Best Automatic & Manual BP (Blood Pressure) Monitors in India

Like keeping a check of your weight using weighing machines, it is also important to keep a track of the blood pressure. Checking your blood pressure at least once in a week is what would keep you healthy enough. Instead of having to consult the health professionals every time you need to check your blood pressure and diabetes at home. Thus, having the best  BP monitor and glucometers for home use becomes quite essential. This can be the right option to avoid having to get in touch with the doctor frequently, and also save you enough money.

Well, before you would pick the best digital or manual blood pressure monitor for home use in India, it would be wiser enough to check out a few buying factors that would help you achieve the best standards.

Discover the Best BP Monitor for Home Use in India – Buying Factors

Having understood the importance of the BP monitors and why you need to have them like many other home appliances, here are a few select buying factors you should give a thought to. These factors can be helpful enough in choosing the right monitors that best meet your requirements.

Type of Monitor

There are several varieties of BP monitors you can choose based on varied parameters. There can either be analog or digital BP monitors. The difference between them should ideally be self-evident. The digital BP monitors would tend to be lightweight and extremely portable.

Depending on the position of placement of the monitors, you should be able to find two types of them. The arm monitors inflate the cuff and then display the readings. They would offer you multiple user interfaces and provide you access to a larger memory. However, the cuff size may or may not suit all arm sizes.

Ease of Use
The ease of use should be one of the prime factors in the long run. You can either go with the digital or analog monitors based on your specific requirements. Ideally, for people with no medical knowledge, a digital monitor would be a better option. They would also offer improved portability as we mentioned already.
Any monitor needs calibration. Ideally, a blood pressure monitor will require re-calibration at least once every two years. This will ensure that you will continue to get accurate results. Re-calibration will need to be handled by the manufacturer in many cases. Just ensure that you have checked the re-calibration policies of your monitor manufacturer. If the monitor provides an option to calibrate the monitor yourself, it would be much practical.
Smart Features

The extra features on a BP monitor would be one of the many essential elements you need to give a thought to. Of course, the monitor you choose may not have all the features. Check out what features you are looking ahead to before picking the right one.

The BP risk indicator, irregular heartbeat detector, and similar other features would need to be taken care of.

Display Unit and Memory Capacity

The display unit on your BP monitor is what you should ideally focus on. This is where you would be able to find the actual readings of your blood pressure. The display should provide a clear indicator when the blood pressure is too high or too low.

The memory function should be yet another considerable advantage you need to give a thought to. It should be able to keep track of the previous readings. It should be able to keep a record of at least five recent readings.


The cost of a BP monitor would be dependent on the features that it offers you. Ideally speaking, the more features on your monitor would translate into more budget requirements. It may also be dependent on the brand as well. Make sure you strike the right balance between the cost and functionality.

If you do not think you can opt for a high price, it may be a good idea to opt for the basic pricing. Just ensure that it can display the blood pressure readings accurately.

These are a few factors to consider if you want to buy the best BP monitors in India. However, as we have been doing, let us list the best options available in India.

Best Digital & Manual BP Monitors in India

Well, having understood the best prime features you need to look for in your choice of the BP monitor, let us now pick a few best BP monitors that should ideally get the work done for you.

Dr Trust Smart - Best BP Monitor for Home Use in India

Dr Trust Smart – Best BP Monitor for Home Use in India

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Omron HEM 7120 – Best Fully Automatic Digital BP Monitor

Omron HEM 7120 – Best Fully Automatic Digital BP Monitor

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Omron HEM-7124 – Best Automatic BP (Blood Pressure) Monitor in India

Omron HEM-7124 – Best Automatic BP (Blood Pressure) Monitor in India

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Rossmax GB102 – Best Manual BP (Blood Pressure) Monitor in India

Rossmax GB102 – Best Manual BP (Blood Pressure) Monitor in India

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Diamond BPMR120 – Best Mercury BP Monitor in India

Diamond BPMR120 – Best Mercury BP Monitor in India

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These are the best options of BP monitors for home available in India. These options serve you the best blood pressure measuring at home by your ownself. Now, let us know certain facts about the working and accuracy of BP Monitors.

