5 Best Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machines In India

Washing machines or the concept behind it is not really of a newer origin. The earliest washing machine was conceptualized and brought into practice – although in a little primitive version – back in the 1700s. Of course, it took a while for the washing machines to get exposure in India.

Of late, we have plenty of manufacturers and brands that offer a wide range of washing machines. Among semi-automatic, top loading fully automatic and front loading fully automatic washing machines, the top-loading automatic washing machines have become quite popular. However, for the sake of this post, we shall limit ourselves to the best top loading fully automatic washing machines in India.

List of Best Top Loading Washing Machines in India

So you know the specific features that you need to look for in your top-loading washing machine. Equipped with that knowledge, let us now check out a few options for the best top loading washing machines you can buy in India.

Bosch – Best Washing Machine under Rs.20000

Bosch – Best Washing Machine under Rs.20000

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Highly affordable, the Bosch washing machine provides a high end  6.5 Kg functionality just under Rs. 15000. A whopping ten year warranty on the motor leaves behind practically all other machines. In fact, one of the most rare options coming from Bosch, which is known for the front loading washing machines, it should be a good choice for a family of 3 to 4 members.

The Power Wave Wash feature ensures a powerful washing. This couples the intelligent WaveDrum movement and dynamic water flow which gives you access to the cleanest wash ever. The 680 RPM spin speed may not be a faster cleaner though. The magic filter included within takes care of lint, threads and other fabric waste.

The dual dispensers are yet another thoughtful addition. You can use different compartments for liquid and powder detergents. The child lock option prevents accidental operation by your kids. The One-touch Start functionality chooses the water level and other elements automatically based n the exact needs of the laundry. 

<strong>Pros and Cons of Bosch Washing Machine</strong>


  • A whopping nine wash programs.
  • Excellent wash and build quality.
  • No noise and vibration.


  • No major cons.

Haier – Best Washing Machine under Rs.15000

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The machine that offers you an excellent 800 RPM spin speed also brings up a few additional options like dual spin tub and self-diagnostic properties. The highly affordable washing machine is made available with a stainless steel drum that assures you a corrosion resistant properties to the core. The 6.5 Kg capacity should ideally be one of the excellent choices you can use for bachelors or a smaller family.

The availability of six wash programs can be one of the exciting features on the machine. The programs include the options for jeans and heavy fabrics, delicate and a quick mode. The quick mode should be the right choice for your needs if you are in a hurry. The Fuzzy Logic is a smart feature that weighs the clothes and arrives at an optimum wash time and water level.

The multi-segment display will assist you in staying in the know about the different stages in the wash cycle. Quadra Flow Pulsator method ensures that the clothes are not tangled. It also ensures that the detergent also reaches almost every corner of the clothes. The two year warranty on the machine and a ten year warranty on motor sum up the best features on offer on the Haier washing machine.

<strong>Pros and Cons of Haier Top-Loading</strong>


  • High end durability with stainless steel drum.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • It comes with multi-purpose tub.


  • Capacity may not be suitable for a larger family.

LG – One of the Best Washing Machine Brands in India

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The washing machine comes with plenty of advanced features and functions. The corrosion-resistant body, along with the self-diagnosis mechanism is a thoughtful feature. A soft-closing door and smart inverter motor are the additional extra features making it a formidable option. It is best suited for smaller to medium families. The self-service options offered by the machine can help you save money on a few self-repair techniques. It has a capacity of 7kgs.

The smart inverter technology takes care of a smoother functioning without any sort of vibration or noise. The turbo drum and pulsator feature move the clothes in opposite directions. This can help eliminate the toughest dirt in the fastest possible manner. The Punch+ 3 function will assist you in creating water streams in three directions.

The auto-restart option is yet another plus point that resumes the machine exactly from the same position that it was stopped by the power cut. The stainless steel drum ensures that the drum is rust proof and durable enough. You can sync it up with the SmartThinQ and analyse a few issues and try resolving them without the assistance from the technicians. The Tub Clean technology sterilizes both inner and outer tub.

<strong>Pros and Cons of LG Inverter</strong>


  • It comes with child lock which makes it safe.
  • Low power consumption.
  • It comes with an assurance that the tub would never smell unpleasant.


  • No major cons found.

Samsung – Best Washing Machine with Dryer in India

Samsung – Best Washing Machine with Dryer in India

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The 6.2 Kgs capacity of the machine should be ideal enough for a medium family of four members. The lid has tempered glass that makes it easy to have a look at what’s happening inside your machine. The drum has a diamond shaped ridges across the drum. This can help you provide a better cushioning effect on the clothes. This can help protect your clothes.

The washing machine boasts of the waterfall technology which combines detergents and water in a better way possible. The machine also features an AirTurbo functionality. This helps you extract more water from the clothes and thus help you reduce the drying time. You also have access to the Eco Tub Clean feature that cleans the tub on its own once it notifies you.

