Best Exercise Cycles / Pedal Exercisers for Home in India

The exercise cycle is exceptionally different from the riding bike that you usually use at your traveling needs. An exercise bike is used explicitly for the purpose of – of course – exercising. In essence, they have been treated to be a great choice for exercising at home with a fun angle attached to it. They would provide you with a motivated exercise option and would suit almost all age groups.

If you are looking for the best and cheap exercise cycles in India with back support or a pedal exerciser that offer real value for money functionality, here are a few best options that should help you get your task done.

Fitness Cycles – Which is the Best? #Factors To Consider

As with any other fitness equipment, you need to be careful enough to check out the specific buying factors in your chosen product. A sort of checklist, these buying factors would be extremely helpful in making a well-informed choice with respect to your exercise cycle in India.

Type of the Bike

There are several types of exercise cycles. Most common among them would be recumbent exercise bikes and upright exercise bikes. Of course, you will find many other options as well.

Analyze each type of bikes depending on your exercise regime and pick the one that gives you the best cycling exercise benefits. The choice should ideally be dependent on the type of exercises you partake in.

Resistance Levels

The right exercise bike should come with different resistance levels. As you progress in your exercise regime, you would want to do more than just the basic levels.

In case you want to improve your exercise levels, it would be great if you are opting for the right option. That way, you would be able to progress from an amateur to an expert level.

Sitting comfort is one of the most important aspects one would need to focus on when picking the best exercise bike. The upright type and spinning type bikes come with a seating arrangement that would be a little uncomfortable and are designed to provide better burning of calories. Some of the high-end exercise bikes are designed with adjustment functionality.
The flywheel of the exercise bike will also have a huge bearing on the smoother movement of the bike. The weight of the flywheel would be one of the important parameters you should give a thought to. The flywheel should measure around 7 to 8 kgs for the best comfort levels.
Activity Tracker

The built-in activity tracker would be one of the enormous advantages. Of course, that should not be the prime factor one would need to consider, but it would be helpful in calculating the calories burned and elapsed time.

That would actually be one of the best options from the motivational point of view.

Well, these factors shall help you make an informed choice of the best exercise bike or pedal exerciser in India. However, we shall help you with a few best options below.

5 Best Exercise Cycles for Weight Loss With Back Support in India

Now that you have understood the basic key factors you need to have a look at before picking your recumbent, upright or any other type of exercise bike, here are our best options that you can go with.

Welcare - Best Recumbent Exercise Bike in India

Welcare – Best Recumbent Exercise Bike in India

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Ozoy – Best Electric Easy Cycle Pedal Exerciser

Ozoy – Best Electric Easy Cycle Pedal Exerciser

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Qualimate – Portable Desk Cycle Pedal Exerciser for Knee Pain

Qualimate – Portable Desk Cycle Pedal Exerciser for Knee Pain

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Cardio Max – Best Mini Cycle Exercise Bike for Weight Loss

Cardio Max – Best Mini Cycle Exercise Bike for Weight Loss

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Reach Air - Best Exercise Bike with Back Support

Reach Air – Best Exercise Bike with Back Support

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These were a few best exercise cycles for home in India. Now, we shall know certain cycling exercise benefits.

Is Cycling Good Exercise? Or Cycling Exercises Benefits

Well, yes. Cycling is one of the most preferred options for exercise. Whether for your weight loss regime, legs, mind or even fitness, you can definitely rely upon cycling exercises and for females it is a good exercise even during the menstrual cycle.

If you are wondering about the cycling and other activities, you would definitely find cycling one of the perfect options you would want to opt for.

Is Cycling Good Exercise? Or Cycling Exercises Benefits

There are several advantages that it comes with, and a few of them can be outlined as –

  • It remarkably promotes weight loss regime – It will burn the calories at the rate of 400 to 1000 per hour.
  • Cycling builds your muscle – The element of resistance is what would improve the efficacy. It specifically strengthens the muscles in the areas such as glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves.
  • It enhances your heart health – Cycling improves your heart rate. It will also help you burn calories and thus enables you to avoid being obese. In fact, it is one of the important activities that assist you in an enhanced exercise.
  • It improves your sex life – We all know sex is good for health and regular sex can help you prolong your life. In fact, cycling improves your sex life. If you have noticed, the muscles that you work on cycling are the same ones that work during sex. That would make it self-explanatory.
  • It helps you sleep better – Cycling will be helpful enough for improving your sleep quality. 


Well, that was all about the general benefits of cycling exercises for every individual. However, one very important consideration for females can be is cycling the right exercise during the menstrual cycle?

Can We Do Exercise During the Menstrual Cycle?

Well, women have long been advised to avoid heavy tasks during menstruation. Leave alone Cycling; most women abandon almost all the exercises during the periods. However, experts have something else to say. It is said that exercising during the menstrual cycle can help you relieve you of the problems and symptoms faced during the menses.

Yes, you heard that right. Sticking to your regular routine of exercises will be helpful enough in addressing the common complaints you would have had during your periods. In fact, progesterone and estrogen levels are at the lowest level during the periods. Avoiding exercises during this period is not going to save any energy for you.

It can have the following benefits if you continue cycling during menses –


  • It improves your mood.
  • It can help you fight painful periods if you tend to face such issues during your menstruation.
  • It will be helpful in improving your endorphin level.
  • It improves your strength and power levels. 

Of course, an excessive level of Cycling during menses may not be the right option. You can opt for mild pedaling and such activities during the period.

It would be advisable to take care of personal hygiene during this period though. If you feel exercising during periods makes you “leak” more, it can be a good idea to use tampons and other extra safety measures. 

Well, that was all about cycling benefits. Now, let us know is cycling an aerobic exercise?

Is Cycling an Aerobic Exercise?

To understand whether Cycling is an aerobic or anaerobic exercise, we need to understand what an aerobic exercise is all about. An Aerobic exercise is the one that would require a continuous supply of oxygen.

Any activity that helps you increase the activity of the circulatory system is referred to as an Aerobic activity. The metrics such as heart rate, blood flow, and ventilation rate stay in an increased condition for a prolonged period of time. The muscles do not rest during this period and keep continuing to work that way.

Cycling is an activity that meets almost every one of these requirements. That is precisely why it would be called an aerobic exercise. This is in sharp contrast to the anaerobic activities where the particular activity does not sustain itself for more extended periods. Weightlifting and sprinting are a few good examples of anaerobic exercises.

Concluding Thoughts on Cycling Machine for Home

Indoor Cycling is indeed an excellent option for staying in the pink of your health i.e. if you want your weighing scale to show a perfect and fit weight. Cycling, coupled with a proper diet, can be quite helpful in protecting your heart and improved longevity. In any case, whether you are opting for outdoor cycling or indoor cycling, you are adding more years to your life.

The best options for the exercise cycles outlined here should ideally help you achieve the best results. Check out those tips and products and get the best ever experience of your life…. And yes, keep adding more years to your life!

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