5 Best Double Door Refrigerators in India – Amazing Guide

The refrigerator whether a single door refrigerator or a double door refrigerator is one of the most common kitchen appliances options you would want to have at your home. Of course, buying a new refrigerator may not be a huge deal; however, choosing the perfect option is what would make it a tough task. A double door refrigerator has been found to offer better cooling efficiency and reduced power consumption.

Let us check out a few good options for a perfect double door refrigerator. But before that, let us see a few factors for buying the best double door refrigerator in India.

Discover the Best Double Door Refrigerators in India

Every home appliance has certain factors to consider. Likewise, before you can check out and zero in on any of your favorite refrigerators, it would be worthwhile to check out a few factors in the best double door refrigerator too. The following is a sort of checklist that should assist you in arriving at the right options for choosing the best fridge for taking care of summers.

Power Consumption

The double door refrigerators have been considered to be energy-efficient. Even then, it may be a good idea to check out if your fridge has the best possible power efficiency rating.

The availability of frost-free functionality on the double door refrigerator is what would make it a formidable option for improved efficiency in terms of power-saving.

Freshness Features

Apart from the basic functionality offered by the refrigerators, it may be practical to consider the additional freshness features offered by the fridge of your choice.

An ideal refrigerator would be the one that has multiple cooling options. The odorless cooling and freshness options offered by the fridge can be a welcome addition.

In-built Stabiliser

This is one of the ideal factors you should focus on when buying a new double door refrigerator. The inbuilt stabilizers would be more effective in handling the voltage fluctuations than the extra or standalone stabilizers used in the case of conventional refrigerators.

Yet another plus point one should look ahead to is to check if the fridge you buy is inverter compatible. Of late, we have also been witnessing a few options that run on solar power as well, but their breed is quite scarce.


That should perhaps be the single most important feature and the one you should pay close attention to. When buying a refrigerator, it may be worthwhile to check out the size of your family. That should ideally give you a better idea of the right size you would want to go with your new fridge.

The double door refrigerator should ideally be the best one for a family of four to five embers. The ideal size for a four-member family would be 250 to 350 litres.

Type of Compressor

The type of compressor on the refrigerator is what would determine the long-life performance. The regular compressors tend to consume more electricity and tend to produce noise. Moreover, they may also have a shorter lifespan.

Inverter compressors would be a better option for an energy-efficient performance and a silent operation.


There are times when you may need more refrigerator space than the freezer. If you happen to be one of those, the convertibility option would ideally be the best option for you.

Some of the convertible options help you leave only the freezer on or the refrigerator on. It can be a handy feature if you are going on a vacation.

These are a few factors you have to consider when it comes to double door refrigerators. Also, if your budget is Rs.20000 or Rs.25000 we have options that suit your budget too. Let us check them all below in detail.

Best Double Door Refrigerators in India

Having gone through the best factors, you should look ahead for the best refrigerator in India, let us now check out the best double door refrigerators that can be the right and the best choice for your home.

Haier – Best Double Door Refrigerator in India under Rs.20000

Haier – Best Double Door Refrigerator in India under Rs.20000

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Samsung - Best Double Door Refrigerator in India under Rs.25000

Samsung – Best Double Door Refrigerator in India under Rs.25000

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Samsung - Best Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung 345 L Frost Free Double Door 3 Star Refrigerator

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Haier – Best 300 Litres Refrigerator in India

Haier – Best 300 Litres Refrigerator in India

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Samsung 275 - Cheap and Best Double Door Refrigerator in India

Samsung 275 – Cheap and Best Double Door Refrigerator in India

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Now that we know the best double door refrigerators in India, let us now know certain more facts about them.

Choose a Stabilizer for Refrigerator

How to Choose a Stabilizer for the Refrigerator?

Voltage fluctuations are quite common in India. They can severely damage your electrical and electronic components and products. If you have a refrigerator at your home and looking to protect it from the dangers of power line fluctuations, it may be worthwhile to get yourself a voltage stabilizer. How to choose a stabilizer for your refrigerator? Here are a few tips that should be helpful enough.

Before you choose a stabilizer, ensure that you check the voltage, current & power rating of your fridge. This will help you arrive at the right rating for your new stabilizer. Having chosen that, a few other factors you would need to have a look at can be –

  • Check the mounting options. Stabilizers should never be placed at a wet location. A wall-mounted option, if available, maybe a good option.
  • The indicators on the stabilizer would be yet another advantage. The LED indicators for the status would be a huge plus point.
  • Overload protection should be yet another feature you should want to go with when choosing a stabilizer. This will prevent cases of short circuits and other issues.  

