Best Heavy and Light Weight Dry Iron Box in India

An iron like a table fan, pedestal fan or ladder is another home appliance which is a necessity in every house. Not all would prefer giving the clothes in a laundry.  Many want to save on ironing cost and for this very reason one would prefer the best iron box for home. There are different types of iron like dry iron, steam iron and charcoal iron. One has to select the best type suitable for home use. In this post, we would be widely talking about the best dry iron box in India and many other frequently asked questions on an iron.

Factors to Consider for Buying Best Dry Iron Box in India

There are several things to be considered to know which the is the best dry iron box. A few factors among them have been listed below. This shall be an ultimate guide for all those who are looking forward to purchase an iron for home use.

Soleplate Type

Soleplate is a part of the iron which ideally comes in direct contact with clothes. It gets heated and is used to iron the clothes. It is the most important part of any iron. There are three kinds of sole plates: Aluminium, Ceramic and Non-stick.

Among these, Ceramic shall be the best option and then the non-stick one. The least preferred shall be aluminium soleplate as they tend to become less effective over the time causing the fabric to stick to the clothes.

Heat Settings

Traditionally, the iron boxes came with only three temperature settings like low, medium and high. However, with the advancement of technology, irons come with temperature settings suitable for the cloth type like- cotton, woolen, etc.

Normally, the iron is set to cotton settings for ironing at home. However, one needs to be very careful to avoid burning of clothes.

Cord Length

Every dry iron does not come with same length of cord. The cord of the iron might not be so long as to reach the socket of the switch board.

Thus, one needs to select the iron with cord so as to be suitable for the power supply socket of the iron table. One needs to check the product specification for the cord length.

Auto Shut-off

The irons these days are available with temperature settings as per the materials of the fabric. The iron gets heated only up to the required temperature for the fabric.

Once the iron reaches the temperature required for the fabric, the excess heat might burn the fabric. Thus, one shall seek an iron with auto shut-off feature wherein the iron shall automatically shut off once the required temperature is attained.


Previously, there used to be heavyweight iron boxes. But now the issue is resolved as there are different brands selling the low weight irons.

However, still, there are certain clothes like blazers that need heavy irons for perfect ironing. One needs to determine the use of iron before selecting the best heavyweight iron box.

Power Consumption

Iron like any other appliance consumes power. They consume comparatively higher power than other devices.

However, there are irons that consume comparatively lower power than other dry iron. For this, you need to compare two or more products for power consumption and then buy the product with the lowest power consumption.

These were a few factors. Here is a video for you guys, which indeed covers some of the best choices you can make when it comes to a dry iron, followed by a detailed review of some other options too:

List of Best Dry Iron Box Below 600| 1000| 1500

There is a huge variety of irons with different brands in India. However, we have selected a few best of the irons one can have for daily use at home. Following is the list of irons:

morphy richard dry iron

Morphy Richards- Best Iron Box Under 600 

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philips heavy weight iron

Philips GC- Best Heavy Weight Iron Box

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lightweight dry iron box in india

ORPAT- Best Lightweight Iron Box

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best iron with auto shut off feature

Bajaj- Best Iron with Auto Shut Off Feature 

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best iron below 1000

Philips HD- Best Dry Iron below 1000

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best heavy weight dry iron box

Rico- Best Heavy Weight Dry Iron Box

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The above are the best dry iron boxes available in India. Now that you know the basic things to consider to buy an iron, let us talk about certain other things which might further impact your buying decisions. The first thing to is know what is the difference between dry iron and steam iron?

What is the difference between Dry iron and Steam iron?

  • Traditionally we have been using dry iron. Dry iron does not produce any steam on its own; you may have to sprinkle water on it to generate steam.  On the other hand, steam iron produces heat on its own.
  • Dry irons are not fitted with water tanks whereas steam irons are. Due to this, steam iron can generate steam. This moisture enables you to iron the clothes smoothly and very neatly.
  • Another difference to be highlighted is its sole plate. The sole plate of dry iron has no holes and is solid, whereas in steam iron the sole plate is solid but has holes in it for the steam to get released. This steam ensures wrinkles are quickly removed and there is no need of frequent re-ironing of clothes.
  • When it comes to cleaning, dry irons are very easy to clean due to its flat surface whereas steam irons have holes and you very well need to ensure these are not blocked and are clean. If the holes are not blocked, you can ensure that a great amount of steam is released.
  • The steam iron has more temperature settings than a dry iron which makes it complicated for being used. However, the additional settings in the steam iron let you enjoy the customized benefits of the steam iron. Also, the steam iron has steam trigger.
  • Many irons come with an option of spraying mist. This enables you to moisten the cloth to the extent required which makes it easier to remove the wrinkles from the clothes. This reduces the ironing time and gives you crease-free clothes. Contrarily, the dry iron does not have any such feature; you only need to put pressure on the iron to remove wrinkles.
  • Many fabrics like satin and silk need dry ironing and fabrics like cotton require steam ironing. The steam iron can be used both as a dry iron or steam iron. The dry iron on the other hand cannot function as a steam iron. 
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Which is the best- Dry Iron or Steam Iron?

