6 Best Coffee Maker For Filter Coffee In India #Decoction Coffee

Most of us cannot begin our day without a hot steaming cup of coffee. Nothing beats a flavourful cup of coffee and a  perfect sandwich made in the sandwich maker right in the morning to be energized the whole day. The filter coffee makers brew the perfect cup of coffee which is much more flavourful than the traditional ones. Most people think that filter coffee is more or less like normal coffee, but the truth is, they are quite the opposite.

For people in India who love to have some south Indian filter coffee, there are many coffee makers available, which brew the perfect cup of south Indian coffee maker. While there are tons of coffee makers now in the market, be it a French press or cappuccino maker yet, a filter coffee maker still tops the charts at some houses.

With the growing demand and market for filter coffee makers in India, there are a plethora of options available today. Let’s look at some features that your filter coffee maker should have and which all are the best options available today in the market.

Discover the Best Coffee Maker for Filter Coffee in India

While looking out for any kitchen appliance, there should be a checklist made. There are a lot of factors that one should consider before purchasing a filter coffee maker. We have listed some of them down for you:


From 2 cups to 8 cups, filter coffee makers come in all capacity types. Picking the one that suits your needs is the idea.

If you are someone who stays alone at home, then choosing the one which has a capacity size of just 1-2 cups would be more than enough. On the other hand, if you live in a large family where everyone loves to indulge in some filter coffee, you must choose the coffee maker which can at least make 6-8 cups at a time.


The filter coffee maker is generally a very compact coffee maker, but it comes in different materials. It could be made up of stainless steel, aluminium, or even brass.

Which material you want, is for you to decide. Hence, the material becomes an important factor to consider before purchasing a new filter coffee maker.

User-Friendly Functions

By far, filter coffee makers are one of the easiest coffee makers, as they do not have any complexity. However, before purchasing, make sure you understand the features very well and it looks like an easy machine for you to operate.

Pricing is one of the most important factors, as filter coffee makers are generally quite inexpensive, but the ones with added features can cost you more. Hence, look out for what you are getting in the price.
If you want a filter coffee maker that you can carry places with you, go for a compact one, which is portable. If you wish to brew coffee for a larger family at once, go for a larger one. What size you choose depends entirely on you and your choices.

Now, that we know the factors to be considered for buying a perfect filter coffee maker, let us see a few best-shortlisted products available in India.

6 Best Filter Coffee Maker Machines in India

If you are someone who loves and craves filter coffee, here are a few options of filter coffee maker machines in India you could check out and buy as per your requirements.

Product Material Capacity Size Added Features
Jayanthi – Best South Indian Filter Coffee Maker High-Quality Salem Steel Comes in 2 variants –
100 ml (makes 3-4 Cups) & 200 ml (makes 4-6 cups)
18.54 x 8.13 x 6.86 cm; 200 Grams Easy to Wash, Dishwasher Safe
Kitchen Mart – Best Stainless Steel Decoction Coffee Maker Stainless Steel 150 ml (2 Cups) 13.4 x 7 x 3.8 cm; 120 Grams Durable & Easy to Wash
CooPany – Best Stainless Steel Indian Filter Coffee Machine Stainless Steel 110 ml (2-3 Cups) 7 x 7 x 18 cm; 400 Grams Durable Material, Perfect for small families
Coconut – Best Indian Filter Coffee Maker Aluminium 400 ml (6 Cups) 21 x 8.5 x 8.5 cm; 225 Grams Rust Proof, Easy to clean and use, ell designed pores which helps in making the perfect blend of decoction.
3D Creations – Best South Indian Filter Degree Kaapi/Coffee Machine Aluminium 150 ml (3 Cups) 12 x 12 x 12 cm; 270 Grams Includes Permanent Filter Basket, Comfortable Handle & Non-Reactive Interior and comes with Coffee Percolators
Kitchen King – Best Brass Indian Filter Coffee Maker Brass 350 ml (4-6 Cups) 6.6 x 6.6 x 18.29 cm; 250 Grams Includes Top & Bottom Container Each with Lid and a Plunger

Jayanthi - Best South Indian Filter Coffee Maker

Jayanthi – Best South Indian Filter Coffee Maker

Buy from Amazon

Kitchen Mart - Best Stainless Steel Decoction Coffee Maker

Kitchen Mart – Best Stainless Steel Decoction Coffee Maker

Buy from Amazon

CooPany - Best Stainless Steel Indian Filter Coffee Machine

CooPany – Best Stainless Steel Indian Filter Coffee Machine

Buy from Amazon

Coconut - Best Indian Filter Coffee Maker

Coconut – Best Indian Filter Coffee Maker

Buy from Amazon

3D Creations - Best South Indian Filter Degree Kaapi/Coffee Machine

3D Creations – Best South Indian Filter Degree Kaapi/Coffee Machine

Buy from Amazon

Kitchen King - Best Brass Indian Filter Coffee Maker

Kitchen King – Best Brass Indian Filter Coffee Maker

Buy from Amazon

These are a few best coffee makers for Indian filter coffee. Now, let us see a few facts on coffee makers and coffee.

