Best Floor Cleaning Mop in India [Flat & Spin]

If you have been living alone, or if you are a housewife who handles all the chores of your home alone, you would definitely find mopping to be one of the toughest tasks ever. Something that can be considered a necessary evil, it should be something you would find extremely tiring.

However, over the past few years, the technology behind the cleaning equipment has grown consistently, and you no longer need to exert huge manual work or need to hurt your hands or knees or even your knees. Most of the mops currently available in the market provide you access to improved functionality and make mopping a simple and easy task.

How to Choose the Best Mops in India – The Mops Buying Guide

Now that you have found mops a great option for effective cleaning without straining your energy let us check out a few good buying factors that should assist you in picking the right mop that would handle the task of cleaning quite effectively.

Type and Size

The cleaning head is the most crucial part of any cleaning mop. These two factors would be essential when picking your mop. The larger size of the mop head would help get a better degree of absorbency and thus you can be assured of better cleaning. A microfiber cleaning head would be an excellent option for ensuring durable construction. It would also be an excellent option for handling cleaning hygienically.

Type of Flooring

The type of flooring you would want to clean will also have a bearing on the mop you would buy. The tile flooring would need a better cleaning of the dirt between the grout lines between the tiles. The sponge mop, microfiber mop, and spin mops can be a few good options from this perspective. A stone flooring can work best with any type of mop you pick. A Wooden or laminate flooring will need low water, and thus a highly absorbent microfiber mop would be the right option in this connection. If you have concrete flooring, we would recommend a steam mop.

Ease of Use

The best mop would be the one that would take care of the health issues. A few examples would include alleviation of backache and comfortability with handling water. A mop with a longer handle would be one of the best options. A trigger within the handle for wringing the mop can be yet another added advantage. That way, you would not need to bend frequently to squeeze out the mop.


The mop accessories can be quite helpful in handling your mopping task rather easier. Most of the modern mops come with a good number of accessories. The bucket with your mop with wheels can make moving it rather easier. A drainage outlet would be an added advantage. Disposable mop heads would be yet another great option.

Light Duty or Heavy Duty

If you have a larger area to clean, it may be necessary to go for a heavy-duty mop. A steam mop would perhaps be an excellent option from this perspective. An everyday mopping would work best with a lighter microfiber mop. Even a sponge mop would do better with smaller cleaning areas.

Best Mops in India That You Can Opt For:

Well, those were a few factors and features you would want to check out when picking the best mops for your cleaning needs. With that information at the background, let us check out a few great mops you can buy.

Gala Spin - Best Mop in India

Gala Spin Mop with Easy Wheels & Bucket

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Primeway Pw710Mn Twin Bucket Rotating Spin Mop

Primeway Pw710Mn Twin Bucket Rotating Spin Mop

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M7STORE Flat Mop for Floor Cleaning

M7STORE Flat Mop for Floor Cleaning

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Spotzero by Milton E-Elite Spin Mop

Spotzero by Milton E-Elite Spin Mop

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Scotch-Brite Jumper Spin Mop

Scotch-Brite Jumper Spin Mop

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Gala Twin Bucket Spin Mop

Gala Twin Bucket Spin Mop with 2 Refills

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Piesome Aluminium Spray Mop Set

Piesome Aluminium Spray Mop Set – Best Flat Mop in India

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Types of Mops for Different Types of Floors

The types of mops would be dependent on the floor; you would use them for cleaning your surfaces. Having understood about different types of mops and how they work, let us check out a few floor types and try to understand which type of mops suit which type of floors.

Vinyl Floors

A flat mop will be an excellent choice if you have vinyl or even hardwood flooring. A flat mop does not use much of the water. That is precisely what would make it one of the excellent options for vinyl floors. They would also be a great option to use with their slender shape. They can be one of the right options to use when you are looking at the best options for cleaning the nooks and corners.

Hard Floors & Laminates

Sponge maps would be the best option in these circumstances. It is super absorbent and lets you clean up any kind of spill that includes juice, soup, and cereal. It should be one of the prime options for almost all types of spills.

Dusty Surfaces

A dust mop should be one of the best options for cleaning up the dust. It would be a great idea to use a dust mop in combination with a wet mop. A dust mop should be a great option for cleaning the dust from a ceiling fan or similar other surfaces.

A good option to find the best mops for different floors would best be understood with the help f this table:

Floor TypeMops
Hard floorsFlat Mops , Sponge Mops, Dust mops, String mops, strip mops, steam mops, spin mops, microfiber mops, Brush mops
Vinyl FloorFlat Mops
HardwoodFlat Mops
TileSponge mops, string mops, strip mops.
LaminatesSponge mops
MarbleString mops, strip mops
CarpetsSteam mops, brush mops

How to Clean the Mop Head in a Washing Machine?

Can you clean your mop head in a washing machine? How to clean the mop head in a washing machine? The steps involved in cleaning a mop head in the washing machine are rather easy and simple.

  • Make sure that your mop head is machine washable.
  • Detach the mop head from the handle. You would either need to loosen the nuts or twist the mop head in the opposite direction of spinning. A few of them would just need an unclipping.
  • Place the mop head inside the washing machine.
  • Set your machine to a gentle and short cycle. You may add a little amount of laundry detergent.
  • Let the mop head drip dry.

As for the detergents that can be used with your mop head, check out the instruction manual that came with the product.

A Few FAQs about Best Mops in India

Q – How often should you replace the mop head?

A – While it is recommended to replace the mop head when it is completely unusable, but for best results, it would be advisable to replace it once every two to three months. If the mop head appears dirty even before that period, you can replace it even before.

Q – What to do if my mop smells?

A – Mops smell due to the accumulation of bacteria. Soaking it in a cleaning liquid and then rinsing it off can help avoid the smell. You can even use the antiseptic liquid.

Q – How to disinfect mop head?

A- Follow the steps here below:

  • Ensure you rinse the mop after every use.
  • Rinse your mop head under hot water.
  • Let it dry under the sun or in an area with good ventilation.
  • Never use bleach or similar solutions. You may use vinegar or peroxide

The Bottom Line

Those were a few best mops in India that you can check out for efficient and effective cleaning. We have focussed on the spin mops in this compilation because of their efficiency in working with practically every floor type and cleaning conditions. Analyze the best mops featured here and get access to the best experience ever.


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