Best Recommended Indian Food Processor in India under 5000 | 10000

When it comes to the kitchen there are lot many things to be chopping, kneading the dough, grinding, slicing, etc. Traditionally, people bought different appliances like mixer grinder for grinding, hand blender for beating, chopper for chopping, etc. Thus, came the idea of having a food processor which would perform all these functions simply by changing the attachment. The food processors made the cooking easy and quick for all. However, people still wonder how to select the best food processor in India. Here we are, to guide you with the same and give you the list of recommended good Indian food processors.

The Must Consider Factors to Buy Best Food Processor in India

When it comes to selecting the best food processor for your kitchen you have several considerations to be kept in mind like for any other home appliances. Let us know a few of them in detail.

Power Consumption

Power consumption is a consideration when you buy any electronic appliance. The higher the power consumption, it can raise your electricity bills astonishingly. For this very purpose, you need to consider this factor.

The food processors come with power consumption ranging from 600 watts to 1000 watts. You need to select the appropriate appliance for your use.


You need different attachments for different functions as you need a juicer for juices, bowl for kneading the dough, jars for chutney, etc. Not just that you also need different blades for various styles of chopping – fine or coarse chop, shredding and slicing.

There are food processors with coconut scraper attachment too. One needs to determine the use of food processor for himself and accordingly purchase one which has all the attachments.

Feeding Tube

The bowl of the food processor comes with a feeding tube to keep adding the food item without opening it entirely. It is better to have a wide mouth feeding tube as you need not pre-cut the food item, especially when you have to do slicing.

It is definitely a consideration for all. The food processors range from around Rs. 4000 to Rs. 10000. However, they all have different features due to which the price differs. They are all definitely value for money as they cut down the cooking time by more than half.
Overload Protector
Nowadays, hardly any food processor comes without overload protection safety. Once the processor is overheated or overloaded, it automatically goes off. It has to be reset and started again once it cools down.
Additional Features
There are other food processors which are specially designed to make baby foods. This needs to be considered if your use of processor is for babies. There are several functions of steaming, grinding and blending. Also when it is for babies one shall consider if the plastic used is BPA free.

6 Best Highly Recommended Food Processors in India

Now that you know how to pick up the right food processor, we would recommend a few of them for home use daily. The following are the few best mid-sized food processors in India.

Best Mid-Size Food Processor

Philips Daily Collection – Best Mid-Size Food Processor

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Best Food Processor in India under 5000

Bajaj FX7 – Best Food Processor in India under 5000

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Best Food Processor in India under 10000

Morphy Richards – Best Food Processor in India under 10000

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Best Baby Food Processor in the World

Kiddale – Best Baby Food Processor in the World

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Inalsa Fiesta – Best Food Processor with Juicer Attachment

Inalsa Fiesta – Best Food Processor with Juicer Attachment

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Best Food Processor with Coconut Scrapper Attachment

Bajaj Maverick – Best Food Processor with Coconut Scrapper Attachment

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Recommended Reading - Food Processor as a Mixer

Can You Use a Food Processor as a Mixer?

Food processor generally does not have a juicer and grinding jars. A mixer has a juicer and is ideal for grinding chutneys, batter, or any other hard food item like turmeric, dry ginger, etc.

A food processor, on the other hand, can be used for kneading the dough, chopping, slicing, shredding, whisking and many other functions. It can be used for coarse grinding. In short, we can say both have many different functions and cannot substitute each other.

However, there are food processors which come along with the mixer grinder. For instance, check the product Inalsa Fiesta. Thus, one can opt for such a food processor which performs multiple functions of the mixer, grinder, food processor or a blender.

Recommended Reading - Cleaning Food Processor

How to Clean a Food Processor?

A food processor comes with multiple attachments. After use, each attachment (except the motor) shall be soaked in lukewarm soapy water and clean it using a soft brush or a scrub.

However, one shall avoid soaking the blade as it might get rust. One shall, immediately after use rinse it carefully and dry it with a kitchen cloth.

Once the attachments are thoroughly washed, let them dry completely before using it again for the next time.

Recommended Reading - How to Cream Butter and Sugar in a Food Processor?

How to Cream Butter and Sugar in a Food Processor?

Creaming butter and sugar helps to give good structure to the baked food. The soft and spongy base gives an ultimate taste to the baked cakes. The process to cream butter and sugar is as follows:

  1. Beat the butter: This helps to give good structure by beating air into the butter and sugar helps to hold the air. Initially, beat the butter at room temperature at low speed for about 30 seconds to get creamy and whipped butter using whisking blade.
  2. Add Sugar: Beat the mixture on the high speed that looks fluffy, turns ivory color and gets a grainy clay-like soft texture.
  3. Scrape the Bowl: You need to keep scraping the sides of bowl on and off quite regularly.
  4. Beat until a soft cream is ready and use it for baking.

In just a few simple steps, you can cream the butter and sugar in a food processor.

Recommended Reading - Chopping in Food Processor

How to Use a Food Processor to Chop Vegetables?

There are different styles of chopping vegetables in a food processor – fine or coarse chops, long French fries, slicing rings, dices, shredding, etc. Different chop styles are used for different vegetables as per the requirement.

The food processor comes with different blades for all these chopping patterns. At times for fine or coarse chop, you need to control the speed with the pulse or the speed control knob to avoid over-chopping.

Chopping in a food processor reduces the cooking time drastically. It is quite simple to chop vegetables in a food processor. You simply need to refer the manual for the right blade.

Many food processors come with coconut scraper attachment which is quite helpful and quick. 

Conclusion on Best Food Processors in India with Juicer, Coconut Scraper, & Many More Attachments

The food processors no wonder cut down more than half of cooking time. It does all chopping, shredding, slicing, kneading in no time. Also, if you are looking for a food processor to cut Indian vegetables, you shall no more be confused about which one to buy. Our exhaustive list shall serve your purpose.

For any improvements or suggestions or recommendations for good Indian food processors, you can write to us in the comment section below.

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