5 Best Electric Vegetable & Fruit Chopper & Slicer in India

There are some kitchen appliances, which were ideally made to make our lives easier, but they have become the most essential part of our kitchens as life without them now is not possible. Just like hand blenders, these electric vegetable choppers make life so much easy for us.

They take away the stress of cutting and chopping kilos of vegetables and chops them as per our preference in seconds. This powerful device consists of a bowl, strong and sturdy stainless-steel blades, a lid, and a touch button that controls the operations. These vegetable choppers perform tons of tasks like chopping, slicing, mincing, and much more.

While having a knife and a chopping board in the kitchen are the basics, having a great electric vegetable chopper is the wise thing to do if you want to save up hours by reducing the load of cutting vegetables.

What to Look for in the Electric Choppers in India

There are plenty of factors you might want to consider before getting home an electric vegetable chopper because this is going to your best friend in the kitchen, which you will use almost daily. So, you really don’t want to go wrong with this purchase.

One needs to check careful if the blades are sharp or not. This helps in cutting the finely and the work is done much quicker. While buying, do check the quality of the blades along with the material used as it should not get rusted with time. Also, the blades should not stain and should be durable so that the machine lasts you a long time.
The capacity should be kept in proportion to your usage. If you have a larger family, and a whole lot of vegetables are cut on a daily basis, we recommend you to get a large machine. But, if you are using it for occasional use, or for one or two people only, then a regular size one would do the drill.
Number of Blades
Choppers come with a whole lot of accessories, which are used to chop different vegetables in different styles, like mincing, chopping, peeling and griding etc. Make sure that your electric vegetable chopper has a decent number of blades so that you can change the blade according to your preference.
BPA Free Bowl
There is a bowl attached to the vegetable chopper, in which the chopped vegetables are collected. These bowls are generally made of plastic. One should always try to opt for BPA free plastic, as this bowl comes in contact with the food.
Easy to Clean & Use
The electric vegetable chopper should be easy to use and clean, as these are the two basic functions that an electric vegetable chopper must perform. It is vital to check if the parts are detachable and easy to dry out. Check if the jar and blade of the chopper is dishwasher proof or not. The machine might be easy to use, and of a lot of utility to you, but it would not mean anything if it is easy to wash and creates a problem while washing.
Versatility And Type Of Cut
Every vegetable needs a different kind of blade. Make sure the blender that you have chosen fits you well, and helps you chop all the vegetables that you would want it to chop, peel or grind. Otherwise, it would be a total waste for you. The size and type of cut would matter too, whether you want big pieces or coarse ones, this would depend on the blade of the chopper.
Material of Jar
The material of the jar should be either BPA-Free Plastic, or steel, but the steel should be of high quality which shouldn’t rust quickly.
Wattage And A Powerful Motor
The motor of the electric vegetable chopper should be powerful enough to dice the pieces of the vegetables effectively and efficiently. We recommend buying a machine which is at least 250-450 watts.
Price And Warranty
The electric vegetable chopper should be efficient, and should do its job super effectively, but it should also fall in your budget. An electric chopper would definitely cost more than a manual one, due to added cost of the motor and other parts, but it should not burn a hole in your pocket. There are plenty of electric vegetable choppers available in all budgets. Having long warranty does not need any explanation. It would help with easy returns and repairs if there are any damages.
Size Of The Storage Jar
There might be times wherein you might want to store the chopped vegetables, or you might want to chop vegetables in bulk, especially if you are using it for commercial purposes, then you must check the size of the storage jar.

Best Electric Vegetable Choppers You Can Buy In India

Now that you have understood what all features your electric vegetable chopper must have, let us look at some great options of Electric Vegetable Choppers that are available in the Indian market.