The warranty of the stabilizer is yet another factor that would be of utmost importance. Ideally, a stabilizer that provides you a warranty period of up to three to five years.

Ideal Temperature for Refrigerator

What Temperature Should a Refrigerator Be Set At?

Well, there may not be a definite temperature you would be comfortable with, in every kind of situation. However, experts state that the optimum temperature in your refrigerator should ideally set at 37-degree F.

However, there aren’t any refrigerators that let you choose a specific temperature. You are only allowed to choose a number between 1 to 5. So, how would you be able to set a temperature of 37 degrees For something closer to it? Well, that is where a fridge thermometer can come quite handy enough. The thermometer can help you set a temperature accurate for your food items.

One of the best ways to keep your fridge at the normal temperature of 37 degrees F is to keep it stuffed. If you open and close a refrigerator that is not fully stocked, you will end up warming it up and get cooled back. A full fridge will not let much warm air in and thus can be a good choice to take care of the optimum temperature.

Can you Put Hot Food in the Refrigerator?

Can you Put Hot Food in the Refrigerator?

Ideally speaking, you should not put the hot food inside the refrigerator. You are expected to keep it cooled down to the natural temperature and then place it inside the refrigerator. Of course, the prime concern maybe you will be increasing the temperature inside the refrigerator. But there are other concerns that you would want to focus on.

Placing the hot food into the refrigerator can cause it to lose the nutritive values. If the food is moderately hot, it may be the right option to place it in the fridge, but piping hot food may not be the right option. Placing the hot food inside the refrigerator can cause the salmonella bacteria to spoil the food inside the refrigerator rather quickly enough. In essence, you would be risking the usability of other food items as well, if you place the hot food inside the fridge.

However, there is yet another point you may need to pay attention to. No food should be kept non-refrigerated for more than two hours. Make sure you are refrigerating it within two hours of cooking it. One of the best options would be to divide the food into smaller portions so that it cools up faster and thus can be refrigerated right away.

These were certain things about a refrigerator one should know. Now let us see a few simple methods for cleaning a refrigerator.

How to Clean a Refrigerator?

Cleaning a refrigerator can indeed be a huge task. More so when your refrigerator comes with a manual defrost option. Instead of opting for the all-purpose cleaner made in your home then opting for the commercially available products.

Vinegar and baking soda combination have been found to be an excellent option from this perspective. Using a toothbrush to reach the hard to access area can be yet another good idea. In fact, a few experts suggest opting for toothpaste if you tend to find any hard to reach areas.

Odor can be removed with vanilla sprinkles. Just sprinkle some vanilla on a cotton swab. Place them in a dish and put the dish inside the refrigerator. You can even work with the orange extract. The leakage in the gasket can be one of the reasons that can cause issues with the refrigerator and its cleanliness. Check leakage and take corrective action.

There are several other ways of cleaning every part of the refrigerator.  

Not just cleaning, double door refrigerator also comes in different types depending upon the placement of the freezer. Let us see them.

Types of Double Door Refrigerators

There are basically two types of double door refrigerators currently available.  Here are the two major types of double-door refrigerators you can check out.

Top Freezer
This is actually the traditional design for a refrigerator, and you would find the double door refrigerator of this genre comes with a freezer compartment at the top. The freezer, in this case, will have a capacity of around 30 cubic feet. This type of refrigerator will ensure that you have access to the freezer at the eye level.
Bottom Freezer
As you would have guessed it right, the freezer is at the bottom of this type of refrigerator. Having bend every time you want to pick the vegetables and fruits can be done away with if the freezer is at the bottom. The freezer capacity, in this case, would be around 36 cubic feet.

Concluding Thoughts on Best Double Door Refrigerator in India

That was all you wanted to know with respect to the double door refrigerators and the efficiency that these offer you. A double door refrigerator has indeed been considered to be a worthwhile option for a wide range of reasons. The prime among them is energy efficiency and better cooling ability. Depending upon the usage one can select the best of single door refrigerators or double door refrigerators available in India.

Opt for the best options we have featured here and share your views with us. If you have any suggestions and improvements on the best double door refrigerators in India you can write to us in the comments section below.


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