This is a very common question often asked, Which Iron should I buy- Dry Iron or Steam Iron?  Now that we understand the difference between dry iron and steam iron, the answer to this depends case to case. If there are just few clothes to iron daily, one can opt for the dry iron. If you have piles of clothes to iron regularly, the steam iron is the best option as it makes ironing simple and perfect. Steam iron also consumes comparatively less time.

Steam iron has a lot of additional features. If one is reluctant to use complicated appliance, he may simply choose a dry iron as an option. But the slightly complicated features are definitely added advantages. Thus, one shall opt for a steam iron to save time and enjoy wrinkles-free ironing.

FAQ: How to clean a non stick iron plate?

How to clean a non stick iron plate?

There might be instances when your clothes have burnt due very high temperature and it has stuck to the iron sole plate. In such a case, you need to know how to clean an iron plate which is non stick. Following are the solutions:

  • There are Iron Cleaner Sticks which when placed near the dirt melts it and then one can simply wipe off the liquid from the iron.
  • Another alternative is there are hot cleaners of various brands like Faultless, Rowenta which are simple and easy to use for cleaning any kind of iron. 
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Can You Iron Wool?

Isn’t this a question which would make us keep wondering? Yes, it is. The woolen clothes do not really require ironing, however if there are deep creases one can iron it, but with utmost care. Following are the few ways by which one can do nice ironing:

  1. Firstly, one shall not use dry iron directly over the woolen cloth; one shall place another cotton cloth and then use the iron. If the iron comes in direct touch with wool, it might burn the fabric. Possibly use white cloth to avoid transfer of color or dye on the wool.
  2. You need to select the right iron for woolen clothes. Steam iron is the best. However, if you have a dry iron you can still use it by moistening the woolen cloth and then ironing the cloth. To moisten the cloth you can also use spraying mist.
  3. Make sure you also iron the woolen cloth on the reverse side if the woolen is heavy and thick to ensure that the shine of the cloth remains the same throughout the life and it is well dried from within.

With the above methods it is easily possible to iron the woolen cloths without burning or damaging it. Thus, we can conclude that the wool can be ironed but with utmost care and precaution.  

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Steamer or Iron which one is better?

A steamer also known as standing iron is a handheld iron which is easily portable and very light in weight. It is super compact and hardly occupies any space in the house. Steamer takes wrinkles out of cloth without making contact with the fabric.

The steamer releases hot steam which relaxes the fiber of the dress which is suspended on the hanger. These are most suitable to the soft and delicate fabrics like satin, silk, etc. There is hardly any chance of burning the clothes as the steamer does not really come in direct contact with the cloth. Steamers are much faster than iron. Clothes like suit and sweaters can be best ironed with the steamer and the shape of the cloth shall be well retained.

However, there are also disadvantages like steamer does not press the fabric. Your dress might not look as crisp as when ironed with the iron. However, delicate fabrics might need the steamer.

So the question, Steamer or Iron which one is better shall be answered depending on the case. Delicate fabrics would call for a steamer whereas others would need proper ironing.


Best Iron Brands in India

There are many irons many manufacturers in India. However, a few have them really have a great brand value. A few best brands that we can list are below:

1. Morphy Richards
This is a very old brand for the household appliances it manufactures. This brand tries to accustom to changing customer needs, designs and technology. It also provides a wide range of household appliances and personal care. The tag line “Smart Ideas for your Home” is simply defining its vision.
2. Philips

Philips is a Netherlands based company with a subsidiary in India named Philips India Limited. Philips also has a huge variety of home appliances. Currently, it is trying to move towards health related products and wants to make available the treatment for the world.

3. Bajaj
Bajaj is another renowned brand for all home appliances, cooking essentials and many other categories. The founder father – Jamnalal Bajaj gave Gandhian values to the organization. Also, Bajaj has tie-up with many other well known brands.
4. Orpat
Orpat is a Gujarat based company. It has wide range of electronic home appliances. It has gained success not only in India but also globally. The tag line- “Home is where Orpat is” itself says a home without Orpat gadget is not possible.
5. Orient
Orient Electric Limited basically started with fans and further kept on advancing in many other electric home appliances. It is a Kolkata based brand which has its reach all over the world.

Conclusion on Best Iron in India

An iron box is a very common home appliances like a table fan or a ladder every household should have. The above is the list of best products available at very reasonable prices. One can find products at a varying range between Rs. 500- Rs. 1500. One shall determine the budget and compare the features of different products in order to select the best dry iron box in India.

Also, one has to very well consider the factors mentioned above in order to buy the best dry iron box. The major factors to be considered are the sole plate which comes in direct contact with the fabric and the temperature settings. Also, the heavy weight irons come with additional features which cannot be ignored simply because of slightly heavy weight. Thus, one needs to consider many permutations and combinations before deciding which the best product is.

Hope, we have given you what you were exactly looking for. For any improvements and suggestions kindly fill the form below. Your comments shall be valued and considered to give you desired content.

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