Wonderchef Electric Nutri-Chop  





ABS Plastic



2 Years



0.7 Litres

26.5 x 12.6 x 12.6 cm; 1.12 KG
Preethi CH 601 450-Watt Chopper  



Stainless Steel


1 Year


0.7 Litres

26.01 x 14.4 x 13 cm; 675 Grams
Prestige PEC 3.0 250-Watt Electric Chopper  








1 Year



0.5 Litres

14 x 14 x 26 cm; 1.04 Kilograms
Borosil Chef Delite Chopper  





2 Years


0.6 Litres

12.6 x 12.6 x 25 cm; 890 Grams
Inalsa Bullet 400W Chopper 400W Plastic 2 Years 0.9 Litres 13 x 13 x 24.8 cm; 860 Grams

Best Stainless Steel Vegetable Chopper

Wonderchef Nutri-Chop – Best Stainless Steel Vegetable Chopper

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Best Vegetable Cutter for Home Use

Preethi CH 601 450-Watt Chopper – Best Vegetable Cutter for Home Use

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Best Electric Onion Chopper in India

Prestige PEC 3.0 250-Watt – Best Electric Onion Chopper in India

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Best Fruit and Vegetable Chopper

Borosil Chef Delite – Best Fruit and Vegetable Chopper

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Best Electric Chopper in India

Inalsa Bullet 400W – Best Electric Chopper in India

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Benefits Of Using An Electric Vegetable Chopper

Electric Vegetable Chopper Saves Time
This is one of the greatest benefits an electric chopper provides us with. Imagine the time taken to cut vegetables for guests coming home. But, with an electric chopper, this time would be just 1 or 2 minutes. That’s how easy it makes our life, by saving us so much time.
Electric Vegetable Chopper Reduces Kitchen Accidents
Everyone who works diligently in the kitchen has fallen prey to this. Kitchen accidents while operating knives are common. Chopping vegetables and fruits can be tedious and extremely dangerous. A lot of people have had serious kitchen accidents during chopping sessions. This machine takes away the risk of kitchen accidents as you just have to wash the fruits and vegetables and just pop them into your electric vegetable chopper.
Electric Vegetable Chopper Is A Multipurpose Device
These electric choppers are extremely handy devices that can solve many problems. These choppers are just not for chopping, but they also help in griding, peeling, mincing and some even help out in whipping. Imagine, one machine taking away so much of load and stress from your cooking time.
Due to its compact size and features, this electric chopper can be carried anywhere and everywhere according to the need of the user. It can also be used from one place to another depending upon the space in the kitchen area.
Electric Choppers Give The Kitchen A Modern Décor And Outlook
The electric chopper being a new-age device gives the home a modern décor as this one comes with exciting outer patterns and colours, which add vibrance to the kitchen and newness to the home.

Electric Vegetable Chopper VS. Manual Vegetable Chopper

Just like all other things, a manual vegetable chopper takes a lot of time and effort to cut vegetables. In contrast, the same process will take a few seconds in the electric vegetable chopper. The manual vegetable chopper takes more time because the strings need to be pulled with hands in this product. In contrast, the motor is present to do everything automatically in the electric vegetable chopper. All you need to do is wash the fruits and vegetables that need to be chopped, add in the chopper and just give it a whip by pressing the one-touch button. And there you go; your vegetables are just cut in an instant.

The other factor that differs is the pricing. The electrical vegetable choppers being complex and having more parts is costlier than a manual vegetable chopper as the manual one does not have any motor or additional parts and components.

Electric Vegetable Chopper Care Tips

While all these modern kitchen appliances make our lives easier, looking after them and caring for them becomes a pretty complex task, as if you do not properly care for these sophisticated pieces of technology, it might give up and break down much before time. Here are a few tips that would help you maintain your electric vegetable chopper:

  • Read the guidelines properly and see if your electric vegetable chopper is safe to go inside a dishwasher, or it needs to be cleaned using soaps and hands. Chances are, the whole chopper might not go into the dishwasher, but some parts surely can.
  • Before beginning to chop vegetables and fruits, make sure you understand that which all fruits and vegetables should be kept away and should not be used in the chopper. This is done to protect the blades from early wear-off.
  • After chopping, wash the electric chopper immediately and the jammed vegetables will come out as soon as possible, and you don’t end up rusting the parts or jamming the blades.
  • Make sure that the electric vegetable chopper is never used around water or liquid as this can be hazardous. Always keep note of the leakage of the container and change immediately if found leaking.

Conclusion OnBest Electric Vegetable Chopper in India

These electric vegetable choppers are bliss in everyone’s life who cooks daily or dreads chopping vegetables and fruits. They are easy to use and user-friendly as they are super easy to use. We hope that this list of the best electric vegetable choppers in India could help you to choose better and wise. However, it would be best if you considered some factors before getting home an electric vegetable chopper.

Happy Shopping!

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