How Does a Digital BP (Blood Pressure) Monitor Work? #Video

A digital BP monitor works in the same way as the conventional BP monitor. The monitor uses a pump to inflate a cuff surrounding the upper arm or wrist (this would be dependent on the type of monitor you have chosen). This inflated pressure prevents the blood flow in the main artery.

The pressure is then gradually decreased until the blood begins to flow through the artery. The pressure in the blood vessel measured when there is a restriction to the blood flow. This is called systolic pressure. A similar reading is taken of the pressure of the bold in the artery when there is no pressure or restriction is applied to the flow. This pressure is referred to as diastolic pressure.

The Digital BP monitor would ideally include a pump and a digital display along with the cuff for arm or wrist. As opposed to the act of inflating the cuff in case of a manual monitor which involves manually inflating it, the digital monitors use the option of an automatic one-touch option. Most of the modern monitors come with the option of preventing over inflation.  

Are Automatic BP Monitors Accurate?

If you are checking out the best possible accurate measurements, the digital or automatic BP monitors may not be extremely accurate. However, they would provide you with a result quite close to the actual results.

In fact, there are a few precautions and specific methods to be followed when opting for the right kind of measurement. Your body should not be moving as even a slight movement of the body can give an inaccurate result. The BP monitor – whether automatic or manual – needs to follow a few set methods for proper measurement. The cuff should be large enough to cover your upper arm. Excessive eating, drinking, or smoking 30 minutes prior to taking a measurement would be yet another important option. You should also need to ensure that the arm should be at the level of your heart.

If you follow a few precautions, you can be assured of getting access to an accurate measurement. Ideally speaking, there would be a variation of 5 mm of Hg that should be acceptable, whether on a manual or an automatic BP monitor.

Not just so much, it is also very important for one to know how to use the BP monitors in the right way. So, here is the guide on how to use the machine at home.

How To Use a BP Monitor at Home? #Guide

Well, most of the factors you need to follow when using a BP monitor at home have been outlined above. Here are the key points you need to be careful about so as to avoid an erroneous reading –

Avoid extraneous activities
Do not indulge in any sort of eating or drinking beyond a boundary. Even smoking can increase your blood pressure and can result in wrong results. Avoid all those activities 30 minutes before taking a measurement. You should sit still for around 10 to 15 minutes before taking a pressure reading.
Sit with the right posture
You should sit with back straight and supported. Sitting on a chair would be a good idea than on a sofa. Make sure your arm is supported on a flat surface, and the upper arm should be at the heart level.
Take the measurements at the same time every day
Taking measurements precisely at the same time each time (or every day) would be much preferable. This would be in tune with your regular pattern of spending your day and should be an excellent option to get access to better results.
Take multiple measurements
Taking multiple measurements would ensure that you get access to correct readings. If your monitor has memory functionality, this would be much more helpful in measuring the reading multiple times.

Well, besides all this it is not very easy to operate the manual blood pressure monitors in spite of the accuracy they display. So, here is something that one needs to check on using a manual BP monitor.

How to Use a Manual BP (Blood Pressure) Monitor? #Video

Taking a blood pressure measurement with a manual blood pressure monitor would be a little difficult. It would ideally require proper coordination. It would require you to efficiently squeeze the bulb and inflate the cuff.

You should also be able to know when exactly to take the systolic and diastolic pressure. This would be something that only a professional can do under ideal circumstances. You would need to use a stethoscope to hear your heartbeats while taking the measurements using a manual BP monitor.

The video here should ideally let you understand the procedure –

In any case, we would recommend taking help from a person who has enough knowledge with the manual BP monitors.

Conclusion on Best BP Monitor in India

Well, those were a few excellent options that you can opt for a unique experience with respect to measuring your blood pressure. Check out the BP monitors listed here and choose the right one that best meets your requirements. In fact, the additional information on how to use BP monitors, their functioning and accuracy shared here should further provide you with an opportunity of gathering further knowledge.

Check out best digital and manual BP monitors outlined in this compilation and pick the one that perfectly meets your needs.



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