6 Best External Hard Disk in India – Ranked As Best Selling

Of course, the storage limit on computers, laptops and smartphones has been jumping up consistently over the years. But, even then, we have been witnessing the need for an external drive for computers and laptops. There can be a variety of reasons that has necessitated this need for external hard drives.

Having an external hard drive is never a bad idea as such. No matter whether you are looking for pumping up your storage, or want to backup your data at some safe place, opting for a good external hard drive can definitely prove to be a great idea.

What Should You Look for in the Best External Hard Drives in India – The Buying Guide for Hard Drives

Before you can buy an external hard drive, there are a few important factors you need to give serious thought to. Let us examine a few important buying factors you can check out for arriving at the best possible buying experience.


The storage is the prime factor you need to pay special attention to when picking the perfect storage requirements. The hard drives are generally offered in different storage parameters right from 1 TB to 8 TB. There are a few options available that come with even 250 to 500 GB storage. The most ideal option would be to go with the minimum 1 TB storage capacity. The exact capacity you pick would be based on the future requirements you may have.


The transfer speed and connection technology are the other two factors that would assume a lot of importance. The typical connectivity options used in an external hard drive would range across USB 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1. The USB 3.1 has been the fastest standard as of now. USB 3.0 is the most widely used connectivity option. Check the data speed and connectivity options when picking the best external hard drives.


The security offered by the hard drive is one of the prime factors you need to pay special attention to. You would not want to misplace your priorities when you are buying a new external hard drive. This will ensure that your data remains secure and safer. The encryption of your data should be yet another priority factor you need to be serious about.


Portability of the external hard drive would mean a lot when you are opting for the external drive for an on the go service quality. Portability should be one of the prime concerns when comparing different external hard drives. Make sure that size is compact enough so that it can be carried with ease and simplicity.

Best External Hard Drive in India That You Can Buy

In tune with the best options outlined above, we have handpicked a few of the great options that can prove to be handy enough in making the right choice based on your individual requirements.

best ssd external hard drive india

Samsung T5 – Best SSD External Drive in India

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Best 2TB External Hard Disk in India

Transcend 25H3P – Best 2TB External Hard Disk in India

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Best 1TB External Hard Disk in India

Lenovo F309 – Best 1TB External Hard Disk in India

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Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Touch

Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Touch

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Toshiba Canvio Basic

Toshiba Canvio Basic

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Best Wireless External Hard Disk in India

WD My Passport Pro – Best Wireless External Hard Disk in India

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Is HDD better than SSD?

The difference between an SD and an HDD lies in the technology used for storing the data and retrieving it. The HDDs are available at a can provide you with high data in a lower price tag. On the other hand, SSDs are faster, lighter and durable and do not consume more energy.

In terms of capacity, the SSDs are available in capacities ranging from 120 GB to 4 TB. The capacity offered by the HDDs can reach a wider range from 250 GB to as high as 14 TB. The cost per capacity can be good enough on an HDD, while the speed and performance would be better on the SSDs.

If you are into gaming, an SSD can be a great option as they provide you with optimal gaming performance. They can handle the assets such as high-resolution textures, models, audio more capably when compared to the HDDs.

In essence, there are several considerations you would make when picking the best option among the two of them. The factors such as reliability, speed, noise, and power usage that can prove to be a few worthy options you would give serious thought to.

How Much Faster is an SSD vs HDD?

An SSD drive with SATA III connectivity standard should be able to achieve a connection speed of up to 550MB/s read, and 520MB/s write speeds. You may find a few of the SSDs much faster than that value. In any case, you can expect a four times higher speed on an SSD when compared to the hard drive.

An SSD can efficiently reduce the time taken for data transfers. In addition, the SSD would utilise lesser CPU power, thereby leaving the CPU free for other operations. You can even expect the improvement in performance beyond the normal hard drive.

Which Lasts Longer SSD or HDD?

If you are using a device in high stress and fast read environment, the SSD will provide you with longer durability and speed. However, it can be vulnerable to a few data errors in such situations. The SSDs with the SLC or MLC variants can last longer than the HDDs. Of course, the SSDs can fail, but you will not expect them failing just all of a sudden except in the case of older SSDs.

The hard drive is a mechanical device and is likely to fail in most of the cases all of a sudden. The SSDs will not fail all of a sudden. You will have enough time to back up your data. This can be helpful in avoiding a possible data loss. Using the right SMART tools can help you predict drive failure.

256 GB SSD vs 1 TB HDD – Which is Better?

That can be a huge issue you would come across when picking a laptop. So, is 256 GB SSD vs 1 TB HDD a good option? One of the huge advantages you stand to gain with SSD would be a better and faster speed of performance. Moreover, it will also consume less energy and will be less taxing on the CPU.

The right choice when choosing a laptop would be to go with an SSD – HDD combination. Rather than looking at it a 256 GB SSD vs 1 TB HDD, the choice should be a combination of SSD and HDD. Picking a device with 256 GB SSD and 1 TB HDD can be a great option. Choosing 256 GB SSD alone can provide you with better performance, but you may need to deal with a lack of storage. Picking 1 TB HDD alone can make you lose performance and speed. Striking the right balance between SSD and HDD would make it one of the excellent option and thoughtful inclusion.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, that was a much fruitful list of the best external hard drives you can go with and pick as per your specific requirements. Of course, picking an HDD or SSD can be something you would find to be a difficult decision to make, but you can put your needs, and the knowledgeable tips shared above before you can take a call on which among them should you go with.

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