5 Best Stabilizer for Inverter | Split AC in India – Ultimate Guide

Choosing the best stabilizer for your electrical appliances like AC, refrigerator, washing machine, etc. may not be an easy task. It needs to be selected wisely. In this post, we shall help you make best decision with regards to stabilizer for inverter AC.

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The fact that you always need to take care of would be to ensure that you should get a voltage stabilizer that takes care of your valuable electronic equipment. That stands true of the ACs as well, especially the Inverter AC. The voltage stabilizers are the much essential options for effective power management. However, choosing a perfect voltage stabilizer for ACs or any other electric equipment would be an extremely difficult and tedious task in all possibilities.

With hundreds of voltage stabilizers available for the Air Conditioners, choosing an excellent option is not much easy. The suggestions here should help you get the best stabilizer for AC. Before that, let us see a few considerations to make the best choice.

Considerations to buy Best Stabilizer for AC

As with any of the products on Probuyer, here are the key buying factors that would be helpful enough in taking care of your requirements. This list should work as a perfect checklist for choosing an effective option when it comes to a stabilizer for an Inverter AC.

Power Supply in Your Region

The type of voltage stabilizer you buy would need you to understand the power supply situation in your area. Check out the voltage fluctuations in your location and find which type of stabilizer you would want to purchase.

This information should ideally be available on the product info page on the official website.

Size of the Stabilizer

This would be the same as the inverter or UPS. The stabilizer comes in different capacities and is rated in Volt – Ampere and kilovolt Ampere generally referred to as VA or KVA.  Check the connected load to arrive at the size of your stabilizer.

If the connected load is around 1000 VA, you would need to have access to a stabilizer with 1200 VA capacity. Always choose a stabilizer that has around 20 percent more capacity. Thus, the stabilizer for AC in low voltage need not have much high capacity. 


Placement or mounting of the stabilizer is yet another important aspect you need to take care of. Now that you are buying a stabilizer for your AC, you would prefer stabilizer with wall mounting functionality.

This will keep it away from the children and also protect it from sudden fall or wetness of any sort.

Overload Protection
This feature will ensure that stabilizer is turned off when it detects the short circuits or burnouts. The feature can help you safeguard the possibility of any such issue, and more importantly – provide you with a 100 per cent protection against it. This functionality is something you need to focus on.
Digital Features
The digitisation features would make them more effective and accurate. This is a feature that will also be useful in taking care of a few appliances with the help of digitalization feature. In fact, that will provide your stabilizer with more powerful adaptability with multiple devices.
It shows the voltage that has been regulated by the voltage stabilizer. Of course, most of the stabilizers show the power On indicators, but a few others that are more advanced in nature can offer you a more number of indicators. The newer models come with features like LED indicators.
Time Delay System
The feature lets the compressor to opt for a time delay functionality. This can be helpful in generating the requisite voltage. Thus, if there is a power cut, the compressor will have enough time to balance the current flow and the requisite voltage.

These factors definitely help you make the best choice in a stabilizer for an AC in low voltage or a 1.5 ton or 2 ton AC.

5 Best Stabilizers for Inverter | Split AC in India

Here are some of the excellent options you can opt for among the perfect voltage stabilizers for an inverter AC. We have made it a point to choose the right one that best meets your needs in safeguarding your AC against the power cuts and surges.

Best Stabilizer for AC in Low Voltage

V-Guard VG 400 – Best Stabilizer for AC in Low Voltage

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Microtek EM5170+ - Best Stabilizer for Inverter AC

Microtek EM5170+ – Best Stabilizer for Inverter AC

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V-Guard ID4 Ace – Digital Voltage Stabilizer

V-Guard ID4 Ace – Digital Voltage Stabilizer

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MONITOR 4-KVA –Best Wall Mountable Stabilizer for 1.5 Ton AC

MONITOR 4-KVA –Best Wall Mountable Stabilizer for 1.5 Ton AC

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V-Guard VG 500 – Best Stabilizer for 2 Ton AC

V-Guard VG 500 – Best Stabilizer for 2 Ton AC

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These were a few best stabilizers for AC in India. The stabilisers can be used to protect any electronic from power fluctuation – be it a LED TV or an AC. Let us see a few more facts on a stabilizer for an AC.

