Best Air Fryers in India (For Poori, Bhatura and Many Other Recipes)

Are you health conscious and still want to relish those fried delicacies? For the health centric person who does not want to be away from the tasty food that the life has to offer, the Air Fryers can be a perfect solution you would want to go with. Although, air fryer uses in India are minimal, it is great upcoming appliance after sandwich makers and hand blenders. So, without much ado, let us check out the Best Air   Fryers in India that you would want to go with. Besides, we will also cover a few useful titbits about the air fryers for the health and fitness enthusiast like you.

The Ultimate Buying Guide for the Best Air Fryers in India

Like with all the products, we will make a beginning with a checklist of the features you should use lookahead to when buying a new Air Fryer. This can help you create a wishlist that actually meets these requirements. Following are the factors to consider the to buy the best air fryer in India.


The air fryer comes in different shapes and sizes. The smallest model can be of one litre capacity while the larger options may be available in up to 4 litre capacity.

A small family would ideally need a fryer with a capacity of 2 to 3 litres. If you have a larger family, you may choose an air fryer with 4 litre capacity.

Power Consumption

Most of the air fryers come in power capacities of 1000 to 1500 Watts. The three pin plug would be another essential requirement you would want to focus on.

The models with higher power capacity shall take lesser time to cook your food. Ensure that the power outlet in your home supports that kind of wattage.

Automatic Shut-Off Functionality

This is yet another important feature that would help you achieve better results. This can be helpful enough in getting the air fryer shut off automatically when the cooking is done.

This feature can also be helpful in cases where your air fryer experiences any sort of overheating. An alarm to the effect would be yet another added advantage.

Nutritional Value

Now that you are looking to buy an Air Fryer to enjoy the best food without the bad effects of oil, you would definitely want to retain the nutritional value of the food you are frying.

Though there may not be any quantitative option to measure it, a thorough research should help you choose the best. User reviews would be helpful enough here.

Food Separator
This is yet another excellent option you would want to focus on. The feature divides the fryer into two parts and use it to fry two different food items at once. This can be the perfect time saver. The food separator can be the right option to improve the efficiency of your cooking.
Temperature Control

The temperature control can be best utilised for providing efficiency to work with different food types. Certain food items like chicken nuggets or tandoor would need you to reach a temperature of up to 200 degrees.

Check out the air fryer that offers you the best possible temperature control options for cooking a variety of food items.

List of Best Air Fryers in India

Having gone through the buying factors for the air fryers in India, let us now check out a few best air fryers available in India. We would ensure that we list out the options that provide you access to multiple features and cater to the multiple genres of people.

best multifunctioning air fryer in india

Philips Viva – Best Multi-functioning Air Fryer in India

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Best Air Fryer with Alarm Indicator

Pigeon Super – Best Air Fryer with Alarm Indicator

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Best Air Fryer with Timer

American Micronic – Best Air Fryer with Timer

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Best Air Fryer with Food Separator

Havells – Best Air Fryer with Food Separator

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Best Air Fryer for Indian Cooking

Prestige PAF – Best Air Fryer for Indian Cooking

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Best Pocket Friendly Air Fryer

Kenstar – Best Pocket Friendly Air Fryer

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What is an Air Fryer?

Well, as you have already guessed it right, an Air Fryer is a device that lets you fry or cook the food without the need for oil or other harmful elements. While the air fryers can go a long way in letting you preserve the nutritional value of the food items, they would also be useful enough in making the food both tasty and healthy.  A rare feat when anything tasty cannot be considered to be healthy these days, eh?

An air fryer uses the hot air and blows it across the food items to “fry” them. It can help you reduce the intake of oils and fats to a considerable level. Analysis suggests that the air fryers can reduce the level of oil consumption to up to 80 per cent. The air fryer makes use of the rapid air technology for the purpose of frying the food items.

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How to Clean Air Fryer Basket?

Frying is an activity that would turn your cooking vessel really dirty. That should hold true for air fryers as well. However, lack of or less amount of oil used can be one of the best options that make it easy to clean your Air fryers or air fryer baskets.