The Center Jet Pulsator feature improves the washing efficiency. This helps lift the cloths from the pulsator and help them stay untangled. The magic filter option available on the washing machine helps you trap the loose threads, lint and other fabric waste. You will also find that it prevents the clogging of drain pipes.

<strong>Pros and Cons of Samsung</strong>


  • A stylish design that goes with almost any décor.
  • High-end durability inside out.
  • The six washing programs.


  • No beep alert for stopped water supply.

Whirlpool– Best 6th Sense Washing Machine in India

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Whirlpool Whitemagic Royal is an advanced Fully Automatic washing machine with “6TH Sense Smart Technology”.  This smart technology senses the laundry weight and recommends detergent according to it. This top-loading washing offers Power Scrub Technology along with several functional features like water sensors, express wash,  smart lint filter and detergent recommendation. With this washing machine, washing clothes an easy job.

The Auto Tub Clean feature cleans the inner walls of the tub automatically by reusing the water used in the wash cycle. Magic Lint Filter, an advanced magic lint filter that automatically collects and cleans the lint from the machine. This automatic feature removes the need of any manual intervention from your side.

The 12-wash program and 740 rpm spin speed are designed to fulfil all your daily requirements. The machine  also offers the operations for washing in hard water, which maintaining the softness and colour of your clothes. The ZPF technology of this washing machine fills the  tub 50% faster even when the pressure is as low as 0.017MPa. With a 5-year warranty on the motor and prime mover, the Whirlpool Whitemagic Royal machine is truly designed to delight!

<strong>Pros and Cons of Whirlpool</strong>


  • 6th Sense Technology Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
  • Powerful wash
  • Super soak technology
  • Inbuilt scrubber


  • Takes too long to wash

These were a few best options of top-loading washing machines under Rs.20000/ Rs.15000 and many other unique features. Now let us see, some cleaning tips and other information relating to top-loading washing machines.

Discover the Best Top Loading Washing Machine in India

Well, as we do it for every home appliance, without going into much beating around the bush, we shall consider a few factors if you want to buy the best top loading washing machines in India.


The capacity of a washing machine refers to the number of clothes it can handle in one go. The choice of the capacity should ideally be dependent upon the size of your family. You should also take into account the among of laundry load generated on an average per day.

Washing machines are made available in capacities ranging from 4kgs to 10kgs. For a family of two people, a capacity of around 4kgs to 5kgs should be more than enough. A family of four people will do better with a washing machine capacity of up to 6kgs to 7kgs.

Ease of Installation

An easy access to the water connection and drainage are the two factors you would want to pay attention to. In fact, comparing these factors with the actual dimensions at your home can be one of the best options you can check out.

Of course, almost every machine comes with an easily accessible option for the purpose. Even then, it would be advisable to check out the options and check if they conform to your exact requirements.

The Material of the Tub or Drum

The material used for the tub or drum on your washing machine can have a lot to do with the durability of your machine. Under standard conditions, a washing machine is made available in three widely used materials – plastic, stainless steel and porcelain.

The steel construction can be quite durable, but it runs the risk of corrosion and scaling in the long run. Plastic construction, on the other hand, is quite safe from corrosion issues. It will also be safe from the effects of hard water. But, the plastic being brittle, it can have serious issues with longer life.

Number of Wash Programs

The number of wash programs on your washing machines improve the performance standard to a better extent. Enough number of wash programs as there are your clothes types would indeed help you get the best results.

A separate program for delicate clothes can be yet another excellent option. Check if there is a program designed for use with water conservation. Such an option will be helpful in saving water and a great option in the areas where is there is a water shortage.

Spin Speed

The spin speed refers to the speed of spinning when drying the clothes. A faster spin speed will ensure that you can dry up your clothes faster enough.

For the regular household requirements, you would find that a spin speed of 800 to 1000 RPM would be more than sufficient. Do note that a faster spin speed may be desirable, but it will tend to increase the power consumption as well.

Extra features

The additional features offered by the washing machine will have a lot of bearing on the high-end usability of the washing machine. A few features can include the bubble wash and adjustment of speed.

The bubble wash functionality creates additional bubbles and thus can help clean up the stubborn dirt. The adjustable speed will be helpful in taking care of different types of clothes.

These are a few features to be considered while buying the best top load washing machines in India.

How to Clean Top Load Washing Machine?

Of course, a washing machine will clean itself whenever it cleans your clothes. That would make you believe that you do not need to clean your washing machine. That isn’t exactly what you are expected to do. Your washing machine deserves its own bit of cleaning as well. Here are few tips on how to clean top load washing machine:

Use Special Sanitisation Options

The automatic washing machines come with a sanitization cycle. Commonly referred to as the Tub Clean and Clean Cycle, this cycle will help you clean the washing machine completely.

If your washer has a heater component, the sanitization cycle does not really need any extra components or chemicals for self-cleaning. If you have no on-board heater, you will need to use a standalone sanitizer. Bleach and vinegar are the most commonly used options for effective cleaning.

