Best Hair Dryers in India with Cool Air for Men and Women

Nowadays, it is not just the best home appliances that you need but for personality development, there are many beauty products you might regularly need. Whether for men or women, a hairdryer would be essential equipment to take care of the needs in styling their hair. You would be able to dry your hair effectively as soon as you move out of the shower. Apart from helping you dry your hair efficiently, they can also double up as an excellent option to style your hair as well.

Choosing the right affordable hair dryer may not be easy and simple, especially with a host of features that they come with. Let us be of some assistance to you in choosing the best hair dryer for men and women for their daily needs.

Factors to Consider for Best Hair Dryers in India

Preparing a checklist of the factors that you would want to experience in your hair dryer would ideally make choosing the best hair dryer with a diffuser or not a very simple and easy task. In our attempt to offer you the best hair dryer for thick and thin hair in India, we present the factors you should pay attention to when choosing a good hair dryer.

Power Consumption

Represented in Watts, the power capacity of the hair dryer is the most important factor you need to check out before buying a new hair dryer. A higher wattage will dry your hair faster.

Ideally speaking, if you are looking for a hair dryer for home usage, it would be a great choice to opt for the best affordable hair dryer with 1000 to 1350 W capacity.

Type of Hair Dryer

There are multiple hair dryer types you can check out. The Ionic hair dryers emit negative ions and thus break down the water droplets, thereby drying your hair effectively. It also neutralizes the positive ions in the hair.

There are several other types like tourmaline hair dryers, ceramic hair dryers and ceramic hair dryers. We shall check the detailed description of types of hair dryers in the later part of post. The type of hair dryer you choose would be dependent upon the type of hair.

Weight & Size

This should also matter a lot when choosing a hair dryer. The product you opt for should be handled without hiccups or strain on your hand. Comfortable handling and easy maneuvering can be a few features you would attempt to focus on.

If you are checking out the hand held dryers, it would be a perfect option to opt for a lightweight hair dryer whether with diffuser or not as per your needs. This can also add more portability to the dryer.

Heat Control Setting

A very high temperature can damage your hair or even may burn it. Availability of heat and speed control settings would be one off the positive aspects you would want to have a look at it.

Hair dryers normally come with three or two heat settings. The speed settings can also be helpful in styling your hair properly.

Cool Shot Option
The availability of a cool shot option can be yet another added advantage. This can be helpful in providing cool air once you have dried your hair. This can improve the shine and help you lock your styling. This can be a great addition on your hair dryer if you are looking for a long-lasting effect on the hair.
Power Cord

The length of the power cord would be yet another added advantage. A longer power cord will ensure that you have access to better control on handling the hair dryer.

A retractable cord should be a great option in this scenario. It will provide you higher flexibility in adjusting the length of the power cord.

Extra Features

While the basic hair dryers come with the basic features of drying your hair, a few additional features would be helpful in better control over your hair styling. A few additions would include a diffuser and a concentrator.

A diffuser would be a great option as it would be helpful in distributing the heat evenly. A hair dryer with a diffuser can be an excellent hair care option. It also assists in preserving the natural texture.

A concentrator works exactly different from a diffuser. It will help you direct the air at a specific place. If you have longer hair, a concentrator can be a great option.

The above factors help you decide the best hair dryers in India. However, of the multiple options available we have shortlisted a few of them. Let us look at them now.

5 Best Hair Dryers for Thick | Curly | Thin Hairs in India

Having checked out the features you should look ahead to in your choice of the best hair dryer for thick/ thin or curly hairs, here are a few great hair dryer options you would want to buy in India. We have made it a point to include the hair dryers that would meet a wide range of requirements.

Best Hair Dryer for Thick Hair with Diffuser

Wahl – Best Hair Dryer for Thick Hair with Diffuser

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Best Hair Dryer for Men

CHAOBA – Best Hair Dryer for Men

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Best Hair Dryer for Curly Hair

Vega Pro Touch – Best Hair Dryer for Curly Hair

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Best Hair Dryer for Thin Hair in India

Braun Satin – Best Hair Dryer for Thin Hair in India

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Best Hair Dryer for Women

GeorgiaUSA – Best Hair Dryer for Women

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Now that we have got to know some of the best hair dryers in India, now let’s check some more details related to hair dryer like types of hair dryer, difference between hair dryer and blower etc…

Types of Hair Dryers

The type of hair dryer you choose should be dependent upon the exact hair type you want to use it on. Check out the right type of hair dryers depending upon the right type of hair.

#1 Ionic Hair Dryers

Ionic hair dryers would use the negatively charged ions and break the water particles. This will considerably reduce the drying time. You can even use a lower heat for drying your hair using an ionic hair dryer. You would also be able to preserve the curls and other shapes.

They tend to be a little expensive than the ceramic hair dryers. The ionic hair dryers can be a good option if you are looking to dry thick and frizzy hair.

#2 Ceramic Hair Dryers

As the name itself should indicate, the ceramic hair dryers have a ceramic coating inside. The heat is distributed evenly with this type of hair dryers. They can sense the room temperate=ure and sense the heat accordingly. They would also help you increase the hair drying time.

