comes in handy to be placed almost anywhere. Since they are scratch-proof, there is no restriction for them to be stacked at any corner of the kitchen
  • No leaching problem: Many people believe that metals like aluminium leach into the food gradually while cooking. This is not healthy in long-term consideration. However, you need not worry about this problem in Hard-Anodized cookware. These come with a hard oxidized layer on them, making it impossible to leach into food.
  • They redefine versatility: There are no restrictions to cook in Hard-Anodized cookware. Hard-Anodized Cookware can quickly cook even delicate items like fish and eggs with minimum oil. Moreover, their surface is such that they can be easily cleaned and thus low on maintenance.
  • They add to healthier cooking: Hard-Anodized cookware needs less or no oil, doesn’t leach metal and thus leads to healthier cooking.

Drawbacks of Hard-Anodized Cookware

Like everything else in the world, hard-anodized cookware too has its own share of drawbacks. Some of which are –

  • Exterior stains: A common complaint about Hard-Anodized cookware is that they are prone to permanent exterior stains. These are caused when the ingredients spill to the sides over time. This doesn’t add to the problem in cooking. However, degradation in appearance is not preferable.
  • They are heavy: No matter what Hard-Anodized cookware you choose, they would be heavier than the same cookware made with other materials. Due to electrolysis, the aluminium gets thicker and thus bulkier than regular cookware. However, if you have no problem with this, you can continue their use.
  • They are expensive: Hard-Anodized cookware is not only bulkier but is also expensive compared to other alternatives. Depending upon the brands and the utility offered, these may cost many folds more than its alternatives.
  • Generally not Dishwasher safe: The durability mainly depends on factors like quality and maintenance. Thus, putting this cookware in the dishwasher would degrade their life. As time passes, the external layer may get prone to wearing down
  • Appearance:  Hard-Anodized cookwares are generally constrained in colours. They are available in black and charcoal grey colours only. Whereas we can get several options in the alternatives. This generally should not be a problem, but it is for people who are looking for fancy cookware to complement their kitchen aesthetics.

How Is Hard-Anodized Cookware Different From Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel has become popular after people began to avoid aluminium cookware due to leach issues. However, some factors make stainless steel differentiable with Hard-Anodized material. They are –

  • Stainless steel cookware is lightweight and easy to carry; however, Hard-anodized cookware is heavy.
  • Stainless steel is not a good conductor of heat. Thus it needs to fuse with aluminium or copper to develop its conduction. This is the reason why stainless steel is subject to uneven heating and cooking. However, this is not the case with Hard-Anodized cookware. These are good conductors of heat and facilitate even cooking of food.
  • Stainless steel shines all the time. This is the reason stainless steel cookwares look great all the time. On the other hand, Hard-anodized cookwares are dark and not attractive, especially when compared to stainless steel.
  • Both stainless steel and Hard-Anodized cookware are non-sticky; however, stainless steel cookwares need some oil to cook. This is not the case with Hard-Anodized cookware.

What Is The Difference Between Anodized And Hard-Anodized?

The process behind the making of anodized and Hard-Anodized is probably the same. However, their physical traits are something that differentiates them. Anodized cookware is thinner compared to Hard-anodized cookware. Thus, the durability of Hard-Anodized cookware is more excellent. Moreover, the surface of the anodized cookware is smoother, and the surface of the Hard-Anodized cookware is rugged.

Does Hard-anodized Cookware Have Teflon Coating On Them?

Teflon is a specified coating given on cookware to make them non-sticky. These coatings are used on cookware made of iron and other materials. But these coatings are not needed in Hard-Anodized cookware. Thanks to the default non-sticky feature of Hard-Anodized cookware that requires no special coating for the same. Thus you can use these cookwares without worrying about the ill-effects of Teflon.

Our Verdict on Hard Anodized Cookwares in India

Hard-Anodized cookware is a great option. Especially because it gives the user a lot of benefits regarding durability, sustainability, and size. There are a lot of similar cookware options to choose from. We hope that this buying guide for the 5 best Hard-Anodized cookware in India helped you.

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