Is Stabilizer Required for Inverter Split AC?

A stabilizer minimizes the effect of voltage fluctuations. Many of the devices like air conditioners, referigerators, etc. offer a fair degree of protection against the voltage fluctuations. If the fluctuations go beyond the permissible limits, you will need external protection i.e. you may need a stabilizer.

Since you have no control over the fluctuations that can occur, it may be essential to opt for a good stabilizer. The exact choice you would want to go with would be determined by the status of fluctuation in your area and the additional features that you are looking ahead to.

Well, theoretically speaking, no AC comes with a need for a stabilizer. Almost every Air Conditioner we see today comes with a tagline that states that it has a stabilizer free operation or inbuilt stabilizer. But, that should be a statement you need to take with a pinch of salt.

So, if you are looking for an answer to the question – Is the stabilizer required for Inverter Split AC? then the answer it shall be a safe option in case of too much power fluctuation in your area.  

How does a Stabilizer Work on an AC?

Whether for any voltage stabilizer for TV or AC or for that matter, any other similar equipment, the working principle of a stabilizer remains the same.

How does a Stabilizer Work on an AC?

It makes use of two distinct operations. They are referred to as boost and buck. These operations are completed through electronic circuitry. If there is an under-voltage situation, it is boosted to the requisite one through the boost operation. The buck operation reduces the voltage when there is a higher voltage than the rated one.

These operations make use of transformers that are connected to the different configurations through the switching relays.  

Can I Use AC Stabilizer for LED TV?

Yes, you can use the AC stabilizer for the LED TV without any issues. In fact, your TV does come with a wide range of voltage for its operation. The voltage range offered by the stabilizer does not usually go beyond the range supported by the TV.

You would just need to make sure that the load connected to the stabilizer is not more than the one used for AC. That should ideally be around 2 kW.  

A Few FAQs with respect to the Best Stabilizers for an Inverter AC

Having gone through a few great options for the best voltage stabilizers for ACs, here are a few questions that may have always come to your mind. Let us try answering a few of those questions –

Can regular voltage stabilizer be used on an AC?
Not exactly. The voltage stabilizer used for the air conditioner will involve the use of initial time delay functionality. The regular stabilizers do not have this functionality. They may not be able t provide the right kind of protection to your AC.
Does the voltage stabilizer increase the electricity bills?
The stabilizer regulates your power supply. That would perhaps help you reduce the electricity bills. Even when a stabilizer runs at the peak load speed, it may waste only up to 5 percent of the electricity. But that does not happen always.
What causes voltage fluctuation?
The prime reason for the voltage fluctuation can be because of the bad wiring at your place. A few other reasons would include overloading of the power sanctioned, switching of high powered gadgets, and other similar reasons. If you are facing voltage fluctuation in your region, you can check those reasons.
Is it necessary to have a wall-mounted stabilizer for AC?
Not necessarily. The wall mounting is meant for safety. Moreover, it would also make your stabilizer installation look good and aesthetic enough.
Which is better – Copper winding or Aluminium winding?
Copper winding is a better option. It offers you a better degree of efficiency, durability, and reliability.

Conclusion on Best Stabilizer for a 2 Ton | 1.5 Ton AC

Well, that was complete information on how to choose the best stabilizers for your Inverter AC. The additional information contained herein for getting the best performance out of your AC stabilizer can go handy enough in reaching out to the best experience ever. We hope, we have made your task to select the stabilizer easy, as we have been doing for any other home appliances.

If you have any suggestions and improvements to the best stabilizers for AC in India, write to us in the comments section below.

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  1. Should we have different Stabilizer for normal ac and inverter ac. Can we use normal ac Stabilizer for inverter ac if time delay available in the Stabilizer.

  2. Under ideal conditions, you need not worry about whether you have an inverter AC or a normal AC when buying the stabilizer. You can use the stabilizers outlined in the above discussion for your normal AC well. When listing the stabilizers above, we have taken extreme care in finding the ones that provide the ultimate service quality. You can definitely use an inverter AC stabiliser on a normal AC.

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