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Which is the one breakfast that is healthy and you can have it on the go? Yes, we are talking about sandwiches. They are filling, healthy, and can be made with whatever ingredients you have at home. Just like an electric sandwich maker, a gas sandwich maker is also extremely popular in India.

Just like all vital kitchen equipment, a gas sandwich maker is also significant, especially for people who are always in a rush.  People in India, for ages, have been using their chapati tawa to make these delicious sandwiches. But, a gas sandwich maker makes life much easy. These are the sandwich makers that can use the gas flame and heating for cooking.

Just take your slices of bread, fill it with whatever topping you have, top it off with some sandwich spread or mayonnaise, and just crisp it up on your gas sandwich maker.

Here is a list of the best gas sandwich makers in India and their buying factors, which will help you choose the best.

Discover the Best Gas Sandwich Maker in India – The Complete Buying Guide

When we talk about the best gas sandwich makers, there are a lot of brands and a ton of products available. But, which one should you go for? There are a few factors that everyone must consider before buying a new gas sandwich maker, which will help you to choose better and get a smarter and more worthy sandwich maker at home.

User Friendly

It is extremely important for your equipment and appliances to be user-friendly. Being too much complicated would only increase and double-up your work.

A gas sandwich maker at home should be the one that is super easy to operate and can be used by people of all ages at home.

Non-Stick Coat
We all love our sandwiches nice and crispy. But, many a time, our sandwiches stick to the plate of the sandwich maker which ruins the meal for us.

This not only spoils the sandwich, but also the meal and needless to mention, double the work of cleaning the sandwich maker for us.

Sandwich makers are something that are used frequently, but not always. Hence, it should be of a decent size which can be stored in the kitchen cupboards easily.
Number of Sandwiches made At a Time

This is one of the most important factors one should consider before buying a gas sandwich maker. According to us, a decent sandwich maker should be able to make at least 2 pairs of sandwiches at a time. Hence, do not forget to check how many sandwiches can you make at a time in your new sandwich maker.

Easy to Clean
A sandwich maker needs regular wiping and cleaning like all other kitchen appliances. Hence, choosing one that can be cleaned easily is a must.
The gas sandwich makers are generally lower priced than the electric ones. But again, be sure that the sandwich maker that you are getting home is fairly priced and is worthy if you are paying a good amount. Hence, pricing becomes a super important factor.
In our view, all kitchen appliances should have some guarantee or warranty against them. Hence, check what kind of warranty the brand is providing becomes an important criteria before indulging in spending on a gas sandwich maker.

You may find the best product for yourself if you consider the above factors before buying. However, we have shortlisted the best gas sandwich makers or toaster in India for you.

5 Best Gas Sandwich Makers in India

Now that we have established and understood the points that we must consider before buying a Gas Sandwich Maker, let us now look at some great options of the best gas sandwich makers in India to get home to enjoy a sumptuous meal of your favorite sandwich.

Product Number of Slices Non-Stick Material Warranty
Warmeo Grill and Toast Sandwich Maker 1 pair Yes Stainless steel NA
Tosaa T2STSR Sandwich Gas Toaster 1 pair Yes Aluminium 6 months
Nirlep Nonstick Gas Sandwich Maker 1 pair Yes Aluminium NA
Cello Prima Sandwich Toaster with Spatter 1 pair Yes Aluminium 1 Year
Anjali Non-Stick Sandwich Toaster 1 pair Yes Non-Stick NA

Warmeo - Best Stainless Steel Gas Toaster

Warmeo – Best Stainless Steel Gas Toaster

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Tosaa - Best Non-Stick Gas Sandwich Toaster

Tosaa – Best Non-Stick Gas Sandwich Toaster

Buy from Amazon

Nirlep Sandwich Maker - Best Big Size Gas Toaster

Nirlep Sandwich Maker – Best Big Size Gas Toaster

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Cello Prima - Best Gas Sandwich Griller with Spatter

Cello Prima – Best Gas Sandwich Griller with Spatter

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Anjali - Best Non-Stick Gas Sandwich Toaster

Anjali – Best Non-Stick Gas Sandwich Toaster

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How to Use a Gas Sandwich Toaster?

Using a gas sandwich toaster is pretty easy. The best part about it is that it does not even need electricity to function. You can use it on a gas stove, on a Barbeque, fireplace and much more. To make sandwiches using this gas sandwich toaster, all you need to do is:

  • Fill in your favourite stuffing into the sandwich.
  • Grease the sandwich maker using very less oil/butter.
  • Place the sandwich in the toaster.
  • Remember to put the sandwich maker only on medium flame and for crisp you may keep it on slow flame.
  • Cook the sandwich on both the sides.
  • After a minute or two, once the sandwich turns golden brown turn off the gas and let the sandwich cook in the heat.  

