7 Best Face Mask in India – Reusable | N95 | Anti-Pollution | Shield

The world is facing a health crisis. The Coronavirus or the COVID-19 is what has made us all stay at home and curtailed venturing out unless it is absolutely necessary. Coronavirus or otherwise, there is also a risk of pollution if you tend to venture out. Cities like Delhi and Mumbai have become the epitome of pollution, and there is where you would need to check out the best face masks.

We thought we would analyze a few best masks available in India that would help you safeguard yourself adequately. Being safe is the key, and face masks can be one of the right routes to staying safe.

Factors to consider while buying the Best Face Masks – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Before we can list out the best face masks you can buy in India, let us check out a few critical factors you need to consider when purchasing the best face masks in India.


The fabric used for the face mask will assume a lot of importance when picking your mask. The material used in the mask should be soft on your skin. It should sit on your face without any sort of discomfort. The purpose of wearing the mask is to avoid touching your face, nose, lips, and nose with dirty hands. If the mask is uncomfortable, you will tend to touch it more.


Proper fitment on your face would ensure better comfortability levels. It should neither be too tight or too snug on your face. Make sure the mask fits properly on your face. It may be a good idea to go for a mask that has a few adjustment options. The t=right mask would be the one that grabs to the end of your chin as an anchor.

Multiple Layer

Multiple layers of fabric are what would make it one of the best options. More layers will ensure that you have less access to the virus particles getting inside you. A mask that has a minimum of two layers – one heavyweight cotton layer and silk or lighter cotton layer. Make sure the cloth layer is comfortable on your skin.


The ability to wash the masks would be one of the excellent options. While most of the cloth types are washable, a few of them tend to get deformed when washed. A face mask that does not deform go with a shape change would be one of the excellent options. The mask should not lose its properties.


If you are someone who wears glasses, you would need to go with a face mask that does not interfere with your wearing and vision. It may be advisable to go for a tie face that would fit tightly across your nose. A mask with a nose clip may be the right choice from this perspective.

Best Face Masks in India

Having checked out the best buying factors you need to look for in your choice of face masks; we will now check out a few good face masks that would safeguard you from pollution and viral infections.

5 Layer Filter N95 Respirator Mask

LXOICE Reusable 5 Layer Filter N95 Respirator Mask

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Best Face Shield in India

Go Hooked 350 Microns Safety – Best Face Shield in India

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Best Anti Pollution Face Mask in India

Le Gear Face Mask Pro+

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Best Reusable N95 Anti Pollution Mask in India

PureMe – Best Reusable N95 Anti Pollution Mask in India

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Reusable Anti Pollution Face Mask

Onroad Co. – Best Reusable Anti Pollution Face Mask

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id Mask - Best Face Mask in India

idMASK For Sports Pollution Mask

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Respokare Anti Pollution Mask

Respokare Anti Pollution Mask

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FAQs for the Best Use of Face masks

Having checked out a few good options for the best masks in India, we will now try answering a few questions that still may be lingering in your mind.

Q – Do pollution masks really work?

A – Pollution masks have been considered to be one of the best means to protect your self from the ill effects of air pollution. They have been clinically proven to protect you from PM2.5 dust, haze, bacteria, and influenza viruses. Based on the quality, you should find your face mask providing you with a good option in filtering out up to 80 to 90 per cent of the pollutants.

Q – What does N95 mask mean?
A – The N95 is a rating for the filtering capacity of the face mask. An N95 mask can block 95% of particles 0.3 μm or larger in diameter. NIOSH (National Institute of occupational safety and health) has filtration ratings based on which the different masks are rated. It can filter 95 per cent of airborne particles if it meets the standards of rating specified.
Q - Can we be safe by using a mask for the Coronavirus?

A – Yes, precaution is the key to achieving the best protection against Coronavirus or any other similar respiratory diseases. They should be specifically be worn in cases where you are likely to come into contact with a patient. By extrapolation, since we do not know who might be suffering from COVID-19, it would be practical to wear a face mask whenever you venture out.

Q – Are face masks reusable?

A – There is a limit to the durability of a face mask. Most of the commonly used masks are made of soft cotton material, breathable, washable and thus reusable. You would need to check for the specifications for the mask before you can take a call on the reusability of your mask. The instructions should be able to specifically let you know the reusability and washability. Some face masks like N95 masks may not be washable, but can be reused for a particular time frame. They may also come with an indicator like a change in color to let you know when it is the time to dispose them off.

Q - Can I wear a mask to sleep?

A – Some masks may be specifically designed to use them overnight and while sleeping. However, most of the masks designed for daily usage are not safe to sleep with them on. Take care as they might even suffocate you and can cause fatalities.

The Closing Thoughts

Well, facemask has become our constant companions in these pandemic times. Even otherwise, wearing facemasks in dirty or dusty areas is highly recommended to safeguard yourself from the risky effects of respiratory contamination.

The best facemasks in India that we have covered here should ideally help you get access to excellent protection from almost all airborne diseases. Check them out and leave us feedback.

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