Follow the steps here below to take care of optimum cleaning of your air fryer

  • Make sure that the fryer is unplugged.
  • Let the fryer cool down to the room temperature.
  • Wipe the outside of the fryer with a damp cloth
  • Remove the food basket and any other removable parts.
  • Wash them with hot water and dish washing soap. You can even use the dishwasher if the fryer is marked dishwasher safe.
  • Clean up the inside of the air fryer with hot water and a sponge
  • Use a brush to clean off any of the food items.
  • Before you replace and put the components back into the fryer, ensure that they have dried completely.

Here are the Don’ts you need to take care of when cleaning the air fryers.

  • Never use the utensils or spoons to remove the stubborn food stuff. The air fryers with a non stick coating and thus you may damage the coating.

Do not submerge the air fryer into the water. You can clean up the components which are removable though.

The video below should give you better insight into the best options to clean the air fryer –

Cultivate the habit of cleaning your air fryer every time you use it. This will ensure that you do not have to deal with the stubborn dirt.

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Is Cooking with Air Fryer Healthy? – The Side Effects of Air Fryer

Well, air fryers have become popular based on their health angle. They would help you enjoy the fried delicacies without the need to use oil. However, is it really healthy?

Here are a few health effects of that air fryers can cause –

  • Lack of oil may not guarantee healthy food. Limiting the fried food intake can be more beneficial. Just because you have an air fryer should not mean that you can consume heavy fried food.
  • The air fryer can cause the formation of a few harmful compounds. It can form polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines when cooking meat items with high heat. These are known to have cancer risks. 

In essence, fried food will always be a fried food and the fact that you are using air fryer will not reduce the harmful effects.

However, the air fryers do have the following health benefits –

  • Cooking with air fryers can help you promote your weight loss regime. It reduces the intake of the food with high calorie or fat intake.
  • Cooking with air fryers can be safe instead of using deep frying with scalding oil. It can reduce burn injuries to a greater extent. 

Air fryers can reduce the amount of formation of acrylamide, which is a toxic component. The chemical is known to cause endometrial, ovarian, pancreatic, breast, and oesophageal cancer.

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Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer – A Genuine Comparison

There is a fundamental difference between an air fryer and a deep fryer. A deep fryer needs the food items to sub merged in hot oil for the food to be cooked. An air fryer, on the other hand, would use minimal or no oil to cook food and uses the rapid circulation of hot air to cook it. A food cooked through the deep frying method would consume a lot of oil, and thus it can get a thicker and crispy crust. In contrast, you would find the smoother crust on the food cooked with air fryers.

Which one among them is good for your health or other elements? If your basic need is about the taste in your food, you would better go with the deep fryers. The air fried food may not be tasty, but help you retain the nutrients.

However, from the health point of view, an air fryer would be a better choice because of the lesser oil used. A deep fried food will have more calories than the air fried food under any circumstances.

A comparison here should be an evidence in itself –

Food Item Deep Fryer Air Fryer
Fried Chicken 3038 Calories 1830 Calories
Fish & Chips 1087 Calories 600 Calories
Scampi & Chips 975 Calories 424 Calories
French Fries 687 Calories 267 Calories
Onion Rings 411 Calories 176 Calories
Chicken Nuggets 305 Calories 180 Calories
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How do Air Fryers Work?

Air Fryers work with two major technologies. You would either find the Rapid Air Technology or a Pressure Control System on your air fryer. The Rapid Air Technology is one of the most widely used techniques.

The Rapid Air Technology comes with a heating element at the bottom of the fryer. The heat so generated is moved to the top. A fan will circulate the hot air to the food items placed inside the food basket. The food is heated up from all the sides, and thus the food is cooked evenly.

The Pressure Control System has a small chamber at the top. This is referred to as the Exhaust System. This may not be less efficient in cooking the food to a better extent.

Conclusion on Best Air Fryers in India

That was all we have with respect to the air fryers and their advantages. We assume the buying guide and the other informational content shared here should be helpful enough in achieving better health standards.

For any suggestions and improvements on best air fryers in India write to us in comment section below.

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