Best Multipurpose Electric Kettle for Maggi Noodles Cooking in Hostel

An electric kettle will help you add value to your kitchen. It serves you multiple purposes like boiling water, making tea or even preparing instant noodles (or Maggi as it is known in India). In sharp contrast to the conventional kettle, an electric kettle can be an added advantage as it avoids wastage and can automatically turn itself off. Let us check out the best electric kettles in India that are best suited for preparing Maggi or instant noodles.

Factors to Consider While Buying Best Electric Kettle for Maggi in India

As with any product, there are a few buying considerations that would be helpful in choosing the right kind of electric kettles and make the most out of your purchase. Some worthy buying considerations would be:

Size & Weight

When it comes to size, you need to check out the capacity and counter space for better usability. Capacity refers to the volume of water the kettle can handle. More the capacity, the more useful it would be. The counter space refers to the space that it occupies on your kitchen counter. It should be essential that the kettle should not occupy a huge space on the counter.

Boiling Speed

The major purpose of buying an electric kettle is to save the time spent in boiling your water. Faster boiling performance should be one of the prime aspects you need to check out in your new electric kettle. Ideally, a kettle should be able to boil your water in around three to four minutes. Some substandard products can take as long as six to ten minutes which may not be useful

Ease of Use

This should be an important consideration as you would not want to follow a steeper learning curve to begin using your kettle. You can opt for a simpler design if you are looking for a kettle for making tea/ coffee or boiling water. More complex tasks would need a sophisticated option. Setting up a timer or auto shut off function should be an added advantage.


You would definitely look for an electric kettle that consumes less power. Of course, we have been focussing on how to save electricity and an electric kettle with lower power consumption will indeed be a natural choice. Single lid system is another feature you would want to check out.

External Heat

Cooking utensils are known to work through heat transfer, and most of them transfer the heat to the external environment. This can be an undesired effect. Choose an electric kettle that dissipates lesser heat to the outside. This can also go a long way in avoiding the accidental burns.

Design & Look

Kitchens are turning modern. This is exactly why it should be important enough to ensure that your new kettle goes well with the décor of your kitchen. Of course, it isn’t an essential feature from the functionality point of view but needs to be taken care of for the obvious reasons.

Top 5 Best Electric Kettles in India (Video in Later Part)

Having checked out the salient buying factors you need to look for in an electric kettle, here are our picks for the best Electric Kettles in India that may be interesting enough and a wise purchase as well.

best electric kettle under 1000

Orpat OEK 8137 – Best Electric Kettle Under INR 1000 in India

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best electric kettle for hostel

Cello 600B – Best Electric Kettle for Hostel

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best electric kettle for maggi

Bajaj Majesty KTX-9 1-Litre – Best Multifunction Stainless Steel Kettle in India

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best electric kettle for maggi

Inalsa Regal – Best Electric Kettle for Maggi in India

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best multipurpose electric kettle in india

RNG EKO GREEN Electric LED Glass Kettle

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You can also check out the video below to get a visual experience of our electric kettle post

A Few FAQ’s:

How much electricity does an electric kettle consume?
On an average 1 litre electric kettle consumes around 1,200 watts; such a kettle can boil water in approx. 3 minutes.
What features to consider while buying an electric kettle?
One should consider atleast the following:

  • Auto-shut down
  • Detachable cord / Cordless
  • Concealed body
  • Dry boil protection etc…

You may check out many more interesting features and products in our post.

Which is the best electric kettle for Maggi?
Nowadays several multipurpose kettles are available in the market. Morphy Richards InstaCook is one such multipurpose kettle, which allows you to cook noodles / pasta and even boil corn.
Which is the best electric kettle for hostel?
A multipurpose cordless kettle with durable performance and around 2 litre capacity should be ideal for an hostelite.

Parting Thought on Best Electric Kettle to Cook Maggi in Hostel

Electric kettles are one of those products we tend to pay less attention to the features when buying them. We assume the buying guide and the top five picks for the best electric kettles for preparing Maggi or instant noodles should be an excellent option for your cooking needs. We have compiled this list paying close attention to the features and multitasking capabilities and without a concern on the pricing offered by each of them.

Share your views and experiences with us if you have used any of them for your cooking needs.


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