And there you go, just like that, your sandwich is now ready!  

Types of Sandwich Makers

Panini Press
You can use a Panini Press to make a variety of sandwiches. It basically works as a griller, but is a great replacement for a toaster too. It has heat plates on both, top and bottom of the press. When closed, it provides heat to the food which cooks it nicely. A panini Press can be used to make pancakes, burger patties, kebabs, chicken snacks and much more.
Four-Triangle Sandwich Maker

This electric sandwich maker is found in almost all Indian household. The 4 square plates cuts the sandwiches into four triangles. The best part of this machine is that it cooks up to 2 pairs of sandwiches at one time. The total process of cooking sandwiches on this type of sandwich maker takes just 5-7 minutes.

Gas Sandwich Maker

A gas sandwich maker is one of the handiest and most useful kitchen appliances. This one is super convenient as it does not need electricity and can be used over any heating medium. The lightweight and compactness of this appliance allow you to carry it everywhere and anywhere.

Now that we know how to use a gas sandwich maker and its types, let us see a few of its benefits and uses.

Benefits Of Using A Sandwich Maker

We all love some great sandwiches, healthy and nutritious on the inside and crispy yet soft on the outside. However, many of us might also think, ‘why invest in a gas sandwich maker when the same kind can be made on the chapati tawa?’

Well, let’s answer this question by looking at some points below:

Saves Time
With a sandwich maker, you can just fill in your bread with some stuffing, pop it in the sandwich maker, reduce the heat and finish your chores before you enjoy some great sandwiches. This is possible because the sandwich makers trap the heat and cooks the sandwiches finely. This sadly, does not happen with the conventional tawas, as one always needs to be present before the tawa, so that the sandwich does not burn.
Easy to Use
A lot of times, while making sandwich on the tawa, or having it uncooked can spill it and ruin your meal. Cooking your sandwich in a sandwich maker will lock it from all sides, so that you don’t have to worry about the stuffing spilling here and there.
Cooks at the Right Temperature

There is always a fear of burning your sandwiches when cooked manually on a tawa or barbeque. But, with sandwich makers this is no more the case. The gas sandwich maker must be turned off just after a minute, and it cooks your sandwiches more than perfectly in the right heat temperature.

New Recipes
It gives you the room to try out many new recipes which sadly, cannot be done without a sandwich maker. You can try to cook delicious sandwiches, burger, etc. Some people even use these sandwich makers to grill their kebabs, patties and much more, as it leaves the food item crispy and nicely cooked. Hence, the sandwich maker gives you a chance to satisfy that belly of yours by making new recipes.
Suitable for all

From kids to elder members of the family, this kitchen appliance can be used by anyone and everyone to enjoy some great sandwiches.

Electric Sandwich Makers Vs. Gas Sandwich Maker

When it comes to sandwiches, people have different choices of stuffing and sauces. Just like that, some people prefer to use an electric sandwich maker, while some swear by the gas sandwich makers.

Although both the sandwich makers cook the sandwiches perfectly and have almost no difference, except for the fact that an Electric Sandwich Maker uses electricity to work, whereas a Gas Sandwich Maker uses the heat or flame of gas to cook the sandwiches.

Both the sandwich makers have two flat plates, which distribute the heat equally so that you get a finely cooked and crisp sandwich. The open-flame gas sandwich makers can be used in BBQs, Fireplaces, etc., and is a choice of all health freaks as it takes up less oil, and keeps the nutrients intact.

What Else Can You Cook In A Gas Sandwich Maker?

As we said, there is more than just sandwiches that can be cooked in this gas sandwich maker. Foodies can try out new and different recipes in a sandwich maker. Here are a few things you can try out in your gas sandwich maker to make it more useful and get the most out of it.

  • Pizza Pocket: With loads of Mozzarella, salami and sauces, you can make delicious Pizza Pockets in a gas sandwich maker, as it will melt the cheese to the right optimum level and bake your vegetables in the most perfect way.
  • French Toast: Create golden brown French Toasts which are crispy and finely cooked on a gas sandwich maker and enjoy the best French toasts ever.
  • Triangular omelettes and Fried Eggs: Now make omelettes that will be loved by your kids and the guests as this will be a novelty for everyone.
  • Waffles: Investing in a good waffle maker seems unnecessary when you have a great gas sandwich maker. Make crispy waffles that are gooey and soft from the inside and crispy from the outside by just using a gas sandwich maker.


In a nutshell, Gas Sandwich makers are great for all, be it working individuals or kids who just love sandwiches. This appliance gives you the luxury of making the best sandwiches that are easy to make and delicious.

We hope that this buying guide helped you, and now you can choose the best gas sandwich maker for yourself. Happy Shopping!

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