They are the most expensive options when you compare them to the traditional hair dryers. But they can be cheaper than the ionic hair dryers.

#3 Tourmaline Hair Dryer

The Tourmaline Hair Dryer uses Tourmaline and Titanium for the outer coating. This will considerably improve the efficiency of the hair dryer. They can be extremely expensive but would offer you a good demand, thanks to the excellent performance that they offer you.

They are an excellent option for thick and Frizzy hair. It can maintain a steady and even temperature.

The following guide should help you choose the hair dryer based on the exact hair type you possess.

Hair Type The Right Hair Dryer
Thick and Frizzy hair The Ionic dryer should be the best, while Tourmaline Hair Dryer can be the equally efficient
Thin hair Ceramic Hair dryer
Curly hair Any dryer with a  diffuser
Dull hair Shine enhancing hair dryer or ionic hair dryer
Fine hair Any dryer with the adjustable heat setting

Hair Dryer vs Hair blower – How do they Differ?

Technically speaking, a hair dryer and hair blower are almost similar in performance. However, the major difference between the two is the hair blower does not necessarily need to be electrically operated.

In fact, the hair blower or blow drier is a word specifically used in the US. When it comes to the US and other regions in the vicinity, the hair dryers and blow dryers are completely equivalent to the only difference in terms of the nomenclature.

The subtle differences between a hair dryer and hair blower can be as per the following description:

Particulars Hair blower Hair Dryer
Definition Apart from hair, it can be used for blowing any part of the body apart from hair It can only be used to dry your hair
Functioning It can offer highly pressurized air The temperature offered by the hair dryer is less than that on hair blower

Tourmaline vs Ceramic vs Titanium Hair Dryer

The titanium and ceramic hair dryers have been used for a slightly different hair drying requirements. In fact, ceramic dryers should be the prime choice for the women as it provides a simple and easier option to dry their hair without damaging it.

It can disperse the heat evenly and stabilizes the heat effectively enough. If you are a woman with the weak or damaged hair, the ceramic hair dryer should be one you should prefer. Titanium or Tourmaline and can be an excellent option as it can help you achieve a steady temperature. It comes with a Tourmaline or Titanium coating inside the hair dryer. In fact, the use of Titanium can be a good option if you are looking for lightweight functionality.

The only difference between the Tourmaline and Titanium hair dryer lies in the fact that the latter offers lightweight construction. Ultimately it is the type of your hair that would decide which type of dryer among them would you want to prefer.

Hair dryer vs Heat Gun

Once again, heat gun and hair dryers are almost similar. They come with almost the same features and functions, but they tend to be applicable for different tasks.

The hair dyers are used for drying your hair but do not use any sort of high temperature. However, the heat guns blow considerably hot air. Heat guns would not be the right choice for use with the task of shrinking an object or removing the paint.

The major difference between the two options is the highest level of temperature that they can reach. A heat gun can reach the temperatures up to 1000 or 1300 degree Fahrenheit. On the other hand, a hair dryer can reach a temperature level of up to 140 degree F.

Of course, there are some applications where a hair dryer can replace a heat gun. This can include removing labels and stickers, moulding the plastic glasses frame, removing candles wax, and removing crayon marks.

How do Hair Dryer works?

The hair dryer was actually invented in the 19th century. The handheld devices came into being in the 1920s. A hair dryer is made of the heating element and a fan for blowing the air. It also has a resistor to resist the electricity and converts it into the heat energy.

The hot air would be blown through the air vents. The hot air is blown on the hair or scalp. This results in the evaporation of the water particles. This will effectively dry up your hair.

Some FAQs on Hair Dryers

Having gone through the best options for the hair dryers and other additional information on the genre in a slighter detail, let us attempt addressing a few questions you may have with respect to the hair dryers.

Q: Will using a hair dryer damage your hair?

A – No. If you use your hair dryer at the right distance and the right temperature. If you are not careful enough with the proper setting, you may end up damaging your hair.

Q: Does a hair dryer cause any radiation?

A – Yes, Hair dryers can emit a slight amount of radiation. It may be a risky affair to hold it too close to your head.

Q: Is it recommended to use the hair dryer on a daily basis?
A- It may not be the right option to use a hair dryer on a daily basis. Using it daily can cause cuticle damages and even cause the hair breakage. If you have to use the hair dryer daily, you can use it along with the hair serum.
Q: Can Hair dryer cause hair fall?
A – Yes. The hair dryer should be used with the utmost care, and the high temperature may be a major issue and can cause a major difficulty.

Concluding Thoughts on Best Hair Dryers for Thick/ Thin and Curly Hairs in India

The hair dryers can be an excellent option and can be much helpful enough in arriving at the best possible care of your hair. We assume the best and top picks of our choice would be helpful enough for your hair care regime. In addition, the extra information offered by you can be assisting enough for arriving at the perfect solution for your needs.

Just ensure that you have opted for the right hair dryer depending upon the exact needs you may have. Make sure you choose the best hair dryer that exactly meets your hair types and the right kind of needs you may have with respect to your hair care regime.

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