Components Of A Filter Coffee Maker

A filter coffee maker is an excellent machine for all coffee lovers who love a dark roast. The two-chambered coffee maker is generally a two-chambered vessel.

The upper chamber is used to place the coffee grounds, which are later pressed with a plunger. The hot boiling water is added, and the decoction is collected in the lower chamber.

Some filter coffee makers come with a handle, while some don’t. However, always lookout for a filter coffee machine that has a handle, as pouring a hot cup of coffee would not be a challenge then.  

How to Make Decoction Filter Coffee with Plunger/Machine?

Now that you have perfectly understood what all features to look for in a filter coffee maker, it is also important to know how to make a thick decoction, that tastes amazing and the aroma of it is just out of the world.

South Indian coffees are generally thicker and are on the darker side. However, the aroma of this coffee will definitely leave you spellbound. Let’s understand the procedure to brew a great cup of coffee that has a thick filter decoction.

  • You are required to add two tablespoons of coffee powder to the upper container. You can definitely add more or less coffee powder, depending upon your taste and preference.
  • Tap it gently so that the coffee powder settles through.
  • With the plunger held in its place, add boiling water to the coffee powder.
  • All you need to do is now cover it, and leave it for a few minutes to brew.
  • Add milk, as filter coffee is just so incomplete without some great thick milk. 

There you go! Your delicious hot cup of filter coffee is ready!

How To Make Filtered Coffee Without Machine?

No wonder, a coffee maker for a filter coffee is the must have for every coffee lover. However, if you are someone who loves filter coffee and cannot do without it you can also make it without a coffee maker. Having a coffee maker is definitely worth it. The coffee without machine is also great for people who are just so addicted to their filter coffee, but their coffee maker decides to break down all of a sudden and doesn’t seem to work.

One simply needs to follow these few steps and enjoy some great filter coffee, even if you do not have a filter coffee maker.

Stove Method
  • All you need is ground coffee, water, a small saucepan, a spoon, ladle and a mug.
  • Start off by pouring some water into your pan. Make sure that you add more water than the amount you actually required in your coffee, as you’ll lose plenty in the process of boiling.
  • Pour in the coffee into the boiling water. The amount of coffee should be as per your taste and liking.
  • Bring this concoction to boil. Keep stirring occasionally so that the coffee doesn’t get burnt.
  • Cover with a lid and boil for 2 minutes.
  • Turn off the gas, and leave it in the vessel covered for another 5-7 minutes.
  • Now, add milk and other add ons, and your filter coffee is ready for you!  
Coffee Bag Method
  • For this method, you need ground coffee, hot water, coffee filter, a string and a mug.
  • Add some coffee ground to your filter and close it tightly making a little bag out of it.
  • Tie a string, leaving the end long enough so that it hangs out of your mug. This should look like your regular tea bag string.
  • Now, place the coffee bag that you just created into an empty mug
  • Add some boiling water over it slowly.
  • Cover the lid, and leave for 4-5 minutes.
  • Now, remove the filter and add some boiling milk
  • There you go, your homemade, without-coffee maker coffee is ready!

Regular Coffee Maker Vs. Filter Coffee Maker

All people of all age groups cherish coffee. Some people need it even before they begin their morning grind. So, if you too are a coffee lover, chances are you might be confused if a filter coffee maker is somewhat similar to a regular coffee maker.

The answer to this question is a BIG NO. Both are quite different from each other. Let’s understand them by looking at a few basic differences between the two.

  • Generally, the regular coffee maker brews espresso, which is a coffee in which no milk is added. However, filter coffee has to have milk in it. Milk is one of the most important components of filter coffee. But most traditional and conventional coffee makers do not give you the luxury of adding milk directly to your coffee.
  • The regular coffee maker takes a lesser time to brew the coffee. In a filter coffee maker, you need to wait for good 10-15 minutes, before you can enjoy a nice cup of filter coffee. Hence, the time taken in a normal coffee maker is much lesser.
  • The filter coffee is a dark-roast and is a strong coffee. Whereas, the regular coffee maker is not that dark and is on the softer side. You can also add flavors to your regular coffee, but filter coffee without its original aroma is nothing.


If you love dark-roast, with great aroma, authentic filter coffee, you should definitely indulge in investing in a good quality filter coffee maker. For all those who cannot start their day without a steaming hot cup of coffee, a machine like this is a must.

We hope that through this guide, you could understand what all prime factors should be on your mind before getting a filter coffee machine. We have even listed down the best filter coffee machines available in the market so that you can choose better, wiser, and smarter!

Happy Shopping!

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