What if your Machine has a Sanitisation Cycle?

It is fairly uncommon these days that your machine does not come with a self-clean cycle. In a rare case where your machine does not have a self-clean cycle, simulating it should not ideally be a problem.

Choose the hottest cycle (if your machine comes with a heater) or the longest cycle ever available on your machine. Once the tub is full, add 3 to 4 cups of vinegar and a few ounces of baking soda to the water. If you do not have vinegar, two cups of lemon juice will even do. The mixture can help you remove the dirt and grime. It can also remove scaling and other hard water deposits.

Spin the machine with those ingredients for a few minutes. Then, let it settle down for half an hour. Start the machine after the rest in the period is over and let the cycle complete itself.

Clean the Dispensers

The dispensers used for detergents, softeners, and bleach are a few areas that can attract a lot of grime and dirt. Clean them up with a soft rag. You can also use a toothbrush to reach the inaccessible areas if needed.

That was how you would clean a top-loading washing machine with ease. However, a few precautions can help you avoid severe issues of dirt and grime deposits.

High-efficiency washers are designed to use the high-efficiency detergents and soaps. Using a normal detergent with a high-efficiency washer can make it develop more suds. If you do not have access to high-efficiency detergents, make sure you are using an extremely low quantity of detergents.

Can I wash Shoes in the Washing Machine?

Washing shoes requires a lot of perseverance and careful observation. You cannot use the washing machine directly to wash the shoes. That can damage your shoes in many cases.

The right way to wash shoes inside a washing machine may be following the methods here below:

  • Put your shoes inside a pillowcase.
  • Lock the mouth of the pillowcase with three safety pins.
  • Tie up the laces and put them in the same pillowcase.
  • Place the pillowcase inside the washing machine. Make sure you use a few towels along with the pillowcase
  • Use liquid detergent. NEVER use powder detergent when washing shoes.
  • Use a delicate setting for washing the shoes. 

That does it. You can use a mesh bag in place of the pillowcase if you need to. This simple method shall answer your question as to can you wash shoes in the washing machine.

These were a few considerations with regard to cleaning the washing machine. Now, let us see which washing machine is better – front load or top load?

Which Washing Machine is Better – Front Load or Top Load?

The front-load washing was introduced in the 90s. Until that time, it was the top-loading washing machines that ruled the roost – whether automatic or semi-automatic. So, the million-dollar question now is – which among them is the best? Front-load machines or top loading machines?

We will compare the two options based on a few key factors:

Ease of Use
Loading the laundry into a top-loading machine would be much easier and simpler. Yet another advantage offered by the top loading machines is they let you add the clothes during the mid-cycle. They also tend to collect the lint and distribute the fabric softener in a better manner.
Faster Washing Capability
The agitator in a top-loading washing machine tends to offer a faster washing capability. In fact, there is a big difference between the impellers and agitators. However, you would find that the top-loading washing machines with the agitator would provide you access to improved performance.
Cleaning Efficiencies
Top loading washing machines can be a little rough on the clothes. This can be a definite case if you are overloading the machine. Front loading washing machines tend to be smoother on the clothes. Top loaders can find it a little hard if your laundry has larger items. Since the clothes are not submerged entirely in water, it would be a little difficult to get a good quality of washing.
This is an area that should have no doubts as to such. The top-loading machines tend to be a little less expensive when compared to the front loaders. However, the high cost is compensated by the high-quality cleaning and very economical use of water and power. The front-loading machines come with a few advanced features and functions. The top-loading machines can be quite economical and affordable.
Water Conservation
There should be no two minds here. Obviously enough, you would find that front loading washing machines use quite less amount of water. EPA survey has indicated that we use an average of 300 gallons of water per day, and washing clothes would be close to 18 percent of that amount. The front loading washing machines can help you achieve the best water conservation.
Spin Speed
Front loading washing machines offer a spin speed of at least 30 percent of that offered by the top loaders. You can be assured that the clothes dry faster on a front-loading machine when compared to the top loaders.
Mould formation
Well, the mould formation appears to be quite prevalent on the front loaders. This can be because of the rubber gasket. Since the top loaders do not have a door gasket, it can be an excellent option for a cleaner environment.

That should provide you with a better insight into what is better for you. The analysis above helps you choose the right option that exactly meets your requirements. Both of them have their own plus and minus points and choosing the right one should help you opt for the best washing machine for your home in India.

The Passing Remarks on Best Top Loading Washing Machines in India

Washing machine, these days is not less important than the kitchen appliances like the mixer grinder or say a hand blender. Well, we have made efforts to select a few excellent options you can opt for if you are looking for the best top loading washing machines in India. The additional information provided along with the right washing machines can be another advantage.

Check out the options we have featured here and choose the one that best that goes with your preferences. For any improvements and suggestions on the best washing machines be it with dryer or not write to us in the comments section below.

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