Best Accurate Glucometers in India – Amazing Buying Guide

The uninhibited lifestyle and rampant use of chocolates, cakes, and other sugary products have been one of the reasons for the surge of blood sugar levels in the body. If you are looking to keep the essential body metrics or vital statistics under control, you need to rely upon the high-end equipment. Glucometers are the best medical devices that help you achieve the best control over sugar in your blood.

When it comes to measuring sugar levels at home, glucometers form the part of essential home appliances that every home should have.

Discover the Best Glucometer in World – Ultimate Guide

Before you can find the best accurate glucometer for your needs, one of the principal elements you need to take care of is to create a checklist of the right features. Let us check out a few prime buying factors you should opt for.

That should be an important factor you need to check out in a glucometer. You can arrive at the accuracy by comparing the results offered by the Glucometer with your lab test reports. A slight deviation would be practical enough, but ensure that there is no huge difference. You can even use a control solution and find the result offered by the Glucometer.
Storage Space
A glucometer reading would be useless if it cannot keep a track of the readings. With a glucometer that has more storage space, you will be able to save more test results. The historical data is much needed to study the pattern of sugar levels in your body, and thus a glucometer with a higher storage would be an excellent choice.
Data Transfer and Sync
The data transfer abilities of a glucometer can be handy for downloading them onto your laptop and take a print if needed. You can even create a chart with any other additional information. Some glucometers even sync to an app on your smartphone or computer, thus aiding in an effective recording without you having to do anything.
Blood Sample Range
The modern glucometers do not need much of your blood to test the sugar levels. The sample range is normally between 0.3 to 1.5 microlitres. If you are looking at an old glucometer, they may need to draw more blood. The lancet on the current breed of glucometers does not cause much pain but would be a factor to consider.
Mode of Operation
There are glucometers that need a pair of batteries to work or others that work with a rechargeable battery. Most of us would prefer a rechargeable option as they tend to be more comfortable and simpler to carry around. They also tend to be a better option from the usability point of view.

These few factors shall help you choose the most accurate glucometer in India. However, to make your task easy we have also listed a few best glucometers in India.

5 Best One-Drop Accurate Glucometers in India

Now that you are aware of what a glucometer is and how to choose one, here are a few excellent options for the best accurate glucometers you can buy in India.

Apollo Sugar Smart – One of Best Glucometers in World

Apollo Sugar Smart – One of Best Glucometers in World

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Contour Plus - One Drop Glucometer

Contour Plus – One Drop Glucometer

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Dr. Morepen BG-03 – Best Accurate Glucometer in India

Dr. Morepen BG-03 – Best Accurate Glucometer in India

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Dr. Trust (USA) – Best Glucometer for Home Use in India

Dr. Trust (USA) – Best Glucometer for Home Use in India

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Accu-Chek Instant – Best Sugar Testing Machine at Low Price

Accu-Chek Instant – Best Sugar Testing Machine at Low Price

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These are a few sugar testing machines at best prices available in India. One can get the accurate results at home using these best glucometers in India. Now, let us check a few types of glucometers.

Types of Glucometers

If you are looking at the Glucometer scenario in India, you will find that there is not much variation available. However, in a global scenario – it would be quite common to find a few different types of glucometers.

Self-Monitoring Glucometers

These are the common types of glucometers that we witness in a day to day life. You just need to apply a blood sample to a strip, and the meter provides you a reading instantly. These are the basic types of glucometers, and all the glucometers we have featured in this compilation belong to that category.

They are quite reliable and come with an affordable price tag. They also tend to be quite compact and thus can be easily carried with you. You can also buy them over the counter, making them one of the exciting choices. However, they can be a little painful as you need to prick your finger to draw blood. There may be a few externals factors that may affect the accuracy levels.

