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A drilling machine has been of great use in a host of household application areas. If you are looking to buy a world-class drill machine for home use, it may be a wiser idea to give serious thought to checking out a few of the right choices that would ideally live up to your expectations and working standard.

Best Features to Look for in the Best Drill Machine for Home Use – The Drill Machine Buying Guide

Before we check out the best options for the high-end drill machines for home use in India, it should be a good idea to check out the prime factors you need to look for in your choice of drill machines in India.

Type of Drill

The type of drill you use would be based on the individual preferences you have along with the purpose of buying a drill machine. The drill drives, combination drills, rotary hammer drills, and hammer drills are a few of the special types of drills you would like to explore. Each of them serves a specific purpose.

Corded or Cordless

Corded and cordless drills have their own advantages. The corded drills can prove to be more powerful than the cordless options. They would also be cheaper than the cordless drills. Cordless drills however come with the advantage and convenience of using them at any distance without the need for a wall outlet.


The power of the drill is yet another prime factor that would decide how effective it is in penetrating into the wall or any other hard surfaces. Most of the drilling machines have a 500 Watt power and suitable for most purposes. If you need a higher power efficiency, it may be a good idea to go with a drill machine with 600 to 700 Watts.

The Chuck

The drill chuck is that part of the drill that holds the bits firmly. They can come in different types. The chuck sizes can come in different shapes and sizes. 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch are the standard sizes, while the 3/8 size is one of the most popular sizes. If you are looking for a drill for lighter tasks, you can opt for a 1/4 “ drill chuck. The type of chuck can also be a good option. You can either go with a keyed or unkeyed chuck option.

Variable Speed

The variable speed of the drill is one of the most essential factors one needs to focus on. This can be helpful in assuring that you can work with almost any surface. The variable speed can go a long way in helping you safeguard the drill machine and the bits. It can also be a great option for helping you achieve precision drilling.

Best Drill Machine for Home Use in India

Now that we are aware of the best buying factors you need to look for in a drill machine for home use, we will now pick a few great options for the best drill machines for home use.

Best Drill Machine for Home Use in India

Black & Decker KR554RE – Best Drill Machine for Home Use in India

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Bosch GSB 450

Bosch GSB 450-Watt Impact Drill Set

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Bet Cordless Drill Machine in India

Cheston – Bet Cordless Drill Machine in India

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Foster FHD 2

Foster FHD 2-26 DRE 26mm Rotary Hammer Drill Machine

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Dee Power Drill Machine

Dee Power Drill Machine

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Few Safety Precautions when Handling Drill Machines

As with any machine, a drill machine needs to be taken due care of when working with it. A drill is one of the hazardous tools if you are not careful enough when handling it. Never forget to use a gripping appliance when using it at any workplace.

Yet another safety tip you need to pay attention to would be to avoid shaking the workpiece when you are drilling on it. You can even use a scrub to rinse the drilled matter so that it does not burn. Make sure that there are no explosives near the drilling location. Holding the drill machine safely and firmly will ensure that you can avoid safety issues.

Types of Drilling Machines for Home Use in India

Drilling is one of the best heavy-duty machines you would want to opt for in most of the home-based repair requirements. There are different types of drilling machines that are specifically used for specific purposes.

Portable Drill Machine

These are ideally handheld drill machines and they can be one of the great options used by construction companies. They have also been a great option for drilling on hard surfaces such as rocks.

Do note that they may not the right options for your expectations in heavy-duty work. They won’t work if you are looking to work with them continuously.

Sensitive Drill Machine

The sensitive drill machine is also referred to as a bench drill machine. The faster speed performance is what makes it one of the strongest performers ever for almost all your heavy-duty drilling requirements.

You need to fix the drill machine to a bench or any similar apparatus because of their high speed. The drill machines come with a huge set of accessories and components.

Rotary Drills

The rotary drills come with a corded functionality and a chuck that can be rotated. The speed of rotation is considerably higher than the regular drills.

The rotary drills may not be the right choice for hectic and heavy-duty jobs. It would not suit the heavy materials as well.

Rotary Hammer Drill

These drills come with a low-speed rotation and offer the best in class hammering action. These drills can handle a huge range of tasks and a wide range of chores.

These drills have been used extensively in materials such as stone, masonry, and concrete chunks. The drill machine should always be used with the clutch, else the machine can cause severe injuries.

A Few FAQs

How do I choose a drill?

There are several factors you need to consider when picking the best drill machine for home use. The right choice would be dependent on the usage and functionality. You can even make a choice based on the corded or cordless nature of the drill machine. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

How much does a drilling machine cost?

A drilling machine can be made available at a price point that extends between Rs. 2000 and Rs. 3000. The cost would ideally vary depending on the features and quality. The heavy-duty machines can cost considerably more, while the options with limited features can be found at affordable pricing.

What kind of drill do I need for a brick?

The heavy-duty drill machine or rotary hammer drills are best suited for drilling hard surfaces such as stone or rock. The heavy-duty rotary hammer drills can be a great option for easily drilling into the surfaces such as concrete blocks, masonry, stones, and bricks.

The Concluding Thoughts

A drilling machine is a huge necessity if you are someone who is interested in handling a wide range of drilling applications at home. Having to call up a carpenter every time you need to hang a picture on the wall or fix something may not be a practical option. A drilling machine at home can ideally help you get a few DIY tasks done easily.

Simply decide on your budget and the features you are looking ahead to and find a drill machine that perfectly meets your individual requirements.

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