5 Best Window Air Conditioners (AC) in India – Ultimate Buying Guide

The Indian summer has been one of the highly difficult seasons with increasing heat. Just like winters are undoable without room heaters, summers are undoable without air conditioners. That is exactly what would make it a must to have an air conditioner. Now, if you are wondering which AC is better – Window or Split, we shall check it in later part of the post. In this post, we shall guide you on which are the best Window ACs available in India. But, how would you choose the right window AC? Well, let us assist you in finding the right choice for Window AC in India.

Factors You Should Look for in the Best Window AC in India

Well, in tune with almost every other electronic appliance that we regularly have been reviewing on Probuyer, it would be practical enough to check out a few major features in your Window AC. The following are a few features in detail.

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The location assumes a lot of importance of the performance of the air conditioner depends upon the ambient temperature. The higher temperature will transform into a heavier load on the AC.

Choose the AC that can handle the temperature outside. Of course, you cannot have much control over it, but it can be one of the best options to reach for the right capacity.

Size of your Room

The size of the room can be a major deciding factor when you choose your air conditioner. The area of the room will decide the right tonnage you would want to go with. Opting for a smaller capacity AC for a larger room would put more pressure on the machine.

The table here should be the right guide –

Area  Tonnage
Room area up to 80 square feet 0.75 Ton
80 to 120 square feet 1 Ton
120 to 190 square feet 1.5 Ton
190 to 300 Square feet 2 Ton
More than 300 square feet Check with your AC technician. It would be a good idea to install two ACs.


BEE Star Rating

The BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency gives a standard rating for each of your electrical and electronic equipment. The air conditioner is not an exception either. It takes into account multiple factors before the final rating. The rating would range from 1 to 5 stars.

The 5-star rating is the best, and a 1-star rating would still be the right option. Do note that the 5-star ACs would cost more than all other options. However, the energy-saving offered by these air conditioners makes it a perfect choice.

Air Quality

The air quality inside your room will largely be dependent on the air conditioner you have opted for. In fact, the quality of the air would be dependent upon the filters used in your air conditioner. The multiple filters would be helpful in taking care of dust and odor. They would also be helpful enough in taking care of the growth of fungi or bacteria.

The right kind of filter will also ensure that the air around you is completely safe and clean. Make sure you buy the right AC with proper filters and an indicator for letting you know when you should clean it.


The periodic maintenance of your air conditioner is quite essential and important. Your AC should have access to the timely reminders to let you know when it is the right time to change the filters and/ or clean them. A longer warranty on the compressor would be one of the huge plus points.

An AC that offers regular maintenance schedules would be one of the huge options. The proper maintenance will ensure that your AC provides you access to a better cleaning, high quality of air, and reduced power consumption.

Ease of Installation

The ease of installation would decide the right choice of the window air conditioner. It would be a good idea to check the installation type depending upon the exact status of your building or room. The type of installation will depend on the interiors of your house. Check out the comforts of your home before making the right choice.

The sealed windows and doors would be the best options for choosing the right window AC you would want to go with. Make sure the AC you buy offers you a professional installation service and an efficient backend team.

These are a few must making considerations when it comes to buying the best window AC in India. Now, we shall check a few best options available for you guys in India.

Best Window AC You Can Opt for in India

Having checked out the buying factors for the right window air conditioner, here are a few perfect choices for the best window AC options you can check out.

Godrej 1.5 Ton – One of the Best Window AC Reviews

Godrej 1.5 Ton – One of the Best Window AC Reviews

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Blue Star - Best Window AC under Rs.20000

Blue Star – Best Window AC under Rs.20000

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Voltas 1.5 Ton - Best Window AC under Rs.25000

Voltas 1.5 Ton – Best Window AC under Rs.25000

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Voltas – Best 2 Ton Window AC in India

Voltas – Best 2 Ton Window AC in India

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O General – One of the Best Quiet Window AC Reviews

O General – One of the Best Quiet Window AC Reviews

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These are a few best window ACs available in India. Now, let us see certain cleaning hacks for window ACs in India.

How to Clean Window AC?

Of course, like many other home appliances, be it a refrigerator or a washing machine, you have also bought the most expensive window air conditioner. But, if you want to have it offer you exceptional performance all through its lifetime, cleaning it would be extremely important. The steps below should help you achieve the best results.

You would not be using your Window air conditioner during the winters. That would be the right time to clean it up thoroughly.

Remove the dust filter from the air conditioner. You can follow the instructions on your manual to find the right way to do it. Remove all the dust and other debris from the filters. Using soapy water for cleaning up purposes would be the best option.  
Located just behind the filters is the evaporator fins. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean them up.
Next up, clean the condenser coils with the vacuum cleaner. Ensure you have covered the motor with a plastic bag to avoid the damage.  
If you find any of fins bent, you can use a fin comb to straighten it.


Now that we are done with the in-depth cleaning tips of the window AC, let us check out which AC is better when it comes to your room – Window or Split?

Which AC is Better - Window or Split?

Which AC is Better – Window or Split?

Well, before we can differentiate them, it would be worthwhile to check out what they are. The window AC comes with a wall-mounted design and is best suited for smaller rooms with a window. They offer faster performance and lower maintenance costs. They also offer affordable pricing.

The split AC, on the other hand, is also wall-mounted – but would be the best ones for a larger room. The cooling capacity offered by the split AC would be higher than the one offered by the window AC. They do not need a window but work with a combination of an evaporator and a compressor. The price range for the split AC would be considerably higher.


From the design point of view, window AC would be easily portable. They can be installed without any sort of professional assistance. The split AC would need you to opt for professional installation assistance. Carrying them from one place to another would not be easy enough.

You would find the split ACs in multiple color options. The window AC, on the other hand, is made available only in one color. 

The Cooling Power

The split ACs are designed to offer a better cooling performance. They can cool your room faster. They can be quite larger in size. The window ACs look quite compact in size. They can efficiently cool smaller rooms, but do not have a heavy cooling efficiency.  

The Noise

Split ACs tend to produce practically no noise, while the window AC would produce some sort of noise. Thus if you are looking for an air conditioner for your office space, a split AC would be a good choice.  


The window ACs come with a very low maintenance option. It comes with a simple construction. The compact design will be helpful enough, ensuring low maintenance. The split AC comes with a requirement for service at regular intervals. The maintenance too would need assistance from an expert or a professional. Even the troubleshooting would be quite difficult to handle. 

So, which among them would you want to go with? Well, that would be dependent upon the exact need you may have. Both of them have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Yet another factor that would determine your choice among the two is your budget. In case you are low on budget, it may be a great idea to go with a window AC. You simply need to determine your needs and select the best product for you.

Passing Thoughts on Best Window AC Reviews in India

Well, choosing any huge home electronic appliance is indeed a huge task in itself. However, for window AC, we assume the tips here should ideally help you achieve the best results as per your requirements. That apart, other valuable information shared here should help you in getting the best out of your new AC.

If you have any suggestions and improvements regarding the best window ACs in India, you can write to us in the comments section below.

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