Continuous Glucose Monitors
These take a continuous measure of glucose levels. The sensor is implanted on your body and takes the blood sugar measurements throughout day and night. They cannot be bought over the counter. You will need the assistance of a medical practitioner to use it.
Noninvasive Glucometers
They are still at a conceptual stage, and we have not come across any such device as of now. They do not need any strips or pricks to draw blood. They use a low power radio waves to sense the glucose levels in your body.

These are the three types. Now that we know which is the best glucometer to buy in India, let us check how does a glucometer work and how to calibrate a glucometer.

How does a Glucometer Work?

For most of us, a glucometer may be a wonder. How is it capable of recording your blood sugar levels with just a drop of blood?

The most important aspect of the working of a glucometer lies in the strips. These strips consist of a few chemicals that would interact with the blood. The machine will detect the changes in the chemical properties on the strip and display the result.  

How to Calibrate Glucometer?

It may not be necessary to calibrate each and every Glucometer that you buy. In fact, a host of glucometers in this compilation does not require any sort of calibration.

A few glucometers come with a code in the sales package. You need to enter the prescribed code onto your Glucometer to calibrate it. A few others come with a control solution that appears almost like blood. You need to apply the control solution on the strip and use it as if you are using it for measuring your blood sugar levels. The instructions with your Glucometer let you know how to use the readings to calibrate your test readings.

The calibration methods would ideally differ from one glucometer model to another. Most of the modern glucometers do not need any sort of coding or calibration.  

Also, there are several factors that affect the readings of the glucometer. Let us check a few of the factors.

Which Factors Affect your Readings?

Well, the glucometers and the readings that they offer tend to be subject to external factors. Some of the factors that would affect your reading can include:

Test Site
The materials and chemicals on your body can affect the accuracy of the reading. Lotions, perfumes, and other elements on your fingers or other test sites can affect your reading. Ensure that you clean your hands properly before taking a reading.
Test Strips
Make sure you are using the right strips that are compatible with your Glucometer. Not every strip would be compatible with every Glucometer. Ensure the compatibility before taking a reading.
Weather Conditions
The actual weather conditions would affect the actual functionality and performance levels of the Glucometer. Make sure your Glucometer has a working compatibility for all weather conditions. A few glucometers come with relevant settings.

After knowing so much about information, let us answer the most crucial question which comes to anyone’s mind – are glucometers accurate?

Are Glucometers Accurate?

Well,  if you are looking for the recording of blood sugar levels for the critical conditions, a glucometer may not be the right choice. The Glucometer should not be used for such conditions and would only be the right ones to go with the measurement of day to day measurements.

It should be noticed that the accuracy of blood sugar levels as measured using a glucometer and the reading at a medical laboratory would be considered huge. Under ideal conditions, glucometers are designed to offer you an accuracy of around 20 percent.

FAQs with Respect to Best Glucometers in World

Having gone through enough of the details about Glucometers, here are a few FAQs about Glucometers that you have always wanted to find answers for.

Are Glucometers safe?
Yes. They are 100 percent safe to use. As we stated already, the accuracy may be affected by a few factors.
Can the Lancets and Strips be Reused?
No. It’s not recommended reusing lancets and strips. You just need to throw them into the dust bin once they are used.
How Often Should you Test the Sugar Levels?
That would be something dependent on the individual requirements. It would be a good idea to consult your doctor to know the exact frequency of your blood tests. Ideal measurements should be twice a day – once before having meals and once after.
How Long does the Glucometer Last?
It is advisable to change your glucometers every one to two years. It can last longer if you have been using it with a proper care.

Closing Thoughts on Best Accurate Glucometers in India

Well, being able to monitor your blood sugar levels at home can be an excellent option. Whether you are a diabetic or not, knowing your health parameters can always be a good idea be it measuring the sugar levels or weight of your body using a weighing scale. You would be able to keep diabetes and other risky diseases at bay. The glucometers featured in this compilation, along with the additional information offered here should ideally be extremely helpful in achieving the best results in that direction.

Which among the above glucometers did you find is the best, accurate, and useful for your needs? Share your thoughts and pick the best. For any suggestions and improvements, write to